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Apple expands Mac Pro trademark to include augmented reality tech


The Magic Toolbar could be a baby step toward augmented reality.
Could augmented reality tech arrive on a future Mac Pro?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple updated its Mac Pro trademark to include “augmented reality displays, goggles, controllers, headsets, and 3D spectacles,” alongside a range of other categories.

The additions come shortly after Apple acknowledged that its current Mac Pro doesn’t fulfill all the needs of its pro customers, promising that a new model with a modular design is currently in the works.

With some very interesting features, if this trademark update is to be believed!

12 things we learned from the New Yorker’s profile of Jony Ive


The world's most famous designer, Jony Ive. Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

In what may be the longest magazine feature yet dedicated to Apple’s industrial design guru, the New Yorker has just published a sprawling 16,000 word profile of Jony Ive — taking readers from his early meetings with Steve Jobs up to the present day.

It’s jam-packed with fascinating tidbits about Ive, his secretive design studio, and Apple’s past and future. While I’d thoroughly recommend reading the whole article, here are the details that really leaped out:

Why The Wearables Revolution Won’t Be Like Smartphone ‘Dogfight’



A new book called Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution by Fred Vogelstein revealed the mechanism by which Apple influenced the direction of Android — shock and awe.

Yes, the introduction of the iPhone changed the direction of smartphones. But I don’t think it’s going to happen again in the wearables market. Here’s why.

Rumor: Next iPod Touch To Compete With Nintendo 3DS, Do Glasses-Free 3D



Late next month, Nintendo is set to release the 3DS, the successor to their popular Nintendo DS handheld console. Besides a few bumped specs, the main selling point of the 3DS is its glasses-free 3D display, which Nintendo hopes will give their latest handheld a leg up on the competition… most importantly by giving them a clear point of differentiation from the DS’s number one competitor, the iPod Touch.

How long will Nintendo have 3D superiority over the Touch, though? Perhaps not as long as Nintendo thinks. A new rumor coming out of Japan suggests that the next iPod Touch will have the same glasses-free 3D display found in the Nintendo 3DS, based upon Cupertino’s multiple patents for 3D related technologies.

Apple Patents 3D Head-Tracking



Apple has filed a patent application that might replace today’s mouse and keyboard with a 3D display created through tracking your head movements. The technology could permit more realistic interaction with a computer’s data or map your image onto an object.

The technology would hinge on a camera or “sensing mechanism,” according to the Apple patent recently filed.

Apple Glass headset could sense users’ physiological states


Apple Glass
What will Apple Glass have to offer?
Image: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech

Apple Watch already features heart rate-tracking technology. But Apple may go even further with its biometric-reading tech — and it could be used to make an eventual Apple Glass head-up display more reactive to users in the process.

Published Thursday, a new Apple patent application describes how the company could turn information such as temperature and brainwave-reading into an assessment of the “physiological condition of the user.”

Apple’s biggest supplier is already making trial lenses for Apple Glass


Apple Glass
Don't expect it right away, though.
Image: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech

Foxconn has reportedly started trial production on polarized, semi-transparent AR lenses that could be used for Apple Glass, according to The Information.

The Friday paywalled report says the lenses are between one and two years away from entering mass production. However, they have already passed the prototyping phase, having been in development for three years.

Apple could snap up virtual reality company NextVR for estimated $100 million


Acquisition would help bolster Apple's virtual reality efforts.
Photo: NextVR

Apple could be in the process of acquiring California-based virtual reality company NextVR, according to a report published over the weekend.

The rumored acquisition, supposedly for an amount in the region of $100 million, is reportedly quite far along. Although it hasn’t closed yet, employees are already being told about possibly relocating from San Diego to one of Apple’s offices.

Gaze detection could give iMacs a sixth sense


Maxing-out your new Mac is now a lot more affordable.
Photo: Apple

Down the road, as you gaze into the monitor of a new iMac, the screen could gaze back.

Apple was awarded a patent Thursday by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for adjustable reflective display technology that can track your gestures, including eye and head movements.