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Steve Jobs portrait made out of e-waste is up for sale


Jobs portrait
A Jobs portrait for the tech lovers out there.
Photo: Jason Mecier

From movies to operas and comic books to action figures, Steve Jobs has certainly inspired a lot of creativity over the years. One of the most original creations we’ve come across, however, is this portrait created entirely out of e-waste by San Francisco artist Jason Mecier.

Recreating the iconic Albert Watson 2006-era photo of Jobs — originally commissioned by Fortune magazine and memorably used from the cover of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography — the portrait is currently up for sale.

What if Steve Jobs had introduced the Apple Watch?


Steve Jobs would have sold the hell out of the Apple Watch.

According to Jony Ive, the Apple Watch project was first touted shortly after Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. But what would it have been like had Apple’s legendary co-founder lived to see the arrival of Apple’s debut into the smartwatch market?

To give us an idea, one dedicated Apple fan cut up and reassembled old “Stevenote” speeches to piece together an Apple Watch ad narrated by Jobs himself. Considering that it relies on old sound bytes about unrelated products, it actually works.

Check it out below. Bonus points if you can work out where each of the quotes originally came from!

Fantasy keynote shows how Steve Jobs would have sold us on Apple Watch


How would Steve Jobs have introduced the Apple Watch? Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Apple fans will never revel in the glory of another Stevenote. But an essay that imagines how Steve Jobs would have introduced the Apple Watch just might be the next best thing.

Lesson No. 1: He wouldn’t have called it the “Apple Watch.”

Copy this please: 9 things Apple can teach Google about keynotes


Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Siri: “How long should a keynote last?”

As anyone who watched Wednesday’s nearly three-hour livestream of the Google I/O kickoff, the answer to that question should be 90 minutes or less.

As the event dragged on, the tone on Twitter went from restrained interest about Google’s somewhat underwhelming announcements to reports of sleeping reporters and jabs at the ponderous presentation’s length. “Apple just launched a keynote shortener,” tweeted Dave Pell.

iPhone 6 to feature Quad HD resolution?


Utterly Phab-ulous

Could the iPhone 6 boast a Quad HD display, packing a 2560 x 1440 resolution in line with the 5.5-inch LG G3?

That’s the word on the street according to a source citing “Apple employees” from Hong Kong, although it is not clear which iPhone 6 model is being referred to. If this is the case, it would give the give the iPhone 6 by far the most stunningly beautiful screen of any Apple smartphone ever.

Why Apple’s WWDC keynote was its most important in years


Craig Federighi stalks the stage at WWDC 2014. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Monday’s fantastic WWDC keynote was the most significant product introduction since Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPad in 2010. But this time, the revolutionary product wasn’t hardware — it was software.

The surprisingly well-executed event demonstrated two things:

1. Steve Jobs’ greatest product wasn’t the iPad or the Macintosh, but Apple itself. He created a company that can very clearly innovate without him.

2. Although there was no new hardware (for now), Apple’s trajectory is clear: It’s getting into some very big things.

Ashton Kutcher: I Try To Emulate Steve Jobs’ Work In My Angel Investments [Macworld 2013]



macworldbug SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – Steve Jobs isn’t here at Macworld to kick off the show with one of his famous Stevenotes. But we got the next best thing – an shoddy actor who played Steve Jobs in a movie.

Ashton just opened Macworld with a Kutchernote, and unfortunately he didn’t come out in his full Steve garb, but he did give us some insight into what it was like to play Steve Jobs as well as his “geek credentials,” but more importantly, he said that Steve Jobs is his idol and that he tries to emulate him when he’s doing his angel investments.

Check out Steve Note, All of his Best Public Appearances in One Place



There have been a countless articles and even books about how you might channel Steve Jobs trademark style for presentations, but you’d have a hard time finding videos of all of those talks in one spot.

Enter It’s a labor of love from web designer Fabio Fiss, who thought it would be a fitting tribute to the late Apple co-founder to gather all of his public appearances by topic in one place.