Turkish president says country will boycott iPhones


Apple store istanbul
Apple's spectacular flagship store in Istanbul.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone is among the U.S. electronic good that could be barred from Turkey as part of a new boycott announced by the country’s president on Tuesday.

“If [people currently] have iPhone, there is Samsung on the other side,” President Recep Erdogan said in a speech at a Symposium in Ankara, the country’s capital city. “And we have our own telephone brands,” he added.

Apple is opening its first store in Kyoto, Japan this month


Japan was the location of Apple's first non-U.S. retail store in 2003.
Photo: Apple

Apple will open a new Apple store location in Kyoto, Japan this month, its first in the city, which is located in the Kansai region of Japan.

This will be the ninth Apple Store to be opened in Japan, although one of these in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo is currently closed. The August 25 opening comes approximately 15 years after Japan was selected in 2003 as the first country outside of the U.S. to receive an Apple Store.

Motorola’s next flagship is the most shameful iPhone X clone


Motorola P30 iPhone X clone
There's taking inspiration from the iPhone, then there's this.
Photo: AndroidPure

Android vendors have been taking inspiration from the iPhone X’s design since Apple unveiled it last fall. That’s why almost every flagship handset hitting the market has an edge-to-edge screen and a notch. But Motorola is about to show us what a real ripoff looks like.

Its upcoming P30 handset, which just leaked out early, is the most shameful iPhone X clone we’ve seen so far.

12-inch MacBook shortage hints at impending refresh


MacBook lineup
Don't buy a 12-inch MacBook today.
Photo: Apple

A refresh is overdue for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook lineup, and it looks like it could be arriving soon.

Availability of the machine has dwindled at one major retailer, which suggests new models — complete with upgraded internals — will arrive this fall. It could be one of a number of Apple machines that will see improvements before the end of the year.

Recharge your Apple Watch & iPhone with this compact 2-in-1 battery pack [Review]


Zens Powerbank
Zens' Powerbank charges an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

When traveling, if you forget your charger, you’re often hosed. Especially for the Apple Watch. That’s why I keep a Zens Powerbank battery pack in my bag. The Powerbank features a built-in charger for the Apple Watch, plus a USB port for plugging an iPhone or iPad.

It’s light and easy to carry around, yet has enough juice for recharging an Apple Watch almost 12 times. Best yet, the Zens Powerbank battery pack is available now in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store. 

Guess the price of the 2018 iPhone lineup


2018 iPhone color options
Here’s what the 2018 iPhone lineup might look like.
Photo: 9to5Mac

Apple is probably just a month away from revealing the iPhone 11 and the rumor mill has given us practically all of the info other than a price tag.

Last year Apple shocked the public with the price of the iPhone X even though it had been rumored for months. When it comes to its successors though, the 2018 iPhone costs are still pretty vague. All we know is Apple is making a 6.1-inch LCD version that’s supposed to be cheaper than the iPhone X, but what about the other two iPhones?

Place your bets and vote on which price points make the most sense to you:

Apple releases iOS 12 beta 7, then quickly withdraws it


iOS 12 features
iOS 12 will bring loads of new features, but not until Apple gets it throughly debugged.
Photo: Apple

The latest early-release version of iOS 12 was made available to developers today — but it disappeared shortly afterward.

This afternoon’s release of iOS 12 beta 7 was met with widespread complaints that it runs slowly. Apple seems to have pulled the OTA version within an hour or so.