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Say Hello To ePad



Oh. My. God.

Forget the iPad, kids, just forget it forever. You don’t need one anymore. Because the guys at E4 have created… ePad. It’s more than amazing. It’s amazinger.

Don’t just take my word for it. Watch this video for the full details.

Daily Deals: $300 G4 iBook, App Store Price Drops, Cram for Mac




Are you looking for an inexpensive notebook for a child? This may be the perfect answer: a G4 iBook running at 1.33GHz for just $300. After you find that deal, you may want a congratulatory bit of gruesomeness while at the same time saving a few bucks. We suggest “Zombie Cannon Carnage,” just one of the iPhone and iPod touch apps included in the latest batch of App Store price drops. Finally, for students, what better way to study than with your Mac? We have a deal of “Cram for Mac,” study aid software befitting the Apple fan.

As always, details on those deals along with many other bargains, are available from CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the following jump.

Already in Olympics Withdrawal? Play ‘Vancouver 2010’



If you’re like me, the last fortnight has seen little activity other than watching Olympic skiing, skating, curling, hockey, luge, bobsled, Nordic Combined, curling, complaints about NBC, curling, aerials, and curling. With the Closing Ceremonies now a rapidly fading memory of Shatner songs and giant inflatable beavers, there’s never been a better time to start slowly weaning yourself off the XXIst Winter Olympiad. And there really isn’t a better option than the deceptively simple “Vancouver 2010,” the well-made official iPhone game of the recently departed Winter Games.

The iMaxi: an iPad for your iPad



A joke so obvious that the humor-bereft Mad TV joke-writing bullpen thought it up two years ago? Sure. Moreover, there’s better reasons to think Apple’s choice of the iPad moniker is a terrible branding mistake.

Even so, you might consider dropping $40 on this iMaxi Apple iPad Case being sold by the Atwoodian Etsy outfit Hip Handmaids… if only because, as a device touched by God, it may very well suffer from the occasional stigmata.

Two New iPhone Ads Appear



Apple has produced two new television commercials aimed at disputing rival claims the smartphone cannot accomplish everyday tasks. The two commercials – On Hold and First Steps – attempt to show consumers the iPhone and the AT&T wireless network are up to the job.

In On Hold, an iPhone owner receives an electric bill by email. After placing the call and being put on hold, the person downloads a game and whiles away the time until an operator is available. The commercial is seen as Apple’s way of showing the iPhone’s exclusive network, AT&T, can handle voice and date simultaneously. In a series of ads, rival carrier Verizon had claimed the iPhone was unable to juggle voice and data at the same time.

Daily Deals: Alchemize iPhone Puzzle, App Store Freebies, Logitech iPod Speaker




We start the week off with a passel of puzzles for your iPhone, plus a speaker for your iPod from Logitech. Alchemize is a puzzle game for your iPhone or iPod touch being offered free for a limited time. Next up is a number of App Store titles marked down to the low, low price of free. Lastly, Logitech has their rechargeable speaker system for the iPod or iPhone. The $60 system gives you 20 hours of tune between charges.

As always, details on these and many other items (such as the Western Digital 1TB USB 2.0 external hard drive) are available after the jump.

FastMac’s Impact Sleeve Protects MacBooks From Hammer Blows


FastMac's Michael Lowdermilk holds up the Impact Sleeve.
FastMac's Michael Lowdermilk holds up the Impact Sleeve.

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD 2010 — You’ve probably seen the late pitchman Billy Mays on late-night TV smashing his hand with hammer while it’s wrapped in Impact Gel — a super cushioning material used for insoles.

In fact, Impact Gel was featured in the first episode of PitchMen, the Discovery Channel show featuring Mays and his partner Anthony Sullivan.

Now, Impact Gel is being used to make a laptop sleeve that can be hit with a hammer and dropped without damaging the contents.

Daily Deals: $129 Airport Extreme, $2549 Mac Pro Xeon, App Store Freebies




We cap the week with a trio of top deals. First is Apple’s 802.11n Airport Extreme wireless base station for $129 from the Apple Store. Next up: Mac Pro Xeon Workstations starting at $2,549 for a 2.93GHz quad-core. Finally, a new batch of App Store freebies, including AmAze, a GPS worldwide turn-by-turn app.

Along the way, we’ll look at other bargain gadgets, such as the 4 Door Media Road Mouse and Low Grav Racer 2. As always, details on these and many other deals are available on CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the jump.

Exclusive Preview: FastMac’s iV Line Will Juice iPhone Battery Life


FastMac principal Michael Lowdermilk shows off the iV Light prototype iPhone cover/battery pack/flash attachment.

SAN FRANCISCO MACWORLD 2010 — It’s hard to miss the FastMac booth at Macworld. Just to the right of the Expo floor’s main entrance, the growing gadget and peripherals company has a prime space on the first aisle that was chock-a-block with visitors clogging the walkway to peer in at product demos and snap up the company’s awesome Apple-oriented t-shirts on the conference’s opening day Thursday.

We received an exclusive demo of a product FastMac is rightfully excited about — an updated version of its iV extended battery and portable charger that could soon mute some of the widespread criticism of the iPhone’s anemic battery life.

Many products in the extended battery class are clumsy and brickish. Despite their utility they often fall into disuse because they fundamentally alter the sleek and sexy feel of the so-called Jesus Phone. The new iV, which will apparently come in two flavors, the iV Light and an as-yet unnamed version, could make many power hungry iPhone users rethink the proposition.

With a new, super light-weight construction and supple rubber-like feel, the next-gen iVs will come with a full enclosure for 100% protection of the phone in a form factor that barely increases the weight and dimensions of the naked phone.

With a built-in LED light that calibrates with the iPhone’s camera, still and video captures in low-light situations should help elevate iPhone photography to new levels of quality and creativity.

The still-unnamed product, which should be available “soon,” according to FastMac principal Michael Lowdermilk, will incorporate a red LED which, in combination with a free remote control app, will turn an iPhone into a universal remote that can be used to change TV channels, stereo settings and a host of other useful and disruptive functions.

With no looking back, Macworld is clearly moving on in the post-Apple era and companies such as FastMac stand to gain increased attention with innovative products such as the iV — this is definitely a company to watch.

Daily Deals: Zoomit iPhone SD Reader, App Price Drops, Aperture 3




We kick-off this blizzard-ridden Wednesday with three intriguing deals for the Apple fan. First up is Zoomit, an SD card reader for your iPhone. Although not available until April, the company is accepting $50 preorders. Also, Apple has unveiled a new batch of App Store price drops, including the iZombieland game. We wrap up our top trio with Aperture 3, hot off the presses from Apple. This digital photo management software is just $199.

Along the way, we look at more software for your iPhone (including new freebies from the App Store), plus a high-def TV perfect for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, and other items. As always, details on these and many more bargains can be found on CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the jump.