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Judge approves Sprint and T-Mobile megamerger


Deal has sent stock rocketing upwards.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s $26 billion merger with Sprint has been given the go-ahead by a U.S. district judge, rocketing the companies’ stock prices upward.

Sprint increased 74% this morning, hitting $8.34. T-Mobile, meanwhile, increased 11% to $93.62. However, the deal won’t officially be done until the California Public Utilities Commission approves the merger.

T-Mobile and Sprint merger may finally be approved Tuesday


T-Mobile CEO John Legere with the Phone BoothE.
Colorful T-Mobile CEO John Legere will hand over the reins to a successor.
Photo: T-Mobile

A verdict regarding the long-delayed megamerger between T-Mobile and Sprint is expected to be announced Tuesday, The New York Times claims.

The ruling would combine America’s third- and fourth-biggest wireless carriers to create one with a massive 100 million customers. It follows an “unusual suit” filed back in June by attorneys general from 13 states, alongside the District of Columbia. They are concerned that a merger would reduce competition in the industry, which could drive up cellphone bills.

T-Mobile makes 5G just $15 a month. Maybe.


T-Mobile 5G service
T-Mobile 5G hits the airwaves next month, for way less that most people probably expected.
Photo: T-Mobile

When the 5G iPhone launches next year, it’ll be able to connect to the T-Mobile 5G network for as little as $15 a month. That’s half what the carrier currently charges for 4G service.

Dropping prices seems to part of T-Mobile working to convince skeptics that its merger with Sprint will be a big win for consumers. And that’s the ringer here: its new ultra-low cost plan is available only if the merger goes through.

FCC approval makes T-Mobile/Sprint merger almost a done deal


FCC chairman Ajit Pai isn’t down with China Mobile coming to the United States.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai openly supports the big T-Mobile/Sprint merger.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

The Federal Communications Commission reportedly will grant approval for the multibillion-dollar merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This is one of the last hurdles before the third- and fourth-largest U.S. carriers can blend into a single entity almost as large as AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile now offers 3% Daily Cash for Apple Card users


Apple Card has another partner for its Daily Cash offer.
Photo: T-Mobile

Apple Card’s reward program, called Daily Cash, has added T-Mobile to its growing list of partners. Starting September 20, all customers will receive 3% Daily Cash when they use Apple Card with Apple Pay at any T-Mobile store.

“We’re all about giving customers the best value in wireless, and we’re doing it again by offering 3% Daily Cash on Apple Card,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere“More options. More value. And cash back, including on Apple’s newest products. It’s just the Un-carrier way.”

T-Mobile Test Drive hands out free mobile hotspots


T-Mobile hotspot
Anyone thinking of switching their iPhone to T-Mobile can try the service out for free.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is so eager to get people to try its network, the company is giving away wireless hotspots. These are good for a month or 30GB of data, and are intended to let potential customers see how well T-Mobile service works at their home, office or school.

This telecom has a bad reputation as being mostly available only in big cities. This promotion seems intended to overcome that.

AT&T and T-Mobile join forces to fight robocalls and scammers


Suck it, spammers!
Photo: Icons8/Unsplash

AT&T and T-Mobile today confirmed an unlikely partnership for a wonderful cause. The rival carriers are joining forces to fight robocalls and scammers.

Both will deliver the FCC-recommended STIR/SHAKEN standards to digitally validate calls across their networks. It will make it easier for customers to filter out unwanted calls.

Say goodbye to Sprint! T-Mobile merger gets green light


You won’t be seeing these signs for much longer.
Photo: Sprint

The US Department of Justice just signed off on the biggest telecommunications deal in many years. This was the last real hurdle in the $26 billion merger of Sprint into T-Mobile.

The carriers had to agree to sell off some assets to win this approval. Still, every iPhone owner who’s a Sprint customer will soon be hearing from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile gives Samsung Galaxy Fold a hard pass


Galaxy Fold specs
T-Mobile has followed Kenny Rogers’ advice on knowing when to fold ‘em.
Photo: Samsung

T-Mobile was the first US carrier to commit to Samsung’s cutting-edge Galaxy Fold. Now it is un-committing. Perhaps that’s to be expected from the un-carrier.

This comes right after Samsung revealed that will finally ship its folding phone in September, months after it was originally scheduled.

T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger could earn DoJ approval this week


T-Mobile CEO John Legere with the Phone BoothE.
Sprint and T-Mobile are 'all-in' on their merger.
Photo: T-Mobile

The long-awaited merger between T-Mobile and Sprint could finally be approved by the Department of Justice this week. The deal requires the agreement of the DoJ in order to proceed.

Provided that it goes through, the merger will create a company valued at $160 billion. The merged companies will also have to help establish a new fourth wireless competitor to replace the one being taken away.