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iOS 5 Voice Control Is Still Coming, But Might Only Work With First-Party Apps



Amongst other rumors about iOS 5 that somehow just disappeared into the ether come yesterday’s WWDC 2011 keynote was the advanced Nuance-powered voice control features that has been reported extensively over the past few months. The only mention of voice recognition was a throwaway line on a slide: “Option to speak text selection.”

Is that it? What happened to the voice control that we were all promised? Don’t worry just yet: according to a couple of prominent sources, Nuance-powered voice control is still coming to iOS 5.

Links To All of Apple’s Betas From Today’s Keynote



While WWDC is currently going on, a leaked Pastebin document is floating around the web. What’s in it? A lot of goodies. iOS 5 betas, iTunes 10.5 betas, and a whole lot more. A paid developer account is needed, but they’ll all be sure to be posted on public file sharing sites by the end of the day. While I’m currently logged in to my paid developer account, I still don’t have access to them, so they’ll most likely be live after the keynote.

Check out everything that Apple will be putting out after the break.

Daily Deals: iTunes Gift Cards, CleanApp, Tony Awards MP3




As Apple unveils new services and products at this week’s WWDC, we start another week of deals for Mac fans. First up is a 20 percent discount on iTunes gift cards, allowing you to purchase a $15 card for just $12.75, for example. Next is CleanApp 3, giving you to ability to uninstall and archive your applications. Finally, there is a sampler of Tony Award-winning songs, including such favorites as Mama Mia!, Rock of Ages, and Million Dollar Quartet.

Like always, details on these and many other items can be found at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the jump.