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Daily Deals: Dual Dock Charger for iPod/iPhone, iPhone Battery and 15% Off Mac Gear



Monday’s are confusing enough without your iPod and your iPhone running on empty – now comes the perfect solution: a dock that will charge both your tunes and your talkie at the same time. It is always a good idea to have a spare iPhone battery, just in case you are away from your charger – we have a deal on a 100mAh external battery (and it’s in black, too). Finally, our opening trio includes a 15% off deal on Mac gear with no minimum purchase.

For details on these and other bargains (such as a wireless USB kit), check out CoM’s Daily Deals page.

Review: Altec Lansing’s Mix Boombox for the iPhone (Verdict: It Rocks)



When i was younger I worked as a house painter and had a great JVC boombox that blasted punk tunes to everyone’s annoyance.

That’s why I like Altec Lansing’s new $300 Mix iMT800, a ghettoblaster for the iPhone age.

The Mix Boombox is loud and obnoxious, like a boombox should be. It mixes old school block-rockin’ beats with new school digital connectivity. It easily fills a room with sound and can piss off the neighbors, even in the daytime.

Gadget: Logitech Squeezebox Streams iTunes Via Wi-Fi


The $200 Squeezebox Radio Streams Music Via Wi-Fi
The $200 Squeezebox Radio Streams Music Via Wi-Fi

Logitech today introduced two new ways to stream your DRM-free iTunes Plus and other music collections. The Squeezebox Radio is a standalone device which streams iTunes, Napster or Sirius. Using a six-button navigation system, and the unit’s color screen, you can flip through album art, track and station listings, along with visualizers, the company announced.

The 5.12-inch by 8.66-inch by 5.04-inch radio also serves as an alarm clock with a display that automatically brightens depending on lighting situations.

The Squeezebox Radio offers “clear sound with minimal distortion” Logitech claims. The company said the unit has a 3/4-inch high-definition, soft-dome tweeter, plus a 3-inch high-power woofer. A 3.5mm headphone jack is also included.

Daily Deals: AT&T Selling Refurbed iPhone 3G 8GB, 16GB for $49, $99



Today’s daily deals are headed by AT&T’s offer on refurbished iPhone 3Gs. The carrier is selling 8GB models for $49 and $16 GB units for $99. Meanwhile, Apple is offering factory-refurbed Intel Mac minis, starting at $499 for the 2GHz Core 2 version. And if that’s not enough to rope you into the hardware tent, Apple is again promoting their back to school sale.

In other gadget deal goodness, we have an arm band face-off, plus ask the immortal question: what’s better? USB on your wrist or a mouse on your finger? For details on these and many other deals, as always check out our CoM Daily Deals page.