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Daily Deals: $750 2.53GHz Mac mini Server, $100 PowerMac, iPhone App Freebies



We start a rainy day of deals on the U.S. East Coast with a hardware bargains, some blasts from the past and the latest crop of free applications for your iPhone. First up is 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo Mac mini server for $750. Next are several older Macs, including a 450MHz PowerMac G4 and monitor for $100. We wrap up the spotlight with the latest batch of iPhone app freebies, including “GalaFire 3D.”

Along the way, we’ll check out other apps for your iPhone or iPod touch and also take a look at hardware, such as a solar charger for your iPhone. As always, details on these and many more items can be found at CoM’s “Daily Deals” page after the jump.

These 160 Mac Minis Got Stuffed Together To Make The Ultimate Custom Apple Server




Ever since Apple discontinued the Xserve, network administrators have had to come up with creative ways to build new OS X based servers. You can still purchase a Mac Mini with OS X Server on it, but one Mac Mini isn’t enough to support some hardcore server needs.

Steve was trying to put together a Macintosh processing based rack, but when he couldn’t find any XServes in the marketplace, he decided to come up with his own homemade solution – stuff 160 Mac minis into a custom made rack. The end result is brilliant.

Upcoming Mac Mini Specs Revealed: 500GB Storage as Standard, Server Option


The Mac Mini lowered the bar to Mac ownership entry.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s upcoming Mac mini refresh is expected to drop sometime this week, and will introduce 500GB hard drives as standard, Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, and the company’s high-speed Thunderbolt technology to the smallest Mac desktop. Here’s what else you can expect.

Today in Apple history: Mac mini arrives with Intel inside


With a powerful Intel chip inside, the new Mac mini made big of waves.
With a powerful Intel chip inside, the new Mac mini made big of waves.
Photo: RecycledGoods

February 28: Today in Apple history: Mac mini arrives with Intel inside February 28, 2006: Apple introduces an upgraded Mac mini, an affordable computer powered by an Intel processor.

A “headless” Mac for entry-level users, it’s the third Apple computer to switch to Intel chips. Oh, and it makes one heckuva media player when plugged into a television set.

Today in Apple history: Meet the ‘Blue and White’ Power Mac G3


The Power Mac G3 brought a new look, and powerful new features, to Apple's pro computer line.
The Power Mac G3 brought a new look, and powerful new features, to Apple's pro computer line.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac/Apple

January 5: Today in Apple history: Meet the 'Blue and White' Power Mac January 5, 1999: Apple introduces its revised Power Mac G3 minitower, often nicknamed the “Blue and White G3” or “Smurf Tower” to separate it from the earlier beige model.

The first new Power Mac since the colorful plastic iMac G3 shipped, the pro-level machine borrows the same transparent color scheme. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hang around too long.

Apple denied tariff exemption on 5 Mac Pro components


5 out of 15 of Apple's exemption requests were denied.
Photo: Apple

The U.S. federal government denied Apple’s request to be exempt from the 25% tariffs that affected some components of the new Mac Pro.

Apple revealed last week that it will make the Mac Pro at its plant in Austin, Texas which some observers thought might be key to getting relief from Trump’s tariffs. The U.S. Trade Representative posted its decision today saying Apple didn’t show that the tariffs would cause severe economic harm to the U.S.

Run Windows on Mac faster than ever with Parallels Desktop 15


When one operating system just isn't enough, you can run Windows on Mac with Parallels for Mac.
When one operating system just isn't enough.
Screenshot: Parallels

Parallels Desktop 15 lets you run Windows on a Mac faster than ever, thanks to a performance-enhancing switch to Apple’s Metal framework. Today’s update to the popular virtualization app brings loads of other feature enhancements, including support for DirectX 11.

The increased efficiency means some Windows apps that would not even launch in Parallels Desktop 14 work properly in the new version.

“We want you to do whatever you want,” said John Uppendahl, Parallels’ VP of communications, during a demo of the new software at the Cult of Mac office in San Francisco.

Safari in iPadOS is almost as good as macOS [Opinion]


Safari in iPadOS desktop-class browsing
At WWDC, Apple Safari and Desktop Engineer Charles Ying promised iPadOS will include a full-featured browser.
Photo: Apple

Apple promised the Safari browser coming to iPads later this year will be “desktop class.” That’s a vague term, but tests with the first beta of iPadOS 13 show that it comes very close to the macOS version. There’s still room for improvement, though.

Even so, this is a major milestone for Apple’s tablets. Limitations in Safari have held the iPad back for far too long.

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