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Tutorial: How to Sell your iPhone Online



It’s iPhone upgrade season. With the deluge of iPhone 3G rumors convincing just about everyone that now might be a good time to dump the old phone, in anticipation of getting one of the new models, here’s a tutorial to help you sell your iPhone safely, and get the best price.

Now is the Time to Sell 12″ Powerbooks



Macs are quite famous for holding their value and lasting longer than Windows PCs. The resale value of an Apple machine is higher both for its style and its durability. This is especially true for Mac product lines that have no true replacements. For a few years after they were discontinued, Power Mac Cubes consistently fetched higher-than-expected prices on Ebay.

What does that mean in light of this week’s renewed rumors of an amazing thin, light, aluminum and tiny Macbook? Take your 12″ Powerbooks and unload them now. I’m an owner of such a machine (and will be selling it as soon as I replace the hard drive), and the market is great right now — $400-plus for four-year-old Powerbooks. The machines have special cachet, because they were significantly lighter than any current Mac portables. I know a lot of people who have been refusing to upgrade because there just isn’t a machine that meets their needs.

But if the rumors popping up all over 9to5Mac are even close to right — especially if there are new MacBooks announced the day of Leopards release — the market for those glorious Baby Powerbooks is going to deflate as soon as the new machines get announced. There’s still plenty of doubt for the time-being — some think the new machines won’t even have DVD drives. What do fear, uncertainty and doubt lead to? Higher resale prices for the existing and reliable. Gentlemen, start your auctions!

Image via LowEndMac.

Giant Neon Apple Sign For Sale On eBay



Being a Machead can be a disease. We spend too much on Apple stuff, we get embarrassing temporary (and not-so-temporary) tattoos, and our partners tolerate our obsessions out of love and not much more.

I think such bonds are automatically made null and void if anyone comes home with the above item, which is a 6-foot-tall neon Apple logo sign being auctioned by Huntsville, Ala. Mac store MacResource on eBay. And here’s the deal. Despite currently going for $4,350 at auction (the equivalent of more than 7 fully loaded iPhones!), the reserve has not been met.

Pull out your credit cards?!

Via Macenstein

Have Your Rush iPod Etched With Pills



 Gif Oxycontin-3

Phillip Torrone of Make magazine and Adafruit Laser Services, a laser-etching etching service for iPods and MacBooks, has kindly offered to etch OxyContin pills for free onto any Rush Limbaugh iPod. If you recall, Limbaugh is offering eight free iPods engraved with his signature as an incentive for his email newsletter (see here).

Phil writes: “If any of your readers wins one, I’ll etch pills all over it for free with my laser. We can then auction it off and give the $ to a group Rush hates.”

Send mail to Pete or I at the email addresses listed at right. Also include suggestions for a suitable charitable organization.

 Thesuddencurve Images Limbaugh Oxycontin

Pic by Sudden Curve

Make Your Own iPhone



 Auction Iphone3D-Model

If you can’t wait until June for the real iPhone, buy this $3 paper iPhone cutout on eBay instead. The seller, who has has 96.9 % positive feedback, claims it’s the “most accurate” paper model on the market today. It boasts advanced features like:
1. Real Rounded Corners
2. Images of the top and bottom of the iPhone
3. Cingular icon has been replaced with AT&T
The seller has even made a high-quaility, pre-assembled paper iPhone for an extra $3. It even includes a thich cardboard insert for extra rigidity. Link to the assembled Paper iPhone auction.
 Auction Iphonehand

 Auction Iphonebttm Auction Iphoneback

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