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Apple is working to fix annoying Reachability bug on iOS 11


iPhone 7
Craig Federighi says a fix is on the way.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

An iOS 11 bug involving the iPhone’s Reachability feature will be fixed in a future software update, Craig Federighi has said.

The bug means that the new iOS 11 Cover Screen with Notifications isn’t accessible from the middle part of the screen, thereby removing one of the most useful features a person might want to use while employing the Reachability mode.

iPhone 8 Plus brings solid improvements to an already-great device [Review]


There's no denying the iPhone 8 is a great phone, but can it shine through the iPhone X's shadow?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Compared to the radical redesign of the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus looks quite familiar. With the exception of a glass back and a few superficial changes, it employs the same form factor that Apple’s been using since the iPhone 6 Plus. However, it packs some serious internal upgrades that make a difference in day-to-day use.

I picked up the 8 Plus on launch day and have been using it for just over a week. How does it rate? Get my take in the video and written reviews below. Also, don’t miss our huge iPhone 8 and 8 Plus case giveaway at the bottom of the post.

WhatsApp’s new emojis look a whole lot like Apple’s


Spot the difference.
Photo: Emojipedia

WhatsApp is introducing its own emoji — and, boy, do they look a whole lot like the Apple ones that it previously relied on!

The designs are not out-and-out copies, but they look very similar when the two are not placed side by side. Subtle differences include the fact that WhatsApp’s versions of the images look slightly more cartoonish in design, while incidental changes have been made — such as the switch of the water pistol from being green in color to orange.

Relive last week’s epic iPhone X keynote with this brilliant song


Tim Cook at Apple iPhone X event
Jonathan Mann is no stranger to Apple-themed songs.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s keynote last week has clearly gotten the creative juices flowing for Apple fans around the world. One of them is Jonathan Mann, a.k.a. the YouTube musician who once composed a song about “Antennagate” that even made Steve Jobs dance.

Now he’s back, paying homage with fellow musician James Dempsey. Check out their fun collaboration below.

How to take screenshots and disable Face ID on iPhone X


Face ID
Face ID on iPhone X.
Photo: Apple

Pick up any iPhone (or iPad), press the sleep/wake button and the home button together, and you’ll snap a screenshot. That screenshot will be saved to your camera roll. That’s not possible with the iPhone X, because it has no home button. Fear not, though, because there is an alternative. Better still, Apple has added yet another button-finagling shortcut to the iPhone X — one to disable Face ID.

Face ID will recognize you even when you’re wearing (most) sunglasses


These shouldn't prove a problem for Face ID.
Photo: Thomas Favre-Bulle/Flickr CC

Apple’s cutting edge Face ID facial recognition will even recognize users when they are wearing sunglasses (most of the time), Apple software engineering SVP Craig Federighi has revealed.

In an email to a developer, Federighi noted that the technology will work with “most, but not all” sunglasses — observing that the majority of sunglasses on the market with let through enough infrared light that Face ID can see through them to a person’s eyes.

Siri gets a new boss


siri ios 11
Siri has received a lot of love in the latest iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra update.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s digital assistant is under new management.

Along with updating its corporate leadership page to include its two newest VPs, Apple also revealed that it has replaced Eddy Cue as Siri’s boss and given the task over to software VP Craig Federighi.

Your chance to lunch with Eddy Cue at Apple Park


Eddy Cue
Eddy Cue is auctioning off another charity lunch.
Photo: CNBC

Eddy Cue really likes helping out charities. Either that or he really enjoys lunches with fans.

That’s based on the fact that, just weeks after his last charity auction offering lunch to one lucky Apple fan ended, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services is auctioning off yet another charity lunch date — this time to benefit the charity Autism Movement Therapy.

Eddy Cue puts himself (and lunch at Apple Park) up for auction


Eddy Cue
How could you resist lunch with this man?
Photo: CNBC

Do you a) like Eddy Cue, b) want a sneak peak of Apple’s spectacular new Apple Park campus, and c) have a truckload of money to spend?

If the answer to this is “all of the above” then you might be interested to hear of a new Charitybuzz’s latest auction — offering a lunch date with Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services.

10.5-inch iPad Pro feels like the future [Review]


The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro puts monstrous power at your fingertips.
HP offers iPhone, iPad, and Mac under its DaaS program.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

I could be the poster boy for Apple’s “iPad problem.”

That problem, in a nutshell, is this: Even long-in-the-tooth iPads several generations old continue to work just fine for many everyday tasks. That, in turn, slows the upgrade cycle. iPad sales drop, and pundits pile on to declare that Apple is doomed. Again.

I’m one of those cheapskates who couldn’t be bothered to shell out for a new iPad over the past few years but a freak accident — and the surprisingly convincing unveiling of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference — finally coaxed me out of iPad complacency.

I’m thrilled I finally wised up. The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is a beast of a machine that’s so fast, smooth and responsive that it makes me feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie interacting with a killer device that hasn’t been invented yet. It feels like the future!