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Apple check No. 2, signed by Jobs and Woz, goes up for auction


Apple check #2, signed by Jobs and Woz, goes up for auction
Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak signed this check.
Photo: RR Auction

A unique bit of Apple history just went up for auction: Apple Computer check “No. 2” signed by company co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Bidding for the $116.97 check is already up to more than $55,000.

A number of other rare Apple items are also up for sale, some signed by Jobs.

Steve Jobs check for $175 brings whopping $107,000 at auction


Bid on check signed by Steve Jobs to own piece of Apple history
This check is from when Apple was still operating out of a garage.
Photo: RR Auction

Back in 1976, when Apple still operated out of cofounder Steve Jobs’ garage, he signed a $175 check to a consulting firm. And someone just paid $106,985 for it, Boston-based RR Auction said Thursday.

That’s one pricey piece of paper. And another one, a Jobs business card from NeXT, brought in a more affordable $3,076. Both sums far exceeded the auction estimates.

First-gen iPhone with rare ‘Lucky you’ sticker could (not) break auction record [Updated]


The packaging's not perfect, but the rare
The packaging's not perfect, but the rare "Lucky you" sticker could add value.
Photo: Wright

Last week we asked if you were lucky enough to have about $65,000 to spend on an iPhone that can’t connect to anything. Now we know you didn’t need that much money after all.

The original, sealed iPhone (1st generation) that went up for auction Thursday sported a rare “Lucky you” sticker on the box. But that wasn’t enough to vault the handset into the record books ($63,356). Bidding started at $32,000.

Update: And … bidding ended at $40,320, the low end of the projected range of $40,000 – $60,000. Too many old iPhones up for auction lately? Maybe.

Apple Lisa 1, factory-sealed iPhone 2007 rake in cash at auction


Apple Lisa 1
This Apple Lisa 1 sold at top dollar this week.
Photo: RR Auction

An auction that included vintage Apple items that were almost thrown away wrapped up this week with many items bringing in more than their estimates. A Lisa 1 and an original iPhone still in the plastic sold at hefty prices. Some technical notes handwritten by Steve Jobs also brought in more than expected. There were many more.

However, some of the Apple items did not sell, including a fully functional Apple-1, likely because bids didn’t reach their reserve price.

Massive Mac collection goes up for auction


Hanspeter Luzi Vintage Apple Archive
These are just a few of the hundreds of classic Macintoshes going up for auction.
Photo: Julien’s Auctions

The Hanspeter Luzi Vintage Apple Archive with over 500 computers and other Apple items will go up for auction at the end of this month. There’s an Apple Lisa and other classic Macintosh models collected over 25 years.

That means two separate auctions of Apple products will be happening in close succession.

Apple-1, factory-sealed iPhone 2007 and more rare Apple items go up for auction


Apple-1 signed by Steve Wozniak
You can own one of the first Apple-1 units produced.
Photo: RR Auction

An Apple museum could be made of just the items currently up for bid at a single auction. There’s a fully functional Apple-1, an Apple Lisa 1, some technical notes handwritten by Steve Jobs, an original iPhone still sealed in the plastic and much, more.

Many of these items are expected to bring in big bucks.

Rare first-gen iPhone auction brings in record amount


Pick up a rare first-gen iPhone for a mere $50,000
This 2007 iPhone sold for even more than its pre-auction estimate.
Photo: LCG Auctions

If you only brought $50,000 to an auction for an original 2007 iPhone then you didn’t bring enough money. It’s an unusually valuable object because the handset is still sealed in the original packaging, and the item went for quite a bit above the auction estimate.

The winning bidder ended up paying $63,356 for the factory-sealed iPhone.

Super-rare Steve Jobs business card heads for auction


Very early Steve Jobs business card heads for auction
Although Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, he didn’t run it. And you can own a business card that proves it.
Screenshot: Alfred DiBlasi

In the very early days of Apple, co-founder Steve Jobs was VP Operations. And Alfred DiBlasi has one of Jobs’ business cards to prove it.

The card will soon go up for auction. You can own this bit of Apple history if you’re willing to put down enough cash.

Incredibly rare Chaffey College Apple-1 sells at auction for $500,000


Only six examples features the koa wood case.
Only six known examples features the koa wood case.
Photo: John Moran Auctioneers

Lots of Apple fans know the company’s first product was the Apple-1 personal computer. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs initially put the machines together in a garage in 1976. Now one unit in their early run of 200, known as the “Chaffey College Apple-1” because its first owner taught there, has sold at auction for $500,000.

Incredibly rare Apple VideoPad ditched by Steve Jobs heads to auction


Apple VideoPad 2 prototype
It's expected to fetch up to $12,000.
Photo: Bonhams

An incredibly rare Apple VideoPad 2 prototype is headed to auction after it was purchased from an Apple engineer back in 1999. It comes with a black leather carrying case that features the Newton logo, and is expected to fetch $12,000.

The VideoPad, which was scrapped by Steve Jobs upon his return to Apple in 1997, was a personal digital assistant (PDA) similar to the Newton that would have allowed users to carry out video calls. But it never made it to market.

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