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Steam Activates Remote Download Feature In Latest Client Update



After a brief beta, Steam has made the ability to remotely manage your library of games as well as initiate a download via the web or mobile app a reality for all. Steam users who download the latest client for their PC or Mac will be able to log into the Steam web site or mobile app to access and manage their downloading pre-loads, new releases, or latest purchases.

Retina MacBooks Mean More Manufacturing Costs For Apple


macbook pros
Retina displays will be more expensive for Apple to put into new MacBook Pros.

Apple’s upcoming lineup of MacBook Pros are expected to feature a slimmer design, Intel Ivy Bridge architecture and jaw-dropping ‘Retina’ displays. Like the last two iPhones and newest iPad, Apple’s new MacBook Pro and iMac models are supposed to flaunt a screen like you’ve never seen on a computer before. And if iOS device marketing is any indication, such a display will likely be the flagship feature in new Macs. Apple is expected to unveil the new MacBook Pros at WWDC next month, according to multiple reports.

If the next MacBook Pro and iMac really do come outfitted with gorgeous Retina displays, then the new screens will cost Apple more to make.

Cisco’s BYOD Survey Sheds Light On BYOD Popularity And Costs [Update]


Cisco study shows BYOD is a reality not a possibility but there are some costs involved
Cisco study shows BYOD is a reality not a possibility but there are some costs involved

Update: We incorrectly posted that Cisco charges its users to participate in its BYOD program. While the company’s report does list an average $600 expense for employees making use of BYOD, that expense refers to the purchase of a smartphone or other device and not an additional fee to use the device in the workplace. Clarifications from Cisco’s Ross Camp are included at the end of this post.

Cisco released a new report on BYOD programs at U.S. companies. The survey provides insights into the prevalence of BYOD, how companies manage BYOD programs, and some of the costs associated with BYOD approaches. While those stats are useful and important, the biggest and most surprising revelation in the report came from Cisco itself.

In planning and implementing its BYOD program, Cisco opted to charge users a fee (on average of $600) for the privilege of using their own devices at work.

Switchy: A Rethinking Of The iPhone’s App Switcher Comes To Life [Jailbreak]


It's the app switcher you know and love, only taller.
It's the app switcher you know and love... only taller.

The iPhone’s app switcher is where you go to quickly navigate between apps in iOS. Apple has added more features to the little switcher tray over time, like handy music controls. Double tapping the Home button on your iPhone reveals one row of recently opened apps to choose from, and you can swipe from right to left to see more icons. Without getting into the debate about whether the app switcher is a true multitasking environment or not, it’s safe to say that it does its job. But could the experience be improved?

When Brent Caswell detailed his rethinking of the iPhone’s app switcher a few days ago, he had no clue the concept would come to life. Thanks to the ingenuity of the jailbreak community, a new Cydia tweak implements Caswell’s ideas to extend the functionality of the app switcher.

Open Your Ears For Radioline, A Cute Radio App [Review]


Clean. Simple. Radio. Mmmm.
Clean. Simple. Radio. Mmmm.

Your iPhone is many things. My iPhone is many things. For each of us, the most important functions will differ. Some people might think it’s most useful as a mobile messenger client, others as a GPS device. For me, one of the most useful functions of my iPhone is that it can also be a radio.

Radioline is an internet radio player app for both iOS and OS X, with a focus on speed and simplicity. Let’s take a closer look.

Forget Swipe To Unlock! Fold To Unlock Concept Brings A Smart Cover To Your iPhone’s Lock Screen


Like a virtual Smart Cover for your iPhone.

There’s nothing that really needs changing about Apple’s patented “Slide to Unlock” functionality, but ever since Apple introduced the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, there’s been a conceptual disconnect between how you unlock an iPhone — by sliding — and how you unlock an iPad — by unfolding an origami-like cover off of the display.

It’s not really anything Apple needs to fix, but short of releasing a tiny little iPhone-sized smart cover, I think this “Fold To Unlock” design created by Anton Kudin is just an excellent conceptual bridge between the lockscreen and the smart cover.

Check out the concept in its full, high-res glory below.


Live your dream of becoming an astronaut from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

Apple And Disney Could Bring WatchESPN App To Apple TV [Rumor] [Updated]


WatchESPN running on an iPad
WatchESPN running on an iPad

An official ESPN app could eventually make its way to the Apple TV set-top box, according to a new report today. Bloomberg says that Disney, parent company of ESPN, is open to offering Apple digital access to its sports network for Apple TV users. While a deal is by no means confirmed, it appears that the companies could be in talks to add an ESPN Apple TV app in the future.

Instagram Camera Concept Wants To Become Real With Your Help


Instagram IRL

The Socialmatic Instagram camera concept caused quite the buzz after we posted it last week. After making the rounds on all kinds of blogs and design sites, the concept’s creator, Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studios, decided there was enough interest to try and turn the dream into reality.

De Rosa has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for turning the Socialmatic into a real-life camera. The concept is based entirely around Instagram and the idea of physicalizing the way we share on social networks. Will the camera actually see the light of day? That’s up to you.