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How to transfer WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and other info on iOS


Dr.Fone lets you back move WhatsApp messages from one device to another.
Dr.Fone lets you back move WhatsApp messages from one device to another.
Image: Wondershare

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A new iPhone means making sure your old app data makes it across from your old one. Even with backups, though, some apps like WhatsApp will simply start fresh on a new device. However, you can use an app like Dr.Fone to move accounts and chats from one device to the next. Here’s how it works.

Viber follows Apple’s lead with end-to-end encryption


Viber's new app update is a significant one.
Photo: Viber
Viber's new app update is a significant one. Photo: Viber
Viber’s new app update is a significant one. Photo: Viber

Popular cross-platform messaging service Viber has announced that it will follow Apple’s example by embracing user privacy through the introduction of end-to-end encryption.

Viber revealed today that it will start rolling this out for all of its one-to-one and group conversations, whether that be video, voice, or text messages. According to a spokesperson for the company, the encryption update will be available to users worldwide within “several weeks,” although an exact date isn’t specified.

Viber Joins The Flat Revolution With iOS 7 Update



Nifty free voice call and instant messaging service Viber has upgraded to iOS 7.0 with its latest update — incorporating the flat design we’ve come to expect across all iOS apps.

With more than 100 million monthly active users, and having been recently acquired by e-commerce giant Rakuten for $900 million, the upgrade was definitely in order, and it looks great.

That’s not all the update brings, however. It also adds new features to the app — including the ability to send multiple photos at once, as well as the option to create a list of blocked numbers/contacts.

Viber Is Now Available On Mac & PC



Viber, the popular cross-platform messaging service for smartphones, is no longer just for smartphones. The company has today launched new desktop applications that allow you to chat with friends; send stickers, emoticons, and photos; and make calls from a Mac or PC.

Viber Brings New Features To Android & iOS As It Hits 140 Million Users



Viber, the popular cross-platform mobile communications service, has today announced that it has now surpassed more than 140 million users across six platforms, with 400,000 people joining the service each and every day. To celebrate the milestone, the company has introduced a number of new features to its Android and iOS apps, including the ability to send “fun stickers” and “playful emoticons,” and support for the iPhone 5’s larger display.

Viber Burst Kinetic Phone Charger


Recharge your iphone using kinetic energy

Is your iPhone about to die, and you’ve lost your cell phone charger? An Australian design student now has an answer: just get moving. The Viber Burst design concept will turn walking, jogging or any movement into a cell phone battery recharge in just two seconds.

“Viber Burst can be worn as a feature piece of contemporary jewelry on footwear, it can also be a key ring or kept in a handbag,” designer Josh Pell said. The device includes a variety of designs and colors that “enable the user to connect with the product on an emotive level,” the Swinburne University student told the Australian Design Awards.

Although no production date was announced, the Viber Burst can attach to your shoe, purse or be held in your hand. The device is weather resistant and built to withstand punishment: the components use a flexible circuit board. When a product does appear, look for it in recycled packaging, designer Pell said.

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