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Fring’s 3G Videochat App Is Must-Have For iPhone 4



Popular multi-IM and voice-chat service Fring has just been updated to bring 2-way video calling on iPhone 4 over 3G (Apple’s FaceTime is Wi-Fi only), as well as voice and text chat.

We’ve tested it out; while it has a few minor issues, Fring has freed videochat from Wi-Fi. If you like to videochat on your new iPhone 4, it’s a must-have app.

Droptext allows you to edit Dropbox files on your iPhone



Developer Keven Smith (neither doppelganger nor relation to Silent Bob) has just released a fantastic new text editor for Dropbox users on iOS.

Called Droptext, the app allows users to open, edit and save text files directly within their Dropbox account. It supports standard text files, naturally, but also any file with a text-based mime type, such as HTML, PHP or even C programming code.

If you’re a big Dropbox user like I am, it looks like a great app. It’s available now on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and costs a mere $0.99.

Magellan Premium Car Kit Boosts Your iPhone’s GPS Capabilities



You can buy a cheap dashboard mount for your iPhone for as little as $10 bucks, but if you take your phone seriously as a replacement for your GPS unit, you might want to consider Magellan’s new iPhone car kit.

Compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch models, the Magellan Premium Car Kit features an adjustable dash mount, a built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphone and even a GPS receiver to boost your iPhone’s signal. It’s compatible with all iOS GPS navigation applications, and it’ll even accommodate most cases without fretting.

It costs $130, which is certainly pricier than most, but then again, most dash mounts don’t have this volume of functionality. If you’re serious about GPS, the Magellan Premium Car Kit looks like money well spent.

[via Crunchgear]



Why the iPhone 4 Was Designed to Make You Want an iPod nano, Too



I’ve been thinking a lot about the long-term future of the iPod line. Long the key driver of Apple’s revenue growth, since the launch of the iPhone, it has slipped into the background. Now, the conventional wisdom goes, Apple is going to run out the life of the scrollwheeled wonder until the entire line goes touch with the introduction of a nano-sized iOS device. The iPhone, in three short years, will have eaten the iPod entirely. For all the talk of Dell or Microsoft or Samsung or Sony developing an iPod-killer, Apple did the job better than anyone else could. 

But here’s the thing: since the release of the iPhone 4, I’m convinced that Apple sees a lot more life in at least part of the iPod line. It’s simple, really. The new iPhone was made of fragile-seeming glass in order that the all-brushed-aluminum iPod line would look that much more durable. Where does this matter? With sports and with kids.

Creator of Spirit Jailbreak Ports Flash for Android to Jailbroken iPad


FlashoniPad (1)

Comex, the creator of the wonderfully painless iOS 3.1.3 jailbreak solution Spirit, is still tirelessly plugging away at his Flash for iOS project, Frash.

Porting Adobe’s official Flash app from Android to the iPhone, Comex has demonstrated Frash working on the iPhone before, but now he’s showing it running on the iPad to boot with support for the iPhone 3GS and iOS 4 promised soon.

Interested in helping? Comex has put out a call for developers to help him move the project along. If you’ve got the skills, help Comex out, if only so we can get to the bottom of Apple’s claims that Flash will destroy the iPhone’s battery life once and for all.

Report: Apple May Create Standalone TV Product



Despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ 2008 statement that “no one has succeeded” in combining the internet, movies and tv into one living-room gadget, the Cupertino, Calif. company reportedly is revamping its AppleTV software and hiring broadcast design experts for what could be a new product based on the iOS operating system running the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

According to the New York Times, much of the new work is being done outside the Apple TV area and in a new design group, a move that “could signal an entirely new product.”

MyWi 4.0 : Create a Wireless Hotspot on Your iPad [How To]



The MyWi app by Intelliborn has been one of the biggest reasons to jailbreak an iOS based device. With the latest 4.0 release, creating a wireless hotspot has never been easier. For a one-time fee of $19.99 you can turn your stingy 3G iPad into a wireless hotspot capable of sharing your 3G connection with as many devices as you wish. I’ll show you how after the break.

How To Install iMovie on iPhone 3GS



The iPhone 3GS users who are not willing to upgrade or are waiting for Antenna issue to be fixed cannot use Apple’s latest iMovie suite on their device because of lack of backward compatibility, at least according to Apple. Some said that it was an issue with the smaller RAM on the device but that doesn’t seem to be the case as those who have already jailbroken their device will now be able to use it.

iPhone 4s Bad EXIF Data Puts Flickr in a Tizzy



Details, details. Seems the EXIF data pushed to photographs taken with iPhone 4’s nifty new 5MP camera report the photographs as having been taken with a 3G, according to a discussion thread over at Flickr Help. One intrepid Flickr Pro user has crafted a script to handle the problem and even Flickr staff are admitting to having to use “a little hack and a script” to get the proper EXIF data displayed for iPhone 4 images.

Looks like there’s another to-do on the iOS4 patch everyone’s looking for any day now to fix that non-existent antenna problem.