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Smashy, smashy with Castle Crumble on Apple Arcade


Smashy, smashy with 'Castle Crumble' on Apple Arcade
That's a nice-looking castle you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.
Photo: Orbital Knight

Have fun with creative destruction in Castle Crumble, which challenges players to knock down fortresses with bombs and spells.

The puzzle game debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, and is playable on iPhone, Mac and other Apple devices.

NBA 2K22 and Sneaky Sasquatch make Apple Arcade’s list of year’s best games


NBA 2K22 and Sneaky Sasquatch make Apple Arcade’s list of year’s best games
Looking for some new games to try? Here's Apple's own picks for the best in Apple Arcade.
Graphic: Apple Arcade

Apple just revealed the 20 titles that made the Apple Arcade Top Games of 2022. At the top is NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, as well as the revamped version of The Oregon Trail.

The best-of list includes a range of options for many types of players.

These 7 spooky Apple Arcade games dish out Halloween treats


These 7 spooky Apple Arcade games dish out Halloween treats
Here are the best games with the unquiet dead available on Apple Arcade for your Halloween enjoyment.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Halloween is almost here, making this a great weekend to play some spooky games. Apple Arcade has a nice selection of these to help you enjoy the creepy season.

Here are the best options in Apple’s gaming service to find ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

Basketball fans can jump into the action in NBA 2K23 on Apple Arcade


Basketball fans can jump in the action in 'NBA 2K23' on Apple Arcade
Don't just watch the games. Get into the action in NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition.
Photo: 2K

Basketball season starts today, and that brings the launch of NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition. In the new version, players can take on “Greatest of All-Time” NBA players. That includes Michael Jordan, Shaq and more.

The game is now available on a range of Apple devices for subscribers to Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade collection of classic games keeps growing


Puzzle with time in 'The Gardens Between+'
The Gardens Between+ is one of four classic games recently added to Apple Arcade.
Photo: Voxel Agents

Apple Arcade subscribers can now enjoy The Gardens Between+, which challenges player to solve puzzles by manipulating time. It’s a classic title joining Apple’s game service.

In recent weeks, Gris+, Gin Rummy Classic+ and Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ also joined Apple Arcade.

Delve into adventure in Shovel Knight Dig on Apple Arcade


Shovel Knight Dig is now on Apple Arcade
The shovel is mightier than the sword!
Photo: Yacht Club Games/Apple Arcade

Fans of classic arcade games should enjoy Shovel Knight Dig, a retro adventure game that launched Friday. Players guide a hero down deep into the earth to fight monsters and win treasure with the aid of his trusty Shovel Blade.

The latest offering from Yacht Club Games debuted Friday on Apple Arcade for a range of Apple computers.

New Apple Arcade game Garden Tails is painfully cute


New Apple Arcade game 'Garden Tails' is painfully cute
A new match-3 game includes plenty of fuzzy bunnies.
Image: Playdots

Garden Tails: Match and Grow is a new match-3 game for nature lovers who are looking for a calming time-killer. Play through a series of levels to unlock flowers, bushes and friendly animals.

It debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, and there are versions for a range of Apple computers.

Horizon Chase 2 retro racer zooms onto Apple Arcade


'Horizon Chase 2' retro racer zooms onto Apple Arcade
Dodge your rivals in a new retro racer for Apple computers.
Photo: Aquiris Games

Race around the world in a custom car in Horizon Chase 2, the latest addition to Apple Arcade. The retro racer offers beautiful visuals and online multiplayer for all game modes.

The title is available to download now for Apple computers big and small.

Tom Hanks’ new Hanx101 Trivia game hits Apple Arcade


Tom Hanks' new 'Hanx101 Trivia' game hits Apple Arcade
Test your brainpower in Hanx101 Trivia from Tom Hanks.
Photo: BlueLine Studios/Apple Arcade

Screen legend Tom Hanks just launched a game for a range of Apple devices. Hanx101 Trivia has questions in categories from history to math, geography to food.

It’s available now exclusively in the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Blast off in Jetpack Joyride 2 on Apple Arcade


Blast off in 'Jetpack Joyride 2' on Apple Arcade
Jetpack Joyride 2 is just as action packed as the original, but with better graphics.
Photo: Halfbrick Studios

A classic action game gets fresh update in Jetpack Joyride 2. There are new weapons and equipment, and tougher enemies, too.

Fans of the original can strap on a jetpack and fly through a version with plenty of new features, on Apple Arcade starting today. And it’s now for Mac, too!

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