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Budget iPhone To Be Made By Pegatron, Not Foxconn, Later This Year [Report]



Apple is looking to diversify its presence in the Asian supply chain, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Instead of partnering with Foxconn to make the rumored budget iPhone, Apple has reportedly commissioned Pegatron, a rival factory, to build the device.

Foxconn has been making the majority of Apple’s products for years, but under the leadership of Tim Cook, the umbilical cord is being cut.

Apple Testing Budget iPhone For Later This Year In Colors Like Blue, Pink, Green And Orange [Rumor]



Apple is rumored to be working on a budget iPhone targeted at emerging markets. The device will allegedly be made of plastic and look like an iPod touch in the back and an iPhone 5 in the front. Other reports have claimed that Apple is working on multiple color variations beyond the traditional black and white.

Today a new report from Japanese publication Macotakara claims that Apple is currently testing such a device in the supply chain for production later this year. 

The iPhone Mini Running Jonathan Ive’s Redesigned iOS 7 Would Be Gorgeous [Gallery]



What would a budget or mid-range iPhone mini look like with a radical new vision of iOS 7 installed on it, fronted by that skeuomorph-hating design perfectionist, Jony Ive?

Martin Hajekone of the most talented Apple concept designers around — wanted to know, so he created a new budget iPhone concept that features bighter colors, a smaller screen, and a plastic backshell inspired by the iPad mini, then “installed” Dámaso Benítez’ “really nice concept” of how Jony Ive might flatten iOS 7.

On my part, I seriously doubt iOS 7 will look anything like this: Ive’s sense of design sophistication is not going to have him making app icons that look as if they would be right at home in a preschoolers sticker book. But it’s a nice concept none the less.

Some more images after the break to wet your whistle.

Apple Has Something Cooking In The Fingerprint Sensor Department



What would make the next iPhone truly exciting? That’s what people are wondering. A lighter body, better camera, and iOS 7 probably won’t cut it for most. How will Apple deliver the pizazz we’ve all grown accustomed to?

Software is always evolving, and Apple has arguably the best software experience out there for mobile devices, period. But unfortunately software by itself isn’t that exciting. You need new hardware. Now it looks like Apple is working on some interesting fingerprint sensor-related hardware off the coast of Florida.

Is This What A Cheap iPhone In Different Colors Would Look Like? [Image]



We keep hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S is going to come to us in a rainbow of different color options. While we find it hard to believe that Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, we do think the rumored cheaper iPhone, with it’s plastic or carbon fiber body, would be perfect for colorization.

Concept artist Martin Hajek has a few new renders of what a colorful iPhone 5S or cheap iPhone would look like. Basically, it looks a lot like the current iPod Touch in a good way. Having the option to choose blue or red iPhone would be a lot better than just black or white, but do you guys think Apple is actually going to colorize the iPhone?

Take a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think:

The iTV: Black, Chamfered, Gorgeous… And Curiously Ill-Suited For Watching Television [Concept]



Martin Hajek creates concepts of imaginary Apple products that I always think look pretty good, but have no thought given to usability. For example, his iWatch concept the other day, which basically shrinks an iPad mini to the size of an inch and doesn’t even try to imagine how such a design wouldn’t suck… but hey, it has a leather band!

His new iTV concept for Dutch site iCreate is a similar affair. The black, chamfered design of the device looks very beautiful, but nothing after that makes any sense. It’s like this guy has never even used a television before, right down to the fact that he envisions the iTV as having a Camera app (why?) but not one for either TV or Videos.

More pictures after the jump. I advise Apple to perhaps take the look, but not the UI.

This Is The Most Realistic iWatch Concept We’ve Seen Yet



We’ve seen a freaking ton of iWatch concepts over the past few months. Most of them suck. However, Martin Hajek’s new concept is beautiful, even though it’s not very functional.

Working for MacUser magazine, Martin created his iWatch concept by focusing on a traditional approach to watch making. The clock-face has a large display that looks like a mini iPad mini, but it’s got the natural touches of a regular watch – like the leather strap and clasp.

The UI doesn’t look like something you could actually use (who’s got fingers tiny enough to tap those Xs in Tweetbot?), but the hardware is great. If Apple does come out with an iWatch later this year, we hope it looks something like this:

iPad 5 To Look Just Like iPad Mini, Low-Cost iPhone Coming To China In 2013 [Report]



Apple’s fifth-generation iPad is expected to finally ditch the existing design and adopt a new form factor that’s said to be much like the iPad mini’s, according to a new report that has surfaced today. A physical model of the device indicates it will be significantly smaller in almost every way, with virtually no bezel down the sides of the display.

As for the iPhone 5S, that’s expected to be very similar to the iPhone 5 — as you may have guessed; while Apple’s new low-cost iPhone, which will reportedly launch some time this year, will be built with China Mobile’s 700 million customers in mind.