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Crazy realistic Steve Jobs action figure lets you stage your own Stevenotes


Jobs figure
Less Silicon Valley, more Uncanny Valley.
Photo: DAM Toys

What better gift for the Apple geek in your life (or, heck, yourself) than a ridiculously realistic Steve Jobs action figure?

The 1/6 scale replica of the iconic Apple co-founder and CEO is coming soon from DAM Toys. In addition to boasting some highly detailed head sculpting, it sports Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck, glasses, jeans, and a slew of other nifty accessories to create your own tiny One Infinite Loop tableaux in the comfort of your own home.

How Apple can rekindle the magic of the Stevenote


(Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac)You know that saying about someone being so smart that they've forgotten more about a subject than the average person has ever known? Much the same could be said for Apple and good ideas. While not every concept in the company's history has been a winner, there are a good few we'd love to see Apple take another crack at revolutionizing -- whether it's because there's an obvious market out there waiting, or simply because it would make us happy to see them.Which ones made the grade? Check put the gallery above to find out.
How can Apple craft a successful sequel to the Stevenote? Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Nearly three years after Steve Jobs’ death, Apple’s keynotes have become pale imitations of their former glory. The last major keynote — November’s introduction of the iPad Air and Retina mini — was a major international snoozefest.

Utterly devoid of excitement, it served only to stoke the pervasive rumors of Apple’s lack of innovation after Jobs (which aren’t true, but nonetheless).

It’s time for Jony Ive to take over.

Stevenote 2008: No Upgrade for iPhone, New Apps for iPod Touch



Steve Jobs’s Macworld keynote is underway, and the most significant announcement thus far is what he hasn’t announced: Any upgrade to the iPhone. Though offering a new version of Google Maps for the device that provides GPS-like functionality (though nowhere near as accurate; Steve says it works “pretty doggone good.”).

That said, the iPod touch will be brought up to par with the iPhone in terms of available applications. For a $20 download on iTunes, anyone can now load Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather on their Touch. I don’t like the tendency as far as the potential prices for third-party apps, but let’s hope for the best.

Liveblogging the 2008 Macworld Steve Jobs Keynote | Gadget Lab from

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Stevenote Flash Game Makes You the iCEO



The guys and gals of KathArt Interactive, a Danish interactive design firm, have put together a fun Steve Jobs keynote-eve game that puts you in charge of sneaking top-secret Apple product concepts to Macworld SF. It’s a lot like the game Adventure for Atari, only with 3-D graphics and 3G iPhone prototypes. Definitely worth a click, and the Danish-ness of it gets a bonus endorsement from me.

Via Engadget.

Today in Apple history: Apple begins retail venture inside CompUSA


Desiring more control over how Macs got sold, Apple turned to CompUSA.
Desiring more control over how Macs got sold, Apple turned to CompUSA.
Photo: Coolcaesar/Wikipedia CC

November 4: Today in Apple history: Apple CompUSA November 4, 1997: Apple unveils its plan to open small “store within a store” sections inside CompUSA outlets around the United States.

In a step toward the flagship Apple stores that would launch four years later, Cupertino-trained employees staff these mini-stores. The move gives Apple a bit more control over the way its products get displayed and demoed to consumers.

10 reasons why I’ll miss Phil Schiller


As Phil Schiller steps down from his role as Apple's SVP of worldwide marketing, it's clear the company won't be the same without him.
It won't be the same without him.
Photo: Globovisión/Flickr CC

For long-time Apple fans like myself, Tuesday marked the end of an era. Phil Schiller stepped down from his role as VP of worldwide marketing.

Schiller was the last of the OG — a stalwart onstage companion to Steve Jobs, long before it was fashionable to watch Apple keynotes. Schiller was there at all the seminal moments in Apple history, including the launch of iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Back in the day, he and Jobs were a remarkable double act. Jobs would announce the products, and then Schiller would stride in to perform the demos.

Fortunately, Schiller’s not gone for good. In his new role as an Apple Fellow, he will still keep an eye on the App Store and Apple Events. But I wanted to take this opportunity to remember the man, the legend, that is Phil Schiller. Here are the top 10 reasons why I’ll miss him.

Palm-size pillows will have you dreaming about that first Mac


new Pocket Pillows from
Robert Hoyos has developed new software.
Photo: Throwboy

On this day in 1984, the first Macintosh computers started shipping. Who could have imagined that 36 years later to the day, this iconic machine would be commemorated with a tiny plush pillow that fits in your hand?

Only one person possesses this kind of vision – Roberto Hoyos. His Throwboy brand is launching a crowdfunding campaign today for two new plush Mac toys.

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix


Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix
Fassbender played Steve Jobs in this star-studded biopic.
Photo: François Duhamel/Universal Studios

If you missed Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic, there’s some good news: The Oscar-nominated movie is coming to Netflix.

The movie, which came out in 2015, is an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s bajillion copy-selling 2012 biography of Steve. It stars Michael Fassbender as the mercurial Apple co-founder and former CEO.

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