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Designer Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Desk, Gives Percentage Of Proceeds To Cancer Research


sj23 with logo

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this project. The result is a piece of furniture that’s both functional and beautiful, much like the product designs Buckner’s hero was a lifelong advocate for.

The desks are selling fro $999.99 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. We took a few minutes to chat with Buckner via email.

This Table Is Touch Sensitive, Like The iPhone That Inspired It



It looks like a stack of iPhone 4s, but this is a coffee table — the iTable.

It’s also a speaker dock with a motorized speaker bar that rises like a stage organ when your hand is swiped across the  touch-sensitive controls (see the video below).

Designed a built by Kyle Buckner, who is best known for custom car interiors, the iTable is the first in a line of Apple-themed furniture.

“I am creating a line with this category,” said Buckner by IM.

Lots more pictures and a video after the jump:

Gallery: One of a Kind iPhone Docking Station is Functional Art



Kyle Buckner has come a long way from sketching fantasy Apple accoutrements for school projects, though even he admits he’s set “a fairly big price” on his latest work – an elegant iPhone docking station that’s part art piece and part kick-ass speaker system.

After making inquiries about getting his prototype design mass produced for more economical sale, Buckner has decided for now to let his one-of-a-kind item fetch what it will on eBay, with a starting bid just shy of $3K.

But making and selling pricey one-offs isn’t the talented designer’s idea of success. “I would love to design new products for companies,” he told us in an email exchange. “I love making prototypes for my ideas but with no way of easily mass producing them, I’ll never make it.”

So Bucker’s focused his attention on looking for work with manufacturers on product design, industrial design, furniture design….anything that would put his talents to more effective (and less risky) use.

MacBook Art Project is a Labor of Love



NetBook Fakeout Kyle Buckner's MacBook #2 Kyle Buckner's MacBook
Screen Detail Keyboard Detail Dock Detail 2
Dock Detail 1 A Streaming Dock Kyle Buckner's MacBook #3

Kyle Buckner is a very talented fellow and his primary muse is Apple.

We’ve featured some of Buckner’s work before and he’s also got a spread in the June issue of Mac|Life magazine. He may well be one of the hottest Apple-inspired artists in the US right now.

Buckner sent us photos of his most recent school project, in which he was tasked to create a “Bookart”. Apple obsessed as he is, he was inspired to create a scale model of a MacBook.

Buckner constructed the casing out of wood, routering all the corners and then priming, sanding and painting the pieces white. The hinge system replicates the real Mac’s and is fully constructed out of hand cut MDF wood.

After he painted the pieces, he used a pencil to add the fine details. He drew the screen and full keyboard and penciled in every tiny phillips head screw at its location.

His piece is 3/4 the size of an original MacBook.

We apologize to anyone who got too excited by our earlier post teasing that this might be Apple’s new netbook. It’s a Monday night. It’s not football season.

Does anybody remember laughter?

The iPod Nano Sculpture ReVisited



We’ve featured the stunning Apple-inspired creativity of artist Kyle Buckner before in these pages, from his woodworked iPhone pedestal to a custom plexiglass Apple clock.

Today the Virgina-based artist is at it again with pics of his inspired iPod Nano-Chromatic sculpture.

Buckner’s newest work is wood and plexiglass and includes a motorized Genius logo, as well some other prety cool things. The iPods at the top are made out of plexi, to which he attached a graphic from behind with transparent, double-stick film.

The iPods are on a seperate piece which spins when the Genius logo does, but they can also be made to remain stationary. The Apple logo at the top stays still. Buckner has also built in a potentiometer to control the speed of the motorized parts.

The artist tells Cult of Mac, “I planned on adding a few things to it, and just never got around to it, and still haven’t… but I really dont know if I’ll ever get time to do so. I’m constantly starting more projects and commissions.”

To which we say, Bravo, Kyle. Keep on creating…

NanoSculptureTop Nano Sculpture Base Nano Sculpture Full View
Nano Sculpture Full Nano Sculpture Base Top Down Nano Sculpture Full Adjust

Custom Apple Timepiece



A few weeks back, we featured a post on design student Kyle Buckner’s wooden iPhone pedestal. Kyle contacted us today with news and info on his latest Apple-inspired creation, a custom timepiece commissioned by the Apple Store in Richmond, VA for one of their special customers.

Buckner built the clock over the weekend, using hand-cut and polished plexi-glass. “I went out and bought a clock , and stole the motor out of it,” he told Cult of Mac, adding “then I searched on the internet and found a free background that referred to Apple, edited a few things in Photoshop and printed them out to attach underneath each piece.”

Check out the gallery below and follow after the jump for more on Buckner’s background and plans for the future in Apple-inspired design.

Custom Apple Timepiece - Oblique View Custom Apple Timepiece - Base Detail
Custom Apple Timepiece - Stem Detail Custom Apple Timepiece - Side View

Virginia Design Student Carves iPhone Devotion into a Pedestal



Virginia Commonwealth University design student Kyle Buckner had an assignment “to create a pedestal to hold [a] ‘precious object’.”

We hope he received an A+ for the hand-carved wooden stand he created for his iPhone. Complete with Home Screen icon “leafs” that connect to a rod that spins inside the stand’s main arm, Buckner’s piece is made completely of wood, save for bits of plexiglass which connect each icon leaf to its “branch” on the stand.

Via MacLife

Kyle Buckner's iPhone Pedestal Home Screen Icon
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