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Apple Releases iPhone Configuration Utility 3.1



Apple iPhone Configuration Utility hits version 3.1. The new version was released today and includes enhanced support for iOS 4 and bug fixes. I highly recommend this often under utilized tool as something to have in your arsenal of tools for advanced iOS troubleshooting on all devices running iOS.

Apple’s utility wasn’t designed as an end-user troubleshooting tool — it’s intended to help enterprise users create configuration profiles for device deployment – but it does provide some functions that can be useful for anyone performing advanced troubleshooting on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Any user can use the tool to:  install and uninstall troublesome apps, access the console log on iOS based devices, and perform many other iPhone configuration tasks.

You can even use it to prove whether or not your iPhone 4 proximity sensor is working or not.

The iPhone Configuration Utility 3.1 is currently available via Software Update or as a direct download for Mac OS X or Windows. Information about using this application to integrate iOS devices with your enterprise systems is available at

Apple Updates iMovie for 4th Generation iPod Touch



Apple has updated the iMovie app for iPhone to version 1.1. This new update requires an iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch running iOS 4.1. The update includes automatic music looping for longer videos, an updated photo browser that displays the newest images at the top, and the ability to split video clips.

In addition to these changes you can now scrub to preview clips in the video browser, take advantage of in-app tips that helps you to use key iMovie features more effectively, and finally there are Apple’s infamous performance and reliability improvements.

Current iMovie users can upgrade for free now via the iTunes App Store. If you would like to know more about iMovie then read my in-depth review iMovie a Mobile Video Studio in Your Pocket. Afterwards, if you decide to purchase iMovie it costs only $4.99.

HP’s webOS 2.0 To Boast MobileMe Integration



HP soon intends to relaunch their Palm-acquired webOS mobile operating system with a major new version, which they intend to use in a new lineup of devices to compete directly with iOS devices like the iPad. One new addition to the webOS arsenal of software features is pretty head-scratching, though: according to leaked screenshots of the software beta, the next version of webOS will sport MobileMe integration.

Huh. We don’t get it. Sure, Palm has done its dance with Apple before, giving Pre owners the ability to sync their media libraries through iTunes until Cupertino dropped the banhammer. But in that case, the benefits made sense. What does MobileMe integration get someone who has opted to buy a webOS phone or tablet instead of an iPhone or iPad… and just as importantly, what does it get HP, and will Apple kick?

[via Boy Genius Report]

Apple Provides Details On Game Centre Compatibility & Resets App Ready For Tomorrow’s Launch



Apple has updated its Game Centre overview page today to provide details on which devices will be supported when the social gaming network goes live on Wednesday with the release of the new iOS 4.1 update.

The list of supported devices includes the second-, third- and forth-generation iPod Touch models, along with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately for those still clinging on to their trusty iPhone 3G, Game Centre is another feature you’ll miss out on in iOS 4.1.

Apple Spends $1MM Per Month On Google Adwords



Over the weekend, AdAge managed to get their hands on some data showing how much big companies spend on Google Adwords.

Google’s none too happy about the breach, saying: “We’re now looking into the possibility that someone improperly disclosed confidential information about our clients, and [we] will take all appropriate action.”

But Apple can’t be happy about the leak either, particularly since it highlighted the fact that Apple spends a million dollars a month on Google Adwords adverising… despite the fact that they have a competing network called iAds.

Of course, a million bucks a month is just a drop in Apple’s coffers, and Apple can’t trust iAds alone to promote their own products successfully yet, given its limited rollout to iOS devices. Still, Apple ultimately intends to go head-to-head with Google Adwords for the mobile space… a blip in the headlines saying they are giving money to their rival has to be annoying, no matter how inconsequential the amount.

[via 9to5Mac]



SplashShopper Complex Shopping Lists for iPad [Review]



What is it?

SplashShopper is an app that allows you to make shopping lists of all kinds on your iOS device or Mac (and Windows to if you are so inclined).  The lists can be managed and synced across platforms with the Mac OS X or Windows companion software. If you are Santa Klaus or someone who cannot live without lengthy complex shopping lists in your life you’ll find SplashShopper to be very useful.

Daily Deals: 3.06GHz i3 iMac, Pizza Shop Mania, New 8GB iPod nano



We close out the week with a bit for everyone. The deal highlights include a 22-inch Core i3 iMac running at 3.06GHz for $1,397. The Expercom bundle also includes 8GB of memory and three-years of AppleCare. There is also Pizza Shop Mania, a puzzle game from the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. We wrap up the highlights with the just-announced iPod nano. The device is smaller, lighter and includes a 1.7-inch touchscreen.

Along the way, we check out new iPhone cases, more iPhone apps and assorted gadgets for your iPhone and other Apple products.

As always, details on these and many other items are available at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page after the jump.

iPhone 4 User Claims Proximity Sensor Fix May Not Work



On Tuesday this week an Apple spokesperson made claims that the upcoming release of iOS 4.1 will not fix the proximity sensor problems that are being blamed on software bugs, relocation of the proximity sensor due to the addition of the front facing camera, or greasy ear canals. This problem has been widely reported and there are numerous claims from iPhone 4 users that the problem exists. I’ve encountered the problem myself on my original iPhone 4 and its replacement.

On Wednesday this week at an Apple Special Event Steve Jobs told us that the release of iOS 4.1 will resolve the proximity sensor issue, but now one iPhone 4 user, Ryan Bell, is also claiming that iOS 4.1 does not resolve the issue. He presents two YouTube videos that demonstrate why he thinks that the problem isn’t resolved.

iPhone 4 Case Review: Incipio’s ‘Feather’ Case Offers Thin & Lightweight Protection



If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone 4, you’ll be wanting to protect your shiny new device from scratches, scuffs and bumps. Now that it’s been around for a few months, there are a lot of cases on the market that claim to do just that, but how do you know which one’s right for you? I’ve lost count of the number of cases I purchased for my previous iPhones that, after using for a week or so, I decided weren’t suitable for a number of reasons.

This is where the iPhone 4 Case Review comes in; it’s a weekly review of a variety of iPhone 4 cases which aims to give you some advice and guidance on protecting your beloved new gadget. We’ll test out a range of cases so that you don’t have to, and hope to help you decide which case is best for you. We’ll try out snap cases, sleeves, protectors, pouches and anything else we can find!

Our first review is of Incipio’s Feather case. I chose this one first for one reason; out of all of the cases I purchased for my 3GS, the Feather was the one I used most and the one I was most impressed with, although it did have one flaw. Check out the review after the break.