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UPDATE: iMussolini Returns to iTunes Store



UPDATE: See interview with iMussolini dev below.

Controversial iMussolini app was yanked from the Italian iTunes store a week ago, not for ongoing protests but for possible copyright violations of material from Italian state archives Istituto Luce.

The grim jawline of Il Duce has been reinstated in the iTunes store — now iMussolini, a mobile compendium of fascism, features  speeches,  a video selection (with a disclaimer), plus a section on fascist architecture and songs from his 20-year heyday.

It costs more than the previous version €1.59 (was €0.79. ) It’s also available in the US iTunes store for $1.99, in Italian only.

Cult of Mac asked developer Luigi Marino on how the app made a comeback.
Cult of Mac: So the copyright-contested video segments are still in the iMussolini app?
Luigi Marino: Yes. The videos are still there, my lawyer evaluated them in terms of copyright violation and advised me to keep them but add a disclaimer.

CoM: What does the disclaimer say?

LM: It says that the video footage is property of Istituto Luce. It also says that in no way does the app intend to praise fascism but is just a vehicle for recounting historical events.

CoM: What made you decide to put the app back in the store?

LM: I also made a few other new additions to the content in the meantime, too.

CoM: What do you think about the Holocaust suvivors’ protests of the app?

LM: I’m sorry to hear about the protests, I don’t think they understand what the app is really about. I hope they may take a closer look at the content and change their minds.

Disney Praises iPad as ‘Game-Changer’



The House of Mouse becomes very animated when talking about the possibilities the iPad offers. Disney CEO Bog Iger Tuesday described the new Apple device as a “game-changer,” saying the tablet will enhance the television-watching experience.

“The interactivity it will allow on a portable device with such a high quality screen is going to enable us to really start developing products that are different than the product that you typically see on an Internet-connected computer, or on a television screen,” Iger said during a quarterly Walt Disney Co, earnings call.

More Analysts Suggesting Apple Will Renew AT&T For Another Year


The iPhone 3GS. Creative Commons-licensed photo by Fr3d:
The iPhone 3GS. Creative Commons-licensed photo by Fr3d:

Two new voices have joined a chorus of analysts predicting AT&T will remain the exclusive U.S. iPhone carrier through 2011. A belief that Apple would cut AT&T loose this summer is giving way to a sentiment that the carrier will be given more time to improve its network and find a way to supplement its smartphone offerings.

Barclays Capital analyst Vija Jayant told investors Tuesday AT&T will probably remain the exclusive iPhone carrier through the rest of 2010. The analyst said Apple’s use of AT&T for the iPad “is a vote of confidence in AT&T’s network by the equipment maker.” The move “could suggest the iPhone exclusivity may continue, at least through the end of 2010,” he added.

Analyst: 32GB iPad Costs $287.15 to Make



Another research firm is reporting how much it costs Apple to build it’s new iPad. ISupply said the 32GB version with 3G costs $287.15 for the parts and manufacturing. The iPad’s low cost to build may provide the Cupertino, Calif. company the “wiggle” room to lower the device’s retail price if needed.

Although the iPad’s parts cost $219.35, the $80 multi-touch screen and $17 processor adds to the final tally, according to iSuppli. Even so, the 32GB iPad costs only to build is only 39.4 percent of the eventual retail price, the analysts said.

Daily Deals: iPhone 3GS 32GB $249, 1TB Time Capsule $430, Moto Chaser



We start off with a deal on a 32GB iPhone 3GS from AT&T for $249. Next up: a 1TB Time Capsule back-up drive for $430. Finally, once while you are on hold and backing-up your life, take some time to wind down the road with Moto Chaser, a racing game for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Along the way, we’ll check out an iPod speaker system from Logitech, a Fantom hard drive and more. For details on these and other products, take a look at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page right after the jump.

Microsoft’s My Documents Folder Makes Triumphant Return – On iPad



Earlier today, I was reading Infoworld’s article, The iPad questions Apple won’t answer. The first question they listed was “Can you save and transfer documents to the iPad?”, and their assumed answer was “No”; they suggested that the only way to do this would be to open a document from an email message.

I read that and I knew it wasn’t the case. I knew I’d seen something that suggested to me that the iPad has on-board storage for documents. It was something I’d seen somewhere before, and for a moment I couldn’t think where. Then I remembered.

It was here:


This is at 1:04 in Apple’s official iPad announcement event.

ZoomIt allows you to read SD cards on your iPhone



Apple’s refusal to spec their devices with memory card readers continues to irritate. My assumption has always been that the lack of an SD card reader on the iPhone has to do with two things: discouraging customers from buying the lowest priced iPhones and cheaply supplementing the storage with an SD card instead of shelling out a couple hundred more on the higher-capacity models, and making sure iTunes is the only real entry to shift to the device.

Still, when Apple updated the iPhone OS to firmware 3.0, adding functionality for iPhone peripherals into the mix, it was only a matter of time that we’d see an aftermarket SD card reader accessory… and here it is, ZoomIt.

Essentially, you plug the ZoomIt SD reader dongle into your iPhone or iPod Touch’s dongle connector, launch the free ZoomIt app and you’re free to shift any file supported by the OS to and from your device.

Of course, this isn’t really an expandable storage solution, but it wouldn’t be a bad way to backup photos from your camera while you’re on the road… and it should even work on the iPad. You can pre-order the ZoomIt now for $50, with a ship date in April.

Are New MacBook Pros Imminent?


Will Apple unveil a new line of MacBook Pros today? Some signs point to the possibility the Cupertino, Calif. may announce new laptops with faster chips to coincide with this week’s Macworld Expo 2010.

The first tea leaf isa French gadget blog which quotes an anonymous source. The source “who works for Apple just tell me that the new MacBook Pro line will be launched tomorrow,” according to blogger Steve Hemmerstoffer. The MacBook Pro, which has not seen a major change since last June, could receive faster Intel chips.

University Plans iPad Student Paper


CC-licensed, thanks GlennFleishman on Flickr.

Perhaps in a bid to become the world’s leading iCollege, Abilene Christian University will publish an edition of the school paper designed for iPad.

The Texas institution — where the IT studies department was rechristened iSchool — started equipping freshmen with iPhones and iPod Touches back in 2008. The iSchool also started prepping iPhone devs of the future with a 2009 programming course.

Since 2007, they’ve also published the twice-weekly school paper dubbed “The Optimist” (a commentary on future journalists?) for the iPhone.

“The faculty as a whole and the department discussed it, and we said we have to do this,” Dr. Cheryl Bacon,  chairwoman of the department of journalism and mass communications told The Daily Orange. “It’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up.”

Report: Apple Flexible on iPad Pricing



Apple says it will stay “nimble” on pricing for its newly-released iPad, dropping the price to attract more customers. This comes as a new survey indicates a doubling of consumers not interested in buying the device once the tablet shifted from rumor to reality.

“Apple seemed to indicate it would respond with price cuts if demand for the device wasn’t revving up the way it liked,” Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope said. Shope met with Apple officials last week. Shope said Apple “will remain nimble (pricing could change if the company is not attracting as many customers as anticipated.)”