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Vintage 1978-era Apple signboard goes up for auction


Apple sign
What better centerpiece to your Apple collection?
Photo: Nate D. Sanders

Today, the Apple logo is up there with the Nike “swoosh” as one of the world’s most recognizable corporate icons. But, back in 1978, it was the just another logo belonging to an early stage startup that had recently released its first mass-market product, the Apple II computer.

Memorabilia from these early days of Apple is few and far between. However, if you want to get your hands on a piece, an early Apple Retail sign has just come up for auction. It’s not cheap, but it would certainly make a nice addition to any Apple collection.

Steve Jobs’ teenage job application goes up for auction


Before he co-founded Apple, Steve Jobs had to apply for jobs like the rest of us.
Photo: Esther Dyson/Flickr CC

Steve Jobs didn’t have to fill in a whole lot of job applications during his life. After founding Apple Computer at 21, Jobs’ name was well enough known that he didn’t have to mail off too many resumes and cover letters. Or have reasons to send them out.

However, one of the rare applications Jobs did complete is coming up for auction. It’s a great piece of memorabilia, even if it will likely set you back a whole lot more than Steve would have ever earned in the role.

Ultra-rare Apple-1 computer, signed by Steve Wozniak, is up for auction


This Apple-1 is among the rarest bits of Apple memorabilia you can own.
Photo: RR Auction

An ultra-rare Apple-1, the first computer Apple ever produced as a company, is coming up for auction. And it’s signed by none other than designer and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

This Apple-1, one of only a handful of the computers thought to exist today, has been restored to an operational state. It comes in its original shipping box, making it an even less common specimen. It could be yours for no more than the price of a typical mid-priced American home.

Super-rare Apple-1 sells for big bucks at auction


Apple-1 auction netted almost half a million dollars.
A working Apple-1 still goes for quite a pile of money.
Photo: RR Auctions

A fully functional and complete Apple-1 computer, hand-built by Apple founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs back in 1976, was auctioned off yesterday for over $458 thousand.

There are only a handful of these left. This particular unit appeared recently on the TV show Pawn Stars.

Upcoming Steve Jobs auction a treasure trove for Apple fans


Want to own a piece of Steve Jobs memorabilia? Of course you do.
Photo: Stanford University

A treasure trove of Steve Jobs-related goods is going under the hammer in an upcoming March auction titled, well, the Steve Jobs auction.

Organized by RR Auctions, the lot consists of various Apple-related items. These include a PowerBook signed by Jobs, an original Apple-1 computer, and an incredibly rare Apple II document signed by Jobs, previously belonging to Apple’s first industrial designer Jerry Manock.

Rare Apple PowerBook laptop signed by Steve Jobs up for auction


Steve Jobs laptop signed
It could be yours. For a whole bunch of cash.
Photo: RR Auction/Apple Insider

Steve Jobs’ autograph is rare because a) he was Steve Jobs and b) because he reportedly hated signing autographs. That makes any opportunity to get your hands on the John Hancock of Apple’s late CEO and co-founder pretty exciting.

An upcoming auction promises one of the more interesting Jobs autographs I’ve seen. RR Auctions is auctioning off a mid-1990s PowerBook 190cs, signed by Jobs in black felt tip. Its starting price? A mere $1,000 — although you can expect it to sell for many, many times that figure.

Rare Mac prototype with Twiggy drive goes up for auction


Apple Macintosh prototype with 5.25-inch drive
Look closely. This Apple Macintosh prototype is different from the final version in a big way.

A prototype Apple Macintosh used in the development of MacWrite can be yours, if you can scratch up about $180,000. It’s almost unique because of a disk drive different from the one used when this revolutionary  computer shipped.

Original Apple-1 manual goes up for auction for $10,000


A page from the original Apple-1 documentation.
A page from the original Apple-1 documentation.
Photo: RR Auction

Unless you’re Scrooge McDuck, an international arms dealer or some other wealthy individual, chances are that you won’t be able to afford an Apple-1 at auction anytime soon.

But don’t give up hope of owning a piece of Apple’s first computer. An extremely rare original Apple-1 manual (remember when computers came with those?) has just come up for sale. And it’s only expected to cost $10,000!

Intel is auctioning off its massive 5G modem tech portfolio


Could Apple snap it up?
Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Having gotten out of the 5G smartphone modem game, Intel is auctioning off its IP related to cellular wireless technology. In total, a massive 8,500 assets will be up for auction.

Intel made the call to get out of 5G modems after Apple made up with Qualcomm. At the time, Intel noted that there was no profitable route forward.