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Good News For Mac Users: Boxee Media Platform Is Going Windows



The popular Boxee media center software is the rare app that starts on the Mac before going to Windows. CC-licensed pic by Matt Grimm.

Here’s some good news for Mac users of Boxee, the popular media platform for Macs and Apple TV: The software is going Windows.

At a developer event on Tuesday night in San Francisco, Boxee released its first version for Windows PCs.

This is good news for Mac users because the Boxee platform will have a much larger user base for developers to create plug-ins for. Significantly, the software will run on Windows Media Center PCs, which is by far the biggest installed base of computers connected to TVs.

Developers Sneaking Porn, Profanity Onto iPhone Via Easter Eggs



CC-licensed iPhone homescreen screenshot by Blake Patterson.

Developers are sneaking Easter Eggs into their iPhone apps to get around onerous App Store restrictions, Brian Chen at reports.

Programmer Jelle Prins’ song lyrics app Lyrics, for example, was initially rejected by the App store because it included songs with naughty words. Apple bans profanity, pornography and basically anything adult and fun.

But the Lyrics app will include swear words if you go to the About page and swipe downward three times. Up pops an option to turn off a swear word filter.

“Lyrics has slipped in a quiet ‘Screw you’ to Apple’s App Store gatekeepers albeit one mumbled behind their backs,” Chen writes.

Has anyone else discovered undocumented features in iPhone apps? If so, leave them in the comments. A prize for the best one.

More App Store Approval Madness – Religious Imagery is ‘Objectionable’


An App Store gatekeeper, whose name may or may not be Peter, officially positioned Apple as a ‘Holier Than Thou’ company recently, by rejecting the whimsical photobooth application Me So Holy.

The app would have allowed users to place photographs of themselves or others inside pre-set figure avatars that could let cousin Jim appear to be the face of Jesus, or Joe Bob to be Mohammed, or Mary Jane to be a bodhisattva, or, you get the picture.

Apple rejected the app, saying it “contains objectionable material,” according to Me So Holy developer Benjamin Kahle.

Someone at Apple must have not gotten the Jesus phone memo.

Apple Removes WebApp Listing Promoting QuickPWN



Image via TechCrunch

Apple moved quickly to remove an embarrassing listing on the iPhone web app directory which promoted the notorious QuickPWN software, which jailbreaks iPhones and iPod touches to allow unfettered application installation. Apple removed it tonight around 11 p.m. after coverage around the Mac blogosphere, including here at CoM. The link still comes up on Google, but the page is blank.

Why does this snafu matter? Because this little slip-up is yet another sign that Apple is completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content it needs to curate these days: Music, TV, Movies, and Podcasts in the iTunes Store; thousands upon thousands of apps for iPhone and many more that never make the cut; and an equally huge collection of web apps for iPhone on the website.

In a lot of ways, Apple has become one of the world’s biggest content gatekeepers. And the approval of Baby Shaker and the rejection of the Nine Inch Nails app are pretty clear evidence that the company still has a lot of work ahead to grow into the role.

Apple Kills South Park iPhone App



The long-awaited South Park iPhone app (submitted to Apple last October) has been officially denied AppStore approval, according to Matt Stone, creator of the hit Comedy Central television show, who informed fans in an email to BoignBoing Tueday. “We are sad to say that our [iPhone] app has been rejected. According to Apple, the content was potentially offensive.”

Memo to AppStore Gatekeepers: “Huh?”

The South Park iPhone app was a little something that would have given fans of the show and other users the ability to stream clips, grab wallpapers for the phone, read news, and browse the complete episode index.

A cool feature that would likely have been a big hit with many was the ability to choose character likenesses as “contact images” for the iPhone’s address book. An incoming call from a user’s best friend would display as Kyle or Cartman; the medical marijuana dispensary could be Towelie; Tony Bourdain could be Chef, etc.

This is indeed sad news and further evidence of the persistent inscrutability of Apple’s AppStore approval process, especially in the light of users already being able to purchase entire episodes of the foul-mouthed tv show directly from iTunes.

Via VentureBeat

iPhone Can Haz Jiggly Boobz


From the Get It While It Lasts department: ImageToys: iJiggles is an app whose developers somehow figured out what Apple’s AppStore gatekeepers didn’t like about the iBoobs app they rejected a while back.

Perhaps by marketing the application as image-reality-distortion magic they confused the AppStore police into thinking people would use it for anything but playing Hooray for Boobies!

Via Macenstein

New Dev Platform Promises More iPhone Awesomeness


Viximo, creators of a Cambridge, MA based platform for creating and distributing virtual “goods” and art for social networks and mobile applications, has released a development platform called VixML that the company hopes may soon become an important tool for novice iPhone developers.

Lack of Objective-C knowledge and unfamiliarity with the mysteries of the iPhone SDK have kept many designers from reaching for the brass ring available to the likes of some fart app developers and ring tone merchants. Viximo seeks to remedy such an imbalance in the force with a programming language using a number of pre-designated tags, the VixML WYSIWYG SDK and emulator. Designers can use these tools to create in a matter of days rich, multimedia mini-apps that would have previously taken weeks or months of programing.

The catch is that Viximo is positioning itself as a pre-gatekeeper, initially requiring any app developed using VixML to be part of the company’s True Flirt application on the AppStore.

Viximo is currently not releasing details about its revenue sharing arrangement with potential developers, a wall that will likely have to come down if app developers are to adopt VixML in any significant numbers.

Via TechCrunch

AppStore Draws the Line at Boobs


57 Varieties of Fart-oriented applications are approval worthy in the eyes of the inscrutable AppStore gatekeepers. But iBoobs, a demo of which can be seen above, apparently violates a threshold of taste beyond which Apple is unwilling to go.

It’s nice to know there is a standard one must meet as an app developer, though, personally, it seems to me iBoobs at least uses the accelerometer to somewhat realistic effect.

Via Edible Apple

No Sex for You – Wallpaper Universe Pulled from AppStore



If you want to use a racy photo as your iPhone wallpaper it will have to be strictly DIY now that Wallpaper Universe has been pulled from the AppStore.

Some will say this turn of events confirms Steve Jobs’ promise to keep ‘porn’ off the iPhone. Others point out that it highlights the inscrutability of Apple’s review process for selecting what does, and what doesn’t make it into the AppStore catalog.

Leaving aside for the moment the question of whether Apple should retain exclusive gatekeeper authority over apps that can be legitimately run on the iPhone, many would be satisfied if the process for AppStore certification was more transparent, according to MG Siegler, writing for Venture Beat.

Last weekend’s snafu over the release of Google’s voice search update, the punting of approved apps on a third update, debacles such as the I Am Rich app – all raise legitimate questions over the capriciousness of Apple’s distribution of tickets to the big show.

Via Industry Standard

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