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Apple’s iPhone Clobbers Samsung in Japan


Apple and iPhone dominate in Japan. Photo: Apple
Apple and iPhone dominate Samsung in Japan

Apple and Samsung are neck and neck when it comes to U.S. smartphone market. In Japan, which represents roughly 5% of the global smartphone market, however, the iPhone is significantly beating Samsung’s range of Android handsets. Apple, in fact, has a more than 20% lead over Samsung in Japan – significantly higher than its current 5% lead over Samsung in America.

Foxconn Chief Reveals Preparations Are Now Underway For Apple’s HDTV


Apple's biggest manufacturing partner making preparations to turn this thing into a reality.
Apple's biggest manufacturing partner is making preparations to turn this into a reality.

During a press conference in Shanghai this week, Foxconn president Terry Gou finally confirmed that the company is making preparations to begin production of the upcoming Apple HDTV. Production is yet to begin, so you may not see the set before Christmas. But Apple certainly plans to bring Steve Jobs’s set to market.

iPad-based Restaurant POS System Saves Money And Frazzled Nerves [Video]


iPad-based POSLavu system saves money and streamlines restaurant management
iPad-based POSLavu system saves money and streamlines restaurant management

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the iPad integrated into a number of different workplaces. While most iPad in business stories focus on the freedom that the iPad offers, the story of the iPad and iPod touch in one Brooklyn restaurant illustrates that in addition to freedom and flexibility, adopting Apple’s mobile platform can save you a lot of cold hard cash.  


post-166224-image-29b31dc12f2edf39c1b79c12c655725f-jpg Brings Sharepoint To The iPad But Don’t Use It While Walking [Video]

By launches iPad Sharepoint app launches iPad Sharepoint app.

There are plenty of iOS apps that deliver the core functions of Microsoft Office – Apple’s iWork, Quickoffice, Documents 2 Go, and Office2 being the most common selections. There are, however, gaps in what all these products deliver.

From a business and collaboration standpoint, the biggest missing features are integration with Microsoft’s Track Changes feature and the ability to access Sharepoint. While there hasn’t been any progress on the Track Changes front (OnLive Desktop and CloudOn are still the only real options), there are options for Sharepoint – the most recent being Mobile.

Polaroid (Finally) Launches iPhone App


Polaroid is finally making an iOS app, just five years after the iPhone launched.

Speaking of Polaroid, the ailing-but-once-awesome instant photo company has come out with its own iPhone app. And guess what? It’s yet another Instagram clone, only it’s not free and it even has extra in-app purchases.

The app is called Polamatic, and it lets you snap photos, add filters and grames, and then upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Instagram (just like Instagram!). The schtick here is that the frames aren’t just any old Polaroid-ish
frames. No, they’re actual scans of “new, used, and vintage Polaroid frames.”

Marvel Inks Deal To Exclusively Distribute Digital Comics Worldwide With comiXology



We have some great news for those of you who aren’t ashamed of purchasing digital comics. Marvel has signed a multi-year deal with comiXology, the largest digital comics platform, to exclusively distribute single issue English-language digital comics worldwide. Marvel fans will have a plethora of sources to obtain these digital comics, including the Marvel apps available for Android and iOS .

Latest Wacky Rumor Says iPhone 5 In August, Two New iPads By Year’s End


The iPad mini is on its way.
You'd better start saving, because Apple has another three iOS devices planned for 2012... apparently.

Before we read any further into these claims, let me just reveal where they came from: DigiTimes. While the site has published a few accurate reports on upcoming Apple products in the past, most of its rumors are worryingly farfetched.

The latest claims sources in Apple’s supply chain have detailed the Cupertino company’s launch plans for 2012, promising three new iOS devices between now and the end of the year. One of those will, as you’d expect, be the sixth-generation iPhone, but before that, we will see a new, 7-inch iPad.

What’s more, that new iPad you just bought will apparently be replaced by an even newer one during the fourth quarter.


Evernote's latest update brings UI changes and improvements to the iPhone.
Evernote's latest update brings UI changes and improvements to the iPhone.