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Some Swift Student Challenge winners will go to WWDC23


You can submit Swift Student Challenge coding projects through April 19.
You can submit Swift Student Challenge coding projects through April 19.
Photo: Apple

As usual, when Apple invites developers to attend WWDC — June 5 to 9 this year — it also welcomes submissions for the annual Swift Student Challenge. Competitors create innovative coding projects with the help of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app.

And some winners get to attend a special event at Apple Park on June 5, Apple said. That’s the first day of WWDC23.

WWDC23 invite might hint at Apple VR headset


WWDC23 invite might hint at Apple VR/AR headset
Maybe? Possibly.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Ian Zelbo

The colorful image Apple used Wednesday to invite developers to WWDC23 set off speculation that it’s a hint that the company’s long-awaited VR/AR headset will be unveiled at the June event.

It’s not impossible — Apple dropped a major hint into the invitation to the iPhone 14 launch event.

WWDC23 kicks off June 5 with online event


Apple WWDC23 announcement
WWDC23 will happen June 5 through June 9, with loads of big announcements expected.
Image: Apple

The official invitation to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 went out Wednesday, confirming we’ll get our first look at what’s on the company’s near-term agenda on June 5. Apple promises WWDC23 will bring an opportunity “to learn the latest about Apple platforms, technologies, and tools.”

In other words, expect new versions of iOS, macOS and more — including a possible first look at the company’s long-rumored AR/VR headset (along with the software that will power the device).

WWDC23 will kick off with a keynote on June 5 and run the rest of that week. Even in this post-pandemic world, the event will be mostly online. However, a fortunate few developers and students will be able to watch the video keynote from Apple Park.

New Mac Pro and 15-inch MacBook Air could arrive at WWDC23


Why the Mac Pro might lack upgradable RAM and eGPUs
Your wait for an Apple silicon-Mac Pro will have to continue for now.
Image: Cult of Mac

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air and new Mac Pro could launch later than initially believed. The machines are reportedly on track to launch between late spring and summer.

This hints at the possibility of the new Macs debuting at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple VR/AR headset likely will launch at WWDC23


Apple VR/AR headset concept by Adriano Orbarissa
In a few months, we might finally know what Apple AR/VR headset actually looks like.
Concept: Adriano Orbarissa/

Earlier reports that Apple’s VR/AR headset will launch this spring were apparently overly optimistic — the latest leak points to a debut at the company’s annual developers conference in June.

If so, it’s likely to overshadow the new iOS and macOS versions also coming at WWDC23. But that probably would have happened even if the device had been unveiled months earlier, as it’ll include a new operating system for third-party developers to write applications for.

Send aid to Ukraine for chance to win rare WWDC19 pin


Send aid to Ukraine for chance to win rare WWDC19 pin
This WWDC 2019 pin could be yours if you donate to a Ukrainian aid fund.
Photo: Sergii Kryvoblotsky

Sergii Kryvoblotsky, head of R&D at MacPaw, is raffling off a Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 pin to raise money for Ukrainian aid.

The money raised will go to the MacPaw Development Fund to provide Ukrainian defenders with medicine and protective equipment.

WWDC22 recap: Apple revelations make our heads spin [The CultCast]


WWDC22 recap: There was much info to get through at WWDC22, no wonder Apple software chief Craig Federighi was running like the wind.
There was so much info to plow through at WWDC22, no wonder Apple software chief Craig Federighi was running like the wind.
Image: Cult of Mac
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: iOS 16 … iPadOS 16 … macOS Ventura … watchOS 9…. We’re racing as fast as we can through all Apple’s WWDC22 keynote revelations, but we’re gonna need a longer show. It’s our WWDC22 recap!

Also on The CultCast:

  • How about that super-skinny new MacBook Air?
  • And the blazing-fast new M2 chip that powers it?
  • Next-gen CarPlay looks like a total cockpit takeover.
  • What happened to Apple’s AR/VR headset?!?

Listen to this week’s episode of The CultCast in the Podcasts app or your favorite podcast app. (Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you like it!) Or watch the video livestream, embedded below.

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Photos from WWDC22: Apple Park, the Apple Developer Center and more


Looking back through the doors from outside.
Developers, students and press enjoyed a rare opportunity to visit the Apple Park campus during WWDC22.
Photo: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

CUPERTINO, California — For the first time, a big group of developers, students and media were allowed inside the very heart of Apple’s spaceship HQ during WWDC22.

The central office building, known as the Ring, is bigger than the Pentagon. Teams at Apple move in and out between other buildings as projects change — I met several ARKit engineers who recently moved in and were a bit vague on what they were working on. Interesting.

Previously, members of the media had been escorted to the Steve Jobs Theater for press events, which is another building off to the side of the sprawling Apple Park campus. However, the theater would have been much too small to fit the 1,000 developers, 350 students and hundreds of employees attending the WWDC22 keynote viewing party.

This special day for developers — an invitation-only, in-person event at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference — marked a big step in Apple’s efforts to boost developer trust. Apple also gave attendees a first look at the new Apple Developer Center located just across the street from the Ring.

See the full gallery below for more than 80 pictures of Apple’s campus.

Recap WWDC22’s biggest hits via Sketchnotes


WWDC22 sketchnote
Photo: Andy McNally
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

The WWDC22 keynote contained a blizzard of features and exciting announcements. As in past years, I ended up with two pages of drawings in my notebook. I sketched out the biggest new features coming to iOS 16, macOS Ventura and watchOS 9. And then there’s the new CarPlay, Maps, Apple Pay, Messages, the new M2 chip, MacBook Air and more.

For a quick visual recap of the highlights of Monday’s WWDC22 keynote, check out my two pages of sketchnotes below.

These 12 apps won the Apple Design Awards at WWDC22


The 2022 Apple Design Awards recognize outstanding apps and games in six categories.
The 2022 Apple Design Awards recognize outstanding apps and games in six categories.
Photo: Apple
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

Following the WWDC 2022 opening keynote Monday, Apple honored exceptional apps and games via the 2022 Apple Design Awards. In the ceremony, the company selected iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app nominees that “demonstrated outstanding technical achievement” and more.

In this year’s awards, selection pared down a field of 36 nominated finalists to the 12 winners. Three apps and three games competed in each of the six categories: inclusivity, delight and fun, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and innovation.

Check out the winners below.

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