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Phil Schiller’s greatest hits! [Cult of Mac Magazine 361]


10 reasons we'll miss Pete Schiller.
Here's why we love this longtime Apple exec.
Cover: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

We’re all going to miss Phil Schiller now that he’s stepped down from his role as Apple’s marketing chief. He was a close friend of Steve Jobs, and he played a major role in Cupertino for decades.

To be clear, he’s not leaving Apple entirely. Instead, he became an Apple Fellow (and he’ll run the App Store and Apple Events). Still, it’s a big change for Cupertino. In tribute to an Apple OG, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive Phil Schiller’s greatest hits.

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10 reasons why I’ll miss Phil Schiller


As Phil Schiller steps down from his role as Apple's SVP of worldwide marketing, it's clear the company won't be the same without him.
It won't be the same without him.
Photo: Globovisión/Flickr CC

For long-time Apple fans like myself, Tuesday marked the end of an era. Phil Schiller stepped down from his role as VP of worldwide marketing.

Schiller was the last of the OG — a stalwart onstage companion to Steve Jobs, long before it was fashionable to watch Apple keynotes. Schiller was there at all the seminal moments in Apple history, including the launch of iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Back in the day, he and Jobs were a remarkable double act. Jobs would announce the products, and then Schiller would stride in to perform the demos.

Fortunately, Schiller’s not gone for good. In his new role as an Apple Fellow, he will still keep an eye on the App Store and Apple Events. But I wanted to take this opportunity to remember the man, the legend, that is Phil Schiller. Here are the top 10 reasons why I’ll miss him.

Phil Schiller’s new role as Apple Fellow means big promotion for Joz


Phil Schiller
Schiller has guided Apple's marketing efforts for more than 30 years.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Tuesday said that Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, will move on to become an Apple Fellow.

Schiller continues to report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook in his new position, which involves leading the App Store and Apple Events. Greg “Joz” Joswiak takes up Schiller’s previous role.

Phil Schiller: Nope, Apple still isn’t planning to make a touchscreen Mac


Phil Schiller: Nope, Apple still isn’t planning to make a touchscreen Mac
Don't even think about swiping that screen!
Photo: Apple

Apple isn’t going to release a touchscreen Mac any time soon, says Phil Schiller, SVP of Marketing.

In a new interview, Schiller chimed in on the question on whether Apple might consider merging its mobile and desktop operating systems. The answer might disappoint fans of the Microsoft Surface.

Phil Schiller sheds light on Steam Link’s App Store ban


Steam Link on iPhone
What Steam Link would have looked like on iPhone.
Photo: Valve

Apple vice president Phil Schiller has offered clarification on Steam Link’s App Store ban in an email to disgruntled iOS users.

Valve’s hotly-anticipated app violates a number of guidelines, including those around in-app purchases, as suspected. Schiller insists, however, that Apple will work with Valve in an effort to resolve the problems and bring Steam Link to the App Store.

Phil Schiller says all of Face ID’s competitors ‘stink’


Phil Schiller
Phil Schiller says iPhone X will dictate the direction of smartphones for the next decade.
Photo: Apple

Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller has heard the haters saying the iPhone X wasn’t the first smartphone to get facial recognition. But according to Schiller, that doesn’t matter at all.

“They all stink,” says Schiller in a new interview discussing Apple’s new facial recognition feature. The wide-ranging interview touches on everything from AirPods to virtual reality, but what sets Face ID apart is what got Schiller the most excited.

Tim Cook and Phil Schiller promote Apple’s updated privacy page


privacy policy
Apple's privacy policy separates it from its rivals.
Photo: Apple

Apple takes user privacy pretty darn seriously, and it’s launched an updated webpage with a new look and information to underline exactly that point.

Shared on Twitter by both Tim Cook and Phil Schiller, the webpage lays out some of Apple’s beliefs on the topic, including the fact that it considers, “privacy is a fundamental human right,” and that it doesn’t want any of your personal information — ranging from the news stories you read to your heart rate after a run — to be shared against your will.

Did Phil Schiller really want a physical keyboard on iPhone?


Blackberry won its case against Ryan Seacrest. Photo: Typo
Phil Schiller allegedly wanted the iPhone to look more like this. Possibly.
Photo: Typo

One of the fascinating tidbits of Apple history that emerged online this week was the story that Phil Schiller was insistent that the original iPhone ship with a physical keyboard.

Only problem is, no-one seems to know whether it’s true or not. Former Apple exec Tony Fadell claimed it is. Schiller denied it. Now Fadell has denied it, too, but the author he told the story to is sticking by what he was told. What a mess!

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