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Take on Darth Vader in Star Wars update to Zen Pinball Party on Apple Arcade


Take on Darth Vader in 'Star Wars' update to 'Zen Pinball Party' on Apple Arcade
Play pinball with Luke, Han, Leia, Anakin and Ahsoka.
Photo: Zen Studios

Play pinball in a galaxy far, far away as an update to Zen Pinball Party adds two new tables based on Star Wars. Enjoy characters and music from some of the bast of the Skywalker saga.

The pinball game launched on Apple Arcade in 2021, and already lets players have a go at tables with a Kung Fu Panda theme, or Trolls, or How to Train Your Dragon.

Amazing Bomberman brings explosions and music to Apple Arcade


'Amazing Bomberman' brings explosions and music to Apple Arcade
Konami's Amazing Bomberman is a new take on a classic gaming franchise.
Photo: Konami

There’s a fresh addition to the classic Bomberman series. Like its many predecessors, Konami’s Amazing Bomberman involves moving through various game levels while blowing things up, but is more musical than before with original songs.

The action title debuted Friday, August 5 in Apple Arcade. It’s playable on a wide range of Apple devices.

Go on a snarky adventure in HEROish on Apple Arcade


Go on a snarky adventure in 'HEROish' on Apple Arcade
HEROish is an adventure/tower defense game that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Image: Sunblink/Apple Arcade

HEROish from Sunblink challenges layers to, “(almost) save the world and (kind of) look good while doing it.” The latest addition to Apple Arcade offers single-player adventures, but it’s also player-versus-player deck-building tower defense game.

The fantasy-themed title is available now for a variety of Apple computers, including iPhone and Mac.

Apple explains what happens when games leave Apple Arcade


Don't miss out on 15 games leaving Apple Arcade soon.
Hurry up and finish that Apple Arcade game exiting the program.
Photo: Apple

A new support document from Apple explains what happens when games exit Apple Arcade — and how long you can play them after they disappear from the subscription service.

The support page went live after Apple added a “Leaving Arcade Soon” section to the App Store highlighting 15 games due to exit the program.

Download these 15 games from Apple Arcade before they’re gone [Updated]


Don't miss out on 15 games leaving Apple Arcade soon.
Don't miss out on 15 games leaving Apple Arcade soon.
Photo: Apple

In the very near future Apple Arcade will lose 15 games, according to a new section in the Arcade area of the App Store labeled as “Leaving Arcade Soon.”

So if you subscribe to Apple Arcade or think you might — it’s $4.99 a month — consider downloading those games before they’re gone.

And according to new information about the situation, some games may return, but Apple Arcade subscribers who had them will have to re-download them.

Apple Arcade collection of classic games adds something for everyone


Visit alien worlds in 'Samorost 3+'
The "wonderfully weird" Samorost 3+ is the latest App Store Great to join Apple Arcade.
Screenshot: Amanita Design

Apple Arcade offers many original games, but the collection also includes quite a few App Store Greats: classic titles that have joined Apple’s gaming service. Recent additions include Samorost 3+, My Bowling 3D+, Jigsaw Puzzle+ and Pro Darts 2022+.

They join dozen of other classic games that players used to have to pay to play individually but are now all available with a single Apple Arcade subscription.