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Pumped for Physical season 3? Here’s why we’re really not. [Apple TV+ reviews] ★★☆☆☆


Episode 10. Rose Byrne in ★★☆☆☆
It's basically more of the same for Sheila (played by Rose Byrne) in season three of Physical.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+’s enormously frustrating ’80s fitness comedy Physical bounces back for its third and final season this week. Aerobics queen Sheila faces a new adversary, both physically and mentally, as well as a new business model — and all the same old problems.

In the first two seasons, the show never expanded or focused enough to make its surface-level treatment of a tormented self-help icon the impressively acidic comedy or drama it so clearly strove to be. Season three of Physical opens with a few promising developments before becoming bogged down in the same distraction and confusion that marred its first two outings.

Apple TV+ courts college football with possible Pac-12 deal


The deal is far from done, but Apple TV+ may pick up Pac-12 football games at some point.
The deal is far from done, but Apple TV+ may pick up Pac-12 football games at some point.
Photo: Pac-12

NCAA Pac-12 conference leaders saw an offer Tuesday from Apple TV+ for a streaming deal to replace the conference’s expiring TV contact for football games, a report noted.

After Apple’s deals to air Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB) games, its potential entry into college football is intriguing — but it’s not a done deal yet.

Brace yourself for Hijack’s fiery finale [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Idris Elba in ★★★★☆
Can Sam Nelson (played by Idris Elba) figure out a way to save Flight KA29?
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review Apple TV+’s high-altitude thriller Hijack finally hits the runway in this week’s series finale. Our hero Sam Nelson has a new problem on his hand — and an hour in which to solve it as the rest of the passengers panic anew.

On the ground, Sam’s family is in danger. And in the air, Sam’s running out of options. The episode, entitled “Brace Brace Brace,” serves up as good a conclusion as Hijack fans could hope for.

3 Reasons to Watch: Apple TV+ sci-fi epic Foundation


An outer space shot from “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Imagined on an epic scale, Foundation delivers the classic sci-fi combo of otherworldly vistas and mind-bending ideas.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewIn this installment of 3 Reasons to Watch, blast off with Apple TV+’s spectacular Foundation, a space opera worthy of the classics of the genre. After a stellar first season of the show, which is based on the timeless novels of Isaac Asimov, the second season is even more tremendous!

Here’s why you should check out this epic sci-fi show if you haven’t already.

Apple TV+ film and series catalog grew over 50% in the last year


There’s a lot more to watch on Apple TV+ than there was this time last year.
Photo: Apple

Apple aggressively added to its catalog of original films and TV shows between June 2022 and June 2023. The Apple TV+ total hit almost 200, and has since surpassed that milestone.

And some of the shows are very popular, appearing near the top of the ratings list always every week of 2023.

Everyone’s on an epic mission this week on Foundation [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Jared Harris in ★★★
Everyone's looking for answers in strange places this week on Foundation.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewApple TV+’s epic space opera Foundation shores up its defenses this week as everyone prepares for the second crisis.

Hari and Gaal have a crucial appointment with an ancient power. Cleric and Day both need to rescue the last men in the galaxy that either of them wants to ask for help. And new and greater puzzles wait behind every corner.

Great pacing, great character work and a couple of welcome additions to the Foundation cast make this week’s episode, “King and Commoner,” appointment television.

Jace walks a mile in someone else’s roller skates this week on Swagger [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★★


Quvenzhané Wallis and Isaiah Hill in ★★★★★
Crystal (Quvenzhané Wallis, left) and Jace (Isaiah Hill) have some things to work out this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewSwagger takes a look at personal responsibility this week, as Jace ponders his future after taking a tough stance.

He and Crystal spend an eventful, meaningful day together, while higher-ups decide what to do with the divisive athlete. Ike, Tonya and Emery must work through the Jace situation, while he needs to deal with his own confidence issues. Entitled “Jace + Crystal,” it’s a very fine episode of an Apple TV+ sports drama that produces little else.

The Beanie Bubble bursts right away [Apple TV+ review] ☆☆☆


Elizabeth Banks and Zach Galifianakis in ☆☆☆
Robbie Jones (played by Elizabeth Banks, left) and Ty Warner (Zach Galifianakis) find themselves at the center of a surprising '90s obsession in The Beanie Bubble.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review The Beanie Bubble, the new Apple TV+ movie about a product you rightly moved on from despite its momentary stranglehold on culture, is fleetingly persuasive but hopelessly conventional.

Directed by the lead singer of OK Go and Al Gore’s daughter, the movie tells the true story of the creation of and exploitation of the Beanie Babies craze of the 1990s.

Sam stokes an in-flight rebellion this week on Hijack [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★


Idris Elba in ★★★
Sam (played by Idris Elba) rallies his fellow passengers to fight back in the penultimate episode of Hijack.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewHit Apple TV+ thriller Hijack nears its final destination this week. Sam Nelson’s family is in danger and he can’t do much to stop the potential devastation.

What he can do is take control of the hijacked airplane. But will the rest of the passengers help him? And will the kidnappers let down their guard long enough to allow him to do so? The episode, entitled “Comply Slowly,” is a white-knuckler.