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“Welcome to Macintosh” Lands a Coveted Comcast Pay Per View Slot



Welcome to Macintosh, the feature length documentary that explores the many ways Apple, Inc. has changed the world, jumped from the international, independent film festival circuit to pay-per-view cable TV Wednesday.

The film, which relies on notable personalities associated in one way or another with Apple, such as Andy Hertzfeld, co-creator of the original Macintosh, and long-time Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki, tells the inside story of what makes Apple different and will now be available to over 20 million subscribers to the Comcast cable network in both the Pay-Per-View section and the “Movie” section of Comcast’s On Demand service.

“The goal was to make a film that you can show to anyone, even someone that has never used a computer, and have them understand why so many people love Macintosh,” says Josh Rizzo, Co-Director. “Availability to all US Comcast customers goes a long way toward completing that goal.”

If you’ve seen it, you know Welcome to Macintosh is really a love song to Apple and though the film is in no way authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by the company, it’s a good bet there will be cheering in Cupertino once the ancillary sales begin to roll in from people who come to Apple through having seen the film.

Energy Bracelet Provides Juice For Quick iPhone Chats


Dyson Energy Bracelet converts body temperature to electricity.

Are you tired of walking, running or otherwise moving to eek a bit of electricity from the numerous gadgets converting kinetic energy into power for your iPhone?

Get ready for extra talk time for just being alive. The Dyson Energy Bracelet converts the temperature difference between your body and the surrounding environment into enough electricity to talk a few more minutes on your favorite Apple communications device.

The bracelet includes a mini USB connection which Apple and other cell phone makers earlier this week approved as a universal standard (at least in Europe) for recharging mobile phones, starting in 2010. A price and distribution date have yet to be announced. More information is available at Yanko Design.

Unlike the Viber Burst kinetic device we talked about recently, the Dyson bracelet employs the thermoelectric effect to convert body temperature into electricity. Although the thermoelectric effect is commonly used in temperature sensors, it can also be used to generate power. (Here’s a fuller explanation of the science behind the gadget.)

Recharge your iphone using kinetic energy
Recharge your iphone using kinetic energy

IPhone Users Swamp Felt Case Artists


The felt case protects your iPhone and iPod

If you’re looking for a “green” way to protect your new iPhone, felted cases appear the latest fad for eco-conscious Apple fans. The latest example: the Domo Kun iPhone case. The  felt case, designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Classic, is emblazoned with Domo Jun, the monster serving as a Japanese TV mascot.

The felt monster measures 4.7-inch  x 3.1-inch, but the Etsy artist announced Tuesday the hand-made item was sold-out, just a day after putting the iPhone/iPod holder on the site. A similar fate met another iPhone case, a felt version of an old-style rotary phone.

Viber Burst Kinetic Phone Charger


Recharge your iphone using kinetic energy

Is your iPhone about to die, and you’ve lost your cell phone charger? An Australian design student now has an answer: just get moving. The Viber Burst design concept will turn walking, jogging or any movement into a cell phone battery recharge in just two seconds.

“Viber Burst can be worn as a feature piece of contemporary jewelry on footwear, it can also be a key ring or kept in a handbag,” designer Josh Pell said. The device includes a variety of designs and colors that “enable the user to connect with the product on an emotive level,” the Swinburne University student told the Australian Design Awards.

Although no production date was announced, the Viber Burst can attach to your shoe, purse or be held in your hand. The device is weather resistant and built to withstand punishment: the components use a flexible circuit board. When a product does appear, look for it in recycled packaging, designer Pell said.

Good News For Mac Users: Boxee Media Platform Is Going Windows



The popular Boxee media center software is the rare app that starts on the Mac before going to Windows. CC-licensed pic by Matt Grimm.

Here’s some good news for Mac users of Boxee, the popular media platform for Macs and Apple TV: The software is going Windows.

At a developer event on Tuesday night in San Francisco, Boxee released its first version for Windows PCs.

This is good news for Mac users because the Boxee platform will have a much larger user base for developers to create plug-ins for. Significantly, the software will run on Windows Media Center PCs, which is by far the biggest installed base of computers connected to TVs.

iPhone 3GS Ad: Video, without Jailbreaking




Apple hired Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) to show off the latest iPhone in its TV ad debut.

Titled “break in,” (a nod to how most folks got iPhone video capability before the 3S?) the 30-second spot highlights the video angle and hints at other “amazing new features.”

Via Slashfilm