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Battery Draining Too Fast Lately? Facebook Apps May Be At Fault, Says Developer



The iOS developer behind Home Remind has published a blog post about the Facebook apps for iPhone, iPad and Facebook Messenger. He says that according to his testing, the Facebook apps consume way more CPU time than is strictly necessary. Excessive CPU time can lead to battery drain.

The developer used Apple’s own Mac-based app, Instruments, to look at what was running on his iPhone, and found that his Facebook app was activating, doing something for ten seconds, then going back to sleep. It did this all day long during his test. He tested the Messenger app and the Facebook iPad app, and found the same pattern.

If that’s the case, the Facebook app is never truly going to sleep and then terminating like a good app. As a result, it’s using up CPU time, and a lot of your battery.

This Is Everything That You Can Expect Apple To Announce At Today’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event [Predictions]



Editor’s Note: We first posted this yesterday, but for readers who didn’t see it, we’re bumping it to the top of the page so people know what’s coming in just about three hours.

Hey, we know: after sixteen months of rumors, figuring out exactly what to expect from Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event tomorrow can be confusing. Well, let us break it all down for you. Here’s everything we know (or think we know) about what Apple’s going to announce tomorrow. It’s going to be a hell of a show.

The Rocky Relationship Between Apple and Facebook [Report]


Facebook data breach
Apple employees are rethinking Facebook.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple and Facebook are two tech titans that have been known to butt heads every now and then. When Apple introduced the Ping social network in iTunes, Facebook denied Apple access to integrate the two networks. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Ping is just one example — there have been multiple talks behind closed doors that have resulted in the two companies almost parting ways for good.

Over the weekend, Mashable posted inside information on the convoluted history of Apple and Facebook. Stories include the Facebook integration in iOS 4 that never saw the light of day, Steve Jobs paying Mark Zuckerberg a visit about an iPad app, and how Facebook and Apple nearly fell out because of HP.

Facebook for iPad App Dev Quits In Disgust, Says It Might Never Be Released



Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s assertion that the iPad isn’t a mobiel device, Facebook has been working on a native iPad app com for quite some time. In fact, not only has Facebook been hammering away at it for months, but it was even possible to unlock it on jailbroken iPads using the iPhone version of the app.

So where is it? Back in July, the New York Times said Facebook’s native app would be out in mere weeks. Here it is three months later, and we still don’t have an ETA for something as simple as a native iPad app, even as the world’s biggest social network has announced some of its biggest changes yet at last week’s F8 Conference.

Sick of waiting? You’re not the only one. The lead developer of Facebook for iPad has reportedly just quit the social network in disgust for not releasing the app, which was reportedly feature complete back in May.