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Audible App Now Available For iPhone & iPod Touch


post-51134-image-563315e493b7218c528f7d6f7404ee50-jpg, the provider of digital audiobooks and more, now have an application available for your iPhone & iPod Touch. It’s a free download and claims to deliver the “the most comprehensive audiobook experience ever.”

If you’re not already an Audible member, you can create a new account for free within the app, and as a bonus you will receive a free excerpt from The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World. At present, only accounts will work, however the description states support for, .de and .fr accounts is coming soon.

Noteable features include the ability to transfer your books wirelessly between your computer and your device over Wi-Fi; multitasking for background audio playback and background downloading for compatible devices with iOS 4; and the opportunity to connect to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know what you’re listening to.

Another nifty feature is the ability to check out your listening stats and collect “badges” for your listening habits.

For more information and to download the Audible app, check out the App Store here.

Apple Ships iPhone 4.0.1 Update With New Reception Formula



Apple has just issued the 4.0.1 iOS update, which includes a new formula for displaying reception bars.

The update includes a new signal strength algorithm, which is Apple’s answer to the iPhone 4 death grip issue. It doesn’t appear to improve reception strength, just the way it is displayed. According to Apple, the iOS used an old, outdated algorithm that incorrectly calculated signal strength, a problem that was exacerbated when user’s cover the external antenna.

The update fixes this problem, and is available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. It can be downloaded through iTunes when the device is connected via USB. (Hit the “Check for Updates” button).

The update can also be downloaded here:

Thanks Don!

Rumor: iPod Touch FaceTime Will Be Registered To Emails, Not Phone Numbers



When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 and demonstrated their FaceTime video chat technology, the Apple CEO bragged that they intended to ship FaceTime to “millions of iOS devices this year.”

Ever since then, smart money has been on FaceTime coming to at least the iPod Touch by the end of the year… but how will it work without a phone number?

Predictably, by email, if a report by BGR is anything to go by. According to them, your Apple ID will be registered with your device, and FaceTime requests will be delivered through push notification. Simple.

Report: Android Growth Continued in June



Although Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad are still more than half the web traffic, Google’s Android is coming on strong. According to Internet measurement firm Quantcast, Android devices comprise 21 percent of the web hits it detected. What could be even more troubling for the Cupertino, Calif. handset maker is that Android’s gains are now coming at the expense of the iPhone.

The flurry of iPhone 4 purchases in late June didn’t translate into greater Apple handsets online, Quantcast noted. Akin to a person trading in a car not signalling more autos on the road, “most new iPhones sold were simply replacing earlier models,” the measurement firm announced.

NPD: Streaming iTunes Could Be Billion-Dollar Industry In First Year



Ever since Apple purchased Lala late last year, iTunes users have been expecting to see their music collections make a jump to the cloud (often referred to as iTunes Live).

More surprising, though, is how many users are actively looking forward to a new, streaming iTunes: according to NPD’s polling of 3,862 iTunes users, about 25% are interested in a new streaming library function. Extrapolated upon iTunes’ population as a whole, that’s about 13 million users in the United States alone.

Even more interesting, according to NPD, is that roughly half of those users would be willing to pay up to $10 a month for the service, providing it supported multiple devices. That’s about 7 to 8 million iTunes users, adding up to a billion dollar market in the first year.

I was hoping that whatever form a streaming iTunes took, it would be free, but obviously that’s wishful thinking: Apple’s already got a huge number of users chomping at the bit to stream their entire libraries wirelessly to all of their computers and iOS devices. Of course they’ll end up charging.

My big question is what this means for Apple’s iPod-line. If iTunes goes into the cloud this year, does this mean we can expect a 3G-capable iPod Touch at this year’s September iPod event? In the context of a streaming iTunes, the lack of an always-connected iPod in Apple’s device line-up seems like a hole that would need to be filled.

Would you pay $10 a month for streaming iTunes?

BREAKING: iPhone 4 Unlocked!



According to a recent tweet published by the DevTeam member planetbeing, he and MuscleNerd have finally managed to unlock iPhone 4 using the ultrasn0w tool by DevTeam, thus allowing it to be used on any GSM network worldwide.

My soft-unlocked iPhone 4 (in Canada). I’ll have video in a couple of hours once I can top-up the SIM

Although not a permanent unlocking solution, it’s still a big deal for all the iPhone 4 owners as not only does it mean freedom from AT&T and its outrageous international roaming charges but also the ability to use it in countries other than the five where it has been officially released.

With the upcoming spirit jailbreak for iOS 4, it will be much easier to unlock the new device. However, they are waiting for Apple to release a firmware update (4.0.1 or 4.1) but once it’s released, the unlock will be released too.

@planetbeing via Redmond Pie

For Contacts and iCal, Should SMBs Use Snow Leopard Server? [Macs At Work]



Does your small- or medium-sized business run on Macs? Are you a Mac IT-manager?

If so, we’ve got a new weekly feature for you: Macs at Work. Every week, we’ll answer your business-related questions, from setting up servers to running iPads in the enterprise. Macs at Work is brought to by Macuity, a Mac-focused IT consulting group located in Boston, MA.

This week, we have a question about Snow Leopard server for group calendar and contact sharing.

A Steampunk-Style Rotary Dock For Your iPhone



Courtesy of Brian Freeland of Freeland Studios comes this steampunk update of his original iRetrofone, the iRetrofone Steampunk Copper Edition.

It’s admittedly a more attractive dock than the original, although in this case, “Steampunk Copper” seems to mean “brown with lots of functionless plastic molded gears.” I’d rather see what the likes of Jake von Slatt could do with the concept of a steampunk iPhone dock than spend $450 on this one, but your taste might well vary.