Juuk’s Ligero Apple Watch band in Cosmic Grey is back


The Ligero is built from robust 6061 series aluminum — the same aluminum used in the aircraft, automotive, boating and diving industries.
Photo: Juuk

When Eugene Ho first saw the Apple Watch, it made him think of a jukebox. If the watch piece is the player then the wristband is like a song that can be changed according to taste and mood.

Ho is building a band brand, Juuk Design, that acknowledges the watch wearer who likes to change bands on a whim. The Ligero is an aircraft-grade aluminum link band designed in vibrant finishes that will complement the aluminum Apple Watch model in Series 1-3.

Due to popular demand, current available finishes for the Ligero include Cosmic Grey, Silver, Ruby, Rose Gold and Rainbow. Check out the collection in our Watch Store.

Give your iPhone X an exoskeleton with the Radius X [Review]


Is this the most unusual iPhone X case ever?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The futuristic design of Mod-3’s Radius X makes it one of the most unusual iPhone X cases I’ve seen. If you’re after the ultimate minimalist case, or don’t like having a case on your phone but still want to protect it, the Radius X could be the perfect candidate.

In fact, it’s less of a case and more of an exoskeleton (or an updated version of a bumper case). Find out what makes this case special in our video, or read our full Radius X review below.

Apple wants to bring these accessibility emojis to iOS


Apple accessibility emoji
Apple's new emoji suggestions, designed to better represent those with a disability
Photo: Apple

Apple has proposed a bunch of new accessibility emojis that it wants to bring to iOS.

There are nine altogether — some of which are available in different genders and skin tones — including guide dogs, a heading aid, prosthetic limbs, and more.

How to customize text in Safari for Mac


Customize text in Safari.
Customize text in Safari.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You probably spend more time in Safari than in any other app on your Mac. Some people I know almost never use anything else, even typing their blog posts into a text field in the browser. The good news is that Safari is an excellent browser, and makes it really easy to read most sites on the web. Today, though, we’ll see how to make things even easier to read. With a few quick tweaks in Safari’s settings, we can customize text for any website.

Level up your iPhone photography with these must-have accessories [Deals]


Take your iPhone photography up a level or two with this roundup of must-have accessories.
Take your iPhone photography up a level or two with this roundup of must-have accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your iPhone is a content creation machine, especially for photo and video. That’s because it sports powerful cameras and image processing abilities. But it’s also a phone, and aren’t built like cameras with the sole purpose of making great images. So we’ve rounded up some of the top accessories you’ll need to make your iPhone a bona fide photography machine. From shutter grips to detachable lenses, all-terrain tripods and more, this is where you can level up your iPhone for pro-level photography. Read on for more details:

Grab a pair of Beats Solo3 headphones for up to $90 off [Deals & Steals]


Save big on Solo3s
These headphones feature Apple's W1 chip, just like AirPods.
Photo: Beats

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, we have the powerful and stylish Beats Solo3 on-ear headphones for $80 off. Plus, there’s a great deal on MoviePass, the subscription service that lets you see one free movie a day in an actual theater. It’s going for just $6.95 a month!

Plus you’ll find a HomeKit-compatible weather sensor at 20 percent off, a high-quality projector for $310 off, a 55-inch LED smart TV for $800 off, and an extra $70 off an already-cheap Chromebook.

How to customize Mail swipe gestures on iPhone


Mail used to be such a pain to use.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple’s Mail app has gotten pretty good. And one of its best features is mail swipe gestures: being able to swipe an email in your message list and quickly delete, archive, move, or flag that message, and lots more besides.

With gestures, you can speed through your inbox, deleting the cruft, archiving boss mails, and filing messages, all with single swipes. It makes dealing with mail easy, if not actually fun.

The default swipes gestures are fine, but you can customize them to do exactly what you want. Let’s see how.

Folding iPhone might land in 2020


Learn valuable coding skills by building working apps in iOS 11.
Apple wants to make iPhones that double as iPads.
Photo: Ste Smith

Your next iPhone could soon double as an iPad.

According to the latest Apple rumor, the company plans to launch a folding iPhone in the next two years, bringing Westworld-style tablets to the real world.

AR app solves life’s greatest mystery: How to assemble Ikea products


Talk about a killer app!
Photo: Adam Pickard

Augmented reality is still waiting on its “killer app,” but a new demo from Toronto designer Adam Pickard shows off a use-case we could likely all get on board with: turning paper Ikea manuals into animated demonstrations.

For anyone who has ever looked, with growing bafflement, at the blueprints for assembling their coffee table or new chest of drawers, this proof-of-concept demo is enough to have you gratefully reaching for your iPhone.