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VLC Is Now A Universal Binary On The iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad



Our most beloved of open-source video players, VLC, got a spankingly sexy iPad port last month… and now it’s been updated as a universal binary that supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and third/fourth gen iPod Touch.

If you’ve previously downloaded the iPad version, the update also adds the ability to delete files within VLC itself, as well as faster decoding and increased support for some of the more esoteric extensions.

Is there anything VLC doesn’t run on at this point? Besides the AppleTV, that is, which is positively twitching for a port?

VLC is a free download from the App Store. Go get it.

Steve Jobs Isn’t Big Brother, and the Mac Remains Open [Mac Skeptics Part 2]



Previously on Cult of Mac, I decried the growing alarmism of tech punditry regarding Apple’s as-yet-unreleased Mac App Store. GDGT’s Ryan Block citing something about the cloud or something, noted that his pet applications are probably not going to be hosted by the App Store, which therefore means that meaningful innovation in desktop software is impossible. I begged to differ.

But my greater scorn has been reserved for the subject of this post, the Gizmodo commentary “Big Brother Apple and the Death of the Program,” by Matt Buchanan. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a doozy of tortuous logic, FUD, and faulty analysis well-worth your time. The following is my rebuttal to several of its most absurd assertions.

Release Your Inner Spielberg with iMovie ’11 [Review]



Apple’s new iMovie ’11 is here and while it isn’t the best part of my iLife, like iPhoto, it does make an occasional cameo appearance in my life. The new iMovie features that Apple announced last Wednesday are pretty good making an already great program better.

The new movie trailers, improved audio editing, one-step side effects, people finder, themes, and world premiere all bring new or improved features the give me more opportunities to be creative. I’ll be able to finally craft movies that are almost as good as the ones made by Steven Spielberg. Well maybe not that good, but definitely better than before.

What Steve Jobs Is Talking About When He Touts “Integration” [Book Chapter]


CC-licenced photo by richdrogpa -
CC-licenced photo by richdrogpa -

During his anti-Google diatribe this afternoon, Steve Jobs said the Google-versus-Apple, open-versus-closed debate is a smokescreen. It makes no sense to say Apple is closed while Google is open when the real issue is fragmentation versus integration.

Jobs said Google’s Android platform is fragmented. There are too many different versions of the operating system and too many devices, making it a headache for consumers and developers. Apple’s iOS devices on the other hand aren’t fragmented, because they are “vertically integrated.” Apple closely integrates the software with the hardware, and they “just work.”

But what does he mean exactly by “vertical integration?” And why is it so important?

I wrote about this at length in my book, Inside Steve’s Brain. In fact, I think it’s critical to understanding why Jobs and Apple are killing it in consumer electronics right now.

So here’s Chapter Eight — “Total Control: The Whole Widget,” — in its entirety.

Qantas Airlines to Offer iPad for In-Flight Entertainment



Australian airliner, Qantas Airlines, is to begin offering the iPad for in-flight entertainment to travellers on its Jetstar flights.

Qantas have been testing the tablet device on its planes since back in June, and passengers had the opportunity to rent the tablet device for $10 (AUS). Following its success, the airliner is now ready to deploy the iPad across its Jetstar flights.

A spokesman for Jetstar told Dow Jones Newswires on Monday of their plan:

“We’re in the final stages of putting in place what would be a broader roll out across the network. We’re in ongoing discussion with the manufacturer around a more integrated network proposition.”

We’re unsure what an “integrated network” could mean at this point, but it seems that it might be a streaming service for music, movies, TV shows, and games, so that passengers can choose entertainment to suit them, rather than have to pick from what’s available on the device.

Daily Deals: ‘The Little Carp’ iPhone App, Aegis External iPhone Power, Fishbone iPhone Case




We start off with a deal for your iPhone or iPod touch which we admit might be a little fishy. “The Little Carp That Jumped Over the Dragon Gate” is an e-book from the iTunes App Store. The story is in English, with Japanese and traditional Chinese and Chinese translations. You won’t need translation for the price, however: it’s free – $2 off the regular cost. Also in the deal spotlight is the Acase Aegis Power External Battery Case for the iPhone 4. It includes a 1700mAh battery, LED power indicator, micro USB charging cord, and more. Finally, you may go hook, line and sinker for the fishbone mesh hardback iPhone 4 case – it’s just $2.51 with product code.

Along the way, we’ll also check out a skin for your iPad, as well as software for your Mac. As usual, details on these and many other bargains can be found at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page after the jump.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Posterous, Phoster, T3 Mag & More!



Featured in our favorite iOS applications this week is the free content sharing app from Posterous that lets you post any mix of text, photos, and videos instantly to the web, directly from your iPhone.

Phoster is also featured in our must-have application list this week: it’s a universal app for both iPhone and iPad that lets your create stunning posters and invitations. With loads of templates to get you started and various effects and decorations, you’ll be able to produce stylish results in no time at all on your iOS device.

We also have the new T3 magazine app that delivers the world’s greatest gadget magazine to your iPad. Buy and download the T3: iPad Edition every month and access content exclusive to the touchscreen device.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Game Dev Story, Dexter the Game & More!



Among our favorites game this week is a great new simulator from Kairosoft Co. called Game Dev Story that puts you in charge of your own game company, with the aim of creating a multi-million dollar hit!

We’ve also featured the brand new Dexter game for iPad – an awesome adventure game with stunning HD graphics that fans of the show will love!

We also have the latest game in the Scene It? series, Clickgamer’s new addictive bow & arrow game, and one of the most enjoyable golf games in the App Store yet! Check out the rest of our favorites after the break…

Daily Deals: $680 iMac, i-Hoot International Calling, 27-inch i7 iMac




We wrap up the week with two iMac deals and an app for making international phone calls. Up first is a number of Core 2 Duo iMacs, starting at $680 for a 2.16GHz desktop machine. Next is i-Hoot, an app for your iPhone which permits pay-as-you-go international dialing. Finally is a 27-inch iMac with quad i7 processors running at 2.8GHz. The package also includes three years of AppleCare all for $1,699.

Along the way, we’ll also take a look at a number of other items and apps for your iPhone or iPod. Like always, details on these and many more deals can be found at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the jump.