Sarah Lai Stirland, author at Cult of Mac

How Apple Got Its Logo [Memory Lane]



There’s long been a number of urban legends about how Apple came up with its iconic logo.

There’s the idea that the bite symbolizes knowledge, or that the overall image is a tribute to mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by taking a bite of an apple laced with cyanide.

But here’s the real story.

Learning: Do We Really Need An App For That?


Are Mobile Devices Key To This Kid's Future? Photo by: Oxtopus/Flickr
Are Mobile Devices Key To Our Kids' Futures? Photo by: Oxtopus/Flickr

When President Obama gave his annual State of the Union speech Tuesday night, he dedicated a significant portion of it to the dismal state of America’s education system.

Some educational experts responded by noting that that mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad could potentially improve the American education system’s “productivity.”

I wonder whether this is a valid point, or yet another manifestation of Americans’ infatuation with technology.