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Jingle Player Brings Indy Music to the iPad



Ever wonder how they come up with those great songs you hear in TV, film, advertising and interactive media? You know, those songs that sound like they might be huge hits but are actually songs you’re probably hearing for the very first time?

Odds are — in recent years, at any rate — producers of that TV show, film or ad got the music from Jingle Punks, a New York-based firm with a proprietary search algorithm and a huge (and growing) library of independent music that is changing the way music makes it into consumer media almost overnight.

Time was, creative directors in the entertainment industry sat in offices behind mountains of cassette tapes and CD jewel boxes, sifting through demos sent in by every Indy band from Bellingham to Boca Raton, searching for the right sound to make their productions sing. Often it amounted to drudgery as a job and a crap-shoot for musicians and songwriters, who never knew if their masterpiece would get played for the right set of ears.

Now, thanks to Jingle Player, an iPad app with advanced meta-tagging magic built inside, former drones for the likes of NBC, MTV, VHI and countless ad agencies on Madison Avenue are suddenly freed from their dank hovels to roam the earth brandishing iPads, fulfilling the dreams of indy musicians toiling in obscurity. The Jingle Player’s secret sauce lies in its ability to serve up the right songs based on the way people actually talk about music, using pop culture-relevant terms instead of technical music business jargon.

Is HDR Support Planned For The iPhone 3GS?



One of the reasons owners of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS have been waiting for a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 is to enable the iPhone 4’s impressive HDR functionality on their older handsets… a hack which is already available for jailbroken 3G and 3GS users on the iOS 4.1 beta through a Cydia app.

It looks pretty likely, though, that these users won’t need to jailbreak their devices to enable HDR functionality… Apple seemingly intends to add HDR in a software update coming down the line.

The Apple TV Has Been Jailbroken by the Dev Team



The inclusion of an A4 chip and iOS in the new AppleTV made a jailbreak only a matter of time, but even we’re surprised by the Dev Team’s lightning-speed alacrity in cracking open Apple’s latest set-top box within mere hours of its delivery.

Just fives hours ago, Dev Team member MuscleNerd reported on his Twitter feed that he’d successfully jailbroken the second-generation AppleTV through the existing SHAtter exploit.

Pint-Size Apple TV Packs a Punch, But Content Still Holds It Back [Review]



Apple’s tiny new Apple TV packs one heck of a punch in a very small package — Netflix! Youtube! $0.99 TV shows! It’s dead easy to set up, absolutely tiny in size, and a pleasure to use. And it’s ridiculously priced at only $99.

On the other hand, iTunes’ movie selection still sucks; and the Apple TV won’t play nice with popular internet video formats like DivX or Avi.

Still, this pint-sized box is now based on iOS, and Apple may yet try to turn its “hobby” into a real business by adding apps that feature new content channels, communication tools and maybe even games. If so, this Apple TV may have a very good future. The hardware is certainly ready and it is based on the same technology as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

If Apple opens up Apple TV to apps like it did eventually on the iPhone it could be unstoppable. Jailbreaking might just do that before Apple is ready to offer this feature.

Read the full review below so you can decide if this Apple TV is for you.

Chromium OS Running on the iPad



Running iOS on another device would be a damn intimidating undertaking without the source code, but theoretically, there’s nothing necessarily stopping you from running another operating system on your iPhone or iPad. It’s all ARM architecture, after all. Heck, we’ve even already seen Android running on a jailbroken iPhone, but it just raised the most obvious point: if you can run iOS on your device, why would you want to run another operating system on it?

Like many questions in the hacking scene, it all comes down to “because it’s there,” an answer which probably also explains the image above: Google’s Chromium operating system running on an iPad. The port was accomplished by this guy, who claims that instructions on how to install Chromium to (presumably jailbroken) iPads will soon follow, albeit with some “major caveats.” Like the major caveat of infecting your tablet with an inferior operating system, for instance?

How Steve Jobs Fixed My iPhone



About two weeks ago, Steve Jobs told a college journalism student to “leave Apple alone.” That e-mail exchange left a bad taste in people’s mouths; it was pretty rude. But that hasn’t been my experience at all.

I also wrote to Jobs about the same time complaining about the problems I’ve had with my iPhone 4. But instead of being told to leave Apple alone, Steve got his people right on it.

I received a phone call from Steve’s Corporate Executive Relations (his A-Team of executive ninjas who get shit done), and a week later, I’ve got a new iPhone 4 after receiving extra special customer service.

I’ve had continual problems with the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor ever since I got my first iPhone 4 on launch day back in June. Cut a long story short, I’ve spent weeks dealing with Applecare and Genius Bar Geniuses, and three replacement handsets. It’s been a frustrating and irritating experience. Finally fed up, I sent the following email to Steve himself.

Improve Your Texting With ‘Texting of the Bread’



I type over one hundred words per minute, and by and large, they are the words zombies taught me to type thanks to the fantastic 1999 title, Typing of the Dead, in which wave after wave of flesh eating zombies are splattered into gibs not by the rapid fire staccato of a machine gun, but by quickly typing words like ‘daffodil’ and ‘snapdragon.’

For years, I’ve been waiting for Sega to port Typing of the Dead to iOS to help me do for my texting what I once did for my typing… to no avail. But Screw Attack’s tribute title Texting of the Bread might fill the same void with twice as much cuteness: it takes the central gameplay of Typing of the Dead, adjusts it to fit the iPhone’s soft keyboard and changes the villains to bloodthirsty ginger bread men.

If you’re interested in knowing more, Touch Arcade has posted a thorough review of the game here. Texting of the Bread can be downloaded now on iTunes for just $1.99.

New AppleTV Firmware Reveals Facetime and DVD Support



As the AppleTV slides through mail slots throughout the country, enterprising hackers are already hard at work plumbing the secrets of the firmware. They’ve already confirmed that the new AppleTV runs on iOS, and even spotted secret reference to two previously unseen iPhone models, and now we have two more tidbits to ponder.

The first is reference within the AppleTV’s IPSW to the future possibility of Facetime support.

Remote App Finally Updated For iPad and iPhone 4



Well, it looks like Apple finally saw fit to let that one engineer responsible for it get back to work: after months of ignoring the iPad and iPhone 4’s increased resolution, the official for iOS has finally been updated.

It’s a hell of an update, too. Obviously, Remote now runs in native resolution on the iPad and on Retina Display devices like the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch… but it looks particularly good on the iPad, where the larger display is taken advantage of to deliver an aesthetic remarkably similar to iTunes in portrait mode.

Other new additions include a new more iTunes 10 like icon, compatibility with AirPlay, support for Shared Libraries on iTunes and the new Apple TV and numerous bug and compatibility fixes. As always, you can download Remote for free on the App Store.

Official Google Voice Client Has Been Approved For The App Store



Ever since Apple finally published their long-requested App Store Review Guidelines, we’ve been seeing a lot of reversals in previously unbendable policies, with no example of that phenomena being more striking than Apple’s decision to let third-party Google Voice apps back on the App Store.

So far, though, Google’s own official Voice client has yet to be republished to the App Store. Things are looking good, though, that Google Voice for iOS may once again be on its way, with sources telling Techcrunch that Google has already submitted the application to Cupertino.