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Shift Happens: Book about keyboard history now 400% funded on Kickstarter


Shift Happens: A Book About Keyboards
This beautifully designed two-volume book delves deep into keyboard history.
Image: Marcin Wichary/D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Shift Happens, a book about keyboards, is now 400% funded on Kickstarter. This makes it the second-most funded non-fiction book ever on the crowdfunding site. The book, by designer/writer Marcin Wichary, “tells the story of keyboards like no book ever before, covering 150 years from the early typewriters to the pixellated keyboards in our pockets,” according to the project website.

Shift Happens is available on Kickstarter until March 9. Donate $150 and you can get the two-volume hardcover set inside a slipcase.

Travel in style with this Kickstarter-funded carry-on for 45% off


Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On
The maker of this luggage thought of everything.
Photo: StackCommerce

Traveling can be stressful enough as it is — and the last thing you want is your luggage to be the factor that makes your plans go awry. While this Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On won’t necessarily prevent missed flights or long layovers, it can certainly help you get smoothly from point A to point B. Plus, it includes two external USB ports so you can keep your iPhone or iPad charged on the go.

Stunning Apple II Kickstarter case gives you a new look at a classic machine


Apple II transparent case Kickstarter 1
What a gorgeous Apple II case.
Photo: MacEffects/Kickstarter

The Apple II may be more than 40 years old, but Apple’s first mass market personal computer still has plenty of fans. Now those fans can get hold of a brand new injection-molded case for the iconic Steve Wozniak-designed computer. All thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign.

Boasting a transparent design, the case will let you get a closer look at this legendary computer than ever!

Just Mobile Kickstarter project imagines a three-in-one charging solution


Encore Wireless
Just Mobile's Encore Wireless does the job of three devices in the space of one.
Photo: Just Mobile

The problem with having a mobile phone, an Apple Watch and a tablet isn’t that you’ve got a lot of devices, it’s that you have a lot of different chargers.

Just Mobile, the folks behind the popular TENC Air phone cases, is attempting to solve this problem with Encore Wireless, a Kickstarter project that launched last week.

Kickstarter documentary unpacks Steve Jobs’ original Apple downfall


Documentary will tell the story of Jobs' 1985 Apple firing and the immediate aftermath.
Photo: Esther Dyson/Flickr CC

Given that he was, you know, Steve Jobs, it’s still pretty crazy to think that there was a time in Apple history when Jobs was pretty much forced out of the company he helped found.

A new documentary, currently raising funds on Kickstarter, aims to tell the story of Jobs’ attempted boardroom coup and 1985 ouster from Apple with insights from the people who were actually there.

Bullet, the ‘tiniest flashlight on Kickstarter,’ blows away its target


The tiny Bullet is sorta like the 12-inch MacBook of LED flashlights.
The tiny Bullet is sorta like the 12-inch MacBook of LED flashlights.
Photo: Slughaus

The makers of a tiny (but badass!) new LED flashlight say they took inspiration from the 9mm bullet, but Apple’s incessant drive toward miniaturization seems at least as much of an influence.

You can almost hear the dulcet tones of Jony Ive’s voice in the description of the Bullet, which its maker calls “the tiniest flashlight on Kickstarter.”

VR iPhone case is virtually a reality after hitting Kickstarter goal


As iPhone cases go, this one's pretty darn cool.
Photo: Figment VR

A nifty iPhone case-turned-VR headset has passed its $75,000 Kickstarter funding goal in just one week — promising users a snap-on virtual reality solution for their Apple handset for the low price of just $55 for early backers.

And, despite the goal having been hit, there’s still time if you want to hop on this Kickstarter bandwagon!

Kickstarter project puts cameras in the hands of London’s homeless


The cover of the 2016 calendar called My London photographed by homeless artists.
The cover of the 2016 calendar called My London photographed by homeless artists.
Photo: ROL

David Tovey became homeless on the streets of London after a stroke and found salvation in an unlikely place – a disposable camera.

Tovey was invited to participate in an art project giving Londoners cameras to record life on the streets for a calendar now being sold on Kickstarter. He has had photos selected for the Cafe Art calendar project two years in a row.

Pixeljam snubs Kickstarter, rolls out own crowdfunding platform


Dino Run is part of Pixeljam's crowdfunding experiment.
Game developer Pixeljam is changing crowdfunding for the better.
Photo: Pixeljam

Pixeljam is no stranger to making iPhone and Mac games, but now the studio is taking on another challenge: transforming the way crowdfunding works to make it better for game developers and other creative types.

Company co-founder Miles Tillman describes the crowdfunding project as an “experiment” that’s an alternative to popular services like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Pixeljam’s new platform lets backers donate money just like the others, but prioritizes transparent communication, instant gratification and actually making the game ahead of crowdfunding staples like producing slick videos and stressing out over fundraising goals and deadlines.

The anti-Apple Watch is made of marble, and it’s killing it on Kickstarter


The Mason Watch already blew past its Kickstarter goal.
The Mason Watch already blew past its Kickstarter goal.
Photo: Analog Watch Co.

The Apple Watch is the best watch I’ve ever owned. It’s also the first watch I’ve owned in over a decade but amazing features like the heart rate monitor, responding to texts from my wrist, and being able to see what time it is without pulling out my iPhone have totally won me over.

Not everyone is keen on the future of smartwatches though, and if you need any further proof, just look at the Kickstarter page for The Mason Watch. It’s dumb, ugly, and lacks all the features you could want for in a modern watch, but the project is absolutely killing it on Kickstarter, and passed its funding goal in the first week.

Check out how huge this thing looks on your wrist:

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