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Best Cyber Monday Deals: Logitech Net Radio, Samsung 52″ HDTV and Dell Mini 10 (Best Hackintosh)



It’s Cyber Monday, so there’s a lot of good deals out there today. But these three deals in particular caught our eye:

  • Logitech’s Squeezebox Radio — $149 at Amazon. The Squeezebox is a fantastic internet radio that looks and sounds great. It makes it dead easy to listen to thousands of online radio stations. Works great with Macs and Apple Airport networks (full review coming soon).  Normally $199, but on sale at Amazon for $149. This is a good deal. Recommended.
  • Samsung 52″ 1080p 120Hz Widescreen LCD HDTV for $1,399 — 52% off at Amazon. Samsung’s big-screen HDTVs are some of the best available right now, but it’s difficult to choose the right one. The company has tons of models with slightly different features. There’s several models exclusive to Best Buy on sale right now, for example, but they tend to be crippled, offering last year’s tech, limited connectivity or slower refresh rates. But the LN52A750 52″ LCD HDTV at Amazon looks like a killer deal. This box is 1080p and has excellent connectivity — four HDMI ports, VGA, component and others, plus two USB (for watching MPEG movies off a thumbdrive). It’s also got a 120Hz refresh rate, which is much better than last year’s 60Hz. And it’s 52% off. The LN52A750 is on sale at Amazon for $1,399.99 with free shipping (that’s a $1,500.00 saving).
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10v — $279 at Dell Home. When it comes to netbook Hackintoshes, Dell’s Mini 10v is your best option. It’s a well-made little machine and thanks to new OS X distros, all the hardware works right out of the box (including WiFi). Dell Home offers the Inspiron Mini 10v for $279 with free shipping (that’s $119 off).

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10.6.2 Drops Atom Support, It’s End Of Line For Hackintoshes



From now on, all Hackintoshes may be stuck at 10.6.1.

Hackintosh hackers have confirmed that 10.6.2 drops support for Intel’s Atom chips.

Writes leading hacker StelaRolo:

“The netbook forums are now blowing up with problems of 10.6.2 instant rebooting their Atom based netbooks. My sources tell me that everytime a netbook user installs 10.6.2 an Apple employee gets their wings.”

What’s this mean? StelaRolo says that a hacked kernel will likely appear, but Apple is clerly nuking the Hackintosh market.

In addition, Apple will not likely release any future hardware based on Intel’s Atom platform. Instead, Apple will concentrate on ARM-based hardware, the same platform as the iPhone. That includes the upcoming tablet.

As Seth Weintraub writes on

“Apple bought a processor-building company called PA Semi two years ago, in order to build chips for iPhones, said Steve Jobs. The chips that this new Apple division make will likely be the chips that power Apple’s tablet and even future laptops.”

80 Apps on a Hackintosh Netbook – Fair or Foul?



Last week we wrote about a kind of silly competition going on out there in Mac land between people vying for the title for running the most apps simultaneously on a Mac.

Comes now, Cult reader Jay Pan, who figures all the buzz about people running OS X on hacked netbooks should entitle him to some consideration for managing to get 80 apps going with OS X running on an Advent 4211 ( MSI Wind Clone ), with both Blender and Daz3D launched.

“I’ve been trying to determine Atom’s performances with Mac OS X for some time now, and I think this shows Atom’s netbooks are not so crippled!” he told us.

So what do you think? Is Pan’s record in the same league with the 240 apps running on a Mac Pro 8 core machine? Should the judges create a special “netbook” category for the dubious “Busy Mac” honor?

Follow after the jump for Pan’s hardware specs and list of apps running, and be sure to click on the image above for a larger view.

Coolest Hackintosh — Ever!



Okay I know it’s an oxymoron, but work with me here.

link to the full video

Mac|Life reports that a OQO user has managed to get Leopard up and running on his hand-held, complete with a pretty impressive video on YouTube. Ordinarily, I could give to shakes for some beige box running OS X, but the OQO device is actually cool enough that I’d actually buy one if we can get OS X on it stable.

Whats notable from the video is that OS X Boots Sloooooooow, and runs Slooooooow on the device. But I’m pretty sure there are some clever folks out there who work out a way to speed it up. And besides, OQO was founded by ex-Apple folks, so the design is pretty slick, too.

So the utter blasphemy of a Hackintosh aside, this really reinfoces the fact that consumers want something more than an iPhone, but less than a full-on Mac.

What do you think? If someone offered this thing commercially (Hopefully Apple) would you buy one?

Hackintosh Vendor Psystar Looks Suspiciously Fly-By-Night



Charles Arthur at The Guardian has been poking around into the history of Psystar, the Miami company selling the Open Computer, a cheapo Mac clone.

What Arthur found – or rather didn’t find — is extremely suspicious. No one answers the phone, and before this week, the company has left zero record of itself on the Web — Zero. No customer testimonials, no press releases, news stories or posts and comments on forums.

Also, the company changed it’s address on Tuesday while Arthur was writing his post. It moved from what looks like a suburban location to a more industrial one.

Writes Arthur: “But forgive me for being a bit sceptical, but isn’t it far, far more important whether the company has been around, has a reputation, and is going to deliver a machine? Isn’t it?”


Apple Will Likely Invoke DMCA Against Psytar’s Cheapo Hackintosh



The Miami company selling a generic PC that runs Mac OS X says it will fight Apple in the courts — but it’s reasoning seems flawed.

Psystar says it has ported OS X to run on a $400 machine called the OpenMac — in violation of the OS X’s shrinkwrap license, which restricts the software from being installed on any non-Apple branded machine.

But a spokesman for Psystar told InformationWeek that Apple’s shrinkwrap license for OS X violates U.S. antitrust law.

“What if Microsoft said you could only install Windows on Dell computers?” said the spokesman, identified only as Robert.

He continued: “What if Honda said that, after you buy their car, you could only drive it on the roads they said you could?”

But the spokesman seems to be confusing monopoly with abuse of monopoly. Having a monopoly is not illegal — abusing that monopoly is.

And although there’s no definitive court ruling on the enforceability of shrinkwrap EULA licenses (End-User License Agreements), Apple will likely sue under the more sweeping Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which criminalizes the circumvention of copyright controls.

Apple has encrypted core segments of OS X — including portions of the Finder and Dock — in an overt anti-piracy effort, according to eWeek. Security researcher Bruce Schneier, said companies are using the DMCA as an anti-piracy measure, but also to prevent reverse engineering. Any attempt to break the encrypted code is in violation of the DMCA.

Psystar’s OpenMac claims to be a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo machine with 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, integrated Intel graphics, a DVD burner and four USB Ports. Most of the components can be upgraded.

‘My setup would make Steve Jobs roll in his grave’ [Setups]


That's an HP Pavilion desktop machine running macOS.
That's an HP Pavilion desktop machine running macOS.

The quote in the headline above may be overly dramatic. Steve Jobs might not give a hoot that someone’s running macOS on an HP desktop machine. But the discussion on social media about whether it’s even worth it to bother with a hackintosh anymore is pretty interesting.

And if you’re into gaming, check out this guy’s mechanical keyboard and mouse.

Today in Apple history: Psystar’s clone Macs go rogue


After a battle with Apple over Mac clones, this T-shirt is all Psystar will be selling.
After a battle with Apple over Mac clones, this T-shirt is all Psystar will be selling.
Image: Psystar

April 27: Today in Apple history: Psystar clone Macs go rogue April 27, 2008: Psystar’s first Mac clones ship to customers. The new Open Computer means that, for the first time since the mid-1990s, there’s no need to assemble a “hackintosh” to run OS X on a non-Apple computer.

Unlike previous clone Macs, however, these low-priced computers don’t come with Cupertino’s blessing. Naturally, a fight ensues.

Would you go without an external keyboard and mouse? [Setups]


Would you make do with neither an external keyboard nor a mouse?
Would you make do with neither an external keyboard nor a mouse?

With the new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro models selling like hotcakes, a lot of people are wondering how to incorporate their new laptops into their computer setups. Is it enough just to use the laptop, or should it be used with an external keyboard, mouse or trackpad, as well as an external monitor?

Everybody wants this guy’s 3D-printed Magic Tray [Setups]


The 3D-printed tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad has generated a lot of interest.
The 3D-printed tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad has generated a lot of interest.

When a Reddit post draws big interest, it typically gets dozens of comments in a few days. Such is the case with leroy_pylant’s post about 3D printing his own Magic Tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It generated 76 comments over five days, with a lot of inquiries about how to get the thing.