Apple’s Working Hard To Get Lion Ready For Touchscreen iMacs and MacBooks



Steve Jobs has unambiguously said that Apple does not see a place for an iMac or MacBook with a multitouch display in their line-up of Macs. Citing the problem of gorilla arm, Jobs says that touch needs to be something that can be done in your lap, not accomplished reaching across the table. Trackpads and multitouch mice are the future of Macs.

Seems pretty unambiguous, doesn’t it? Then again, this is the same guy who just a year ago said that Apple was “pretty skeptical” about the cloud, when they were already working on iCloud. So guess what? Despite what Steve Jobs says, Apple’s also working on multitouch iMacs.

A patent highlighted by our good friend Jack Purcher over at Patently Apple shows that Apple’s already thinking through how to make the Macintosh operating system fully manipulatable through multitouch.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen patents suggesting Apple is more seriously exploring multitouch on the desktop and notebook form factor. Last year, Apple patented a touchscreen iMac, as well as a multitouch MacBook. The momentum’s building!

  • Noel Reynolds

    I think you’re missing the point.  I think Apple’s working hard to get OS X read for a more iPad like Mac.

  • fernando


  • Robert X

    I can see a touchscreen iMac for business situations.

  • netnerd258

    I remember Steve said that having touch screen computers on laptop computers makes for a pair of tired arms. Shrug, maybe he changed his mind if the screen position is not in the traditional position. HP Touch-Smart or Wacom Cintiq?

  • JShep4815

    No doubt they’re working on it — they have the money to work on just about anything. I always assume when Steve says he’s skeptical about or uninterested in something it’s simply because the Apple prototypes he’s played with haven’t impressed him, doesn’t mean they won’t get it right one day.

  • John Neumann

    Steve’s public statements about this make sense, no one wants to smear up their screens with fingerprints and holding your arms out is painful.

    What I could see is a iPad-sized tablet that mirrors your gestures onto a larger screen in front of you. There are already apps that do this to varying degree of success. But how about dispensing with a traditional keyboard and mouse for a flat panel of glass with haptic keys or some such. 

    I can totally see Apple going this direction. (Steve, just send the check to my paypal address) :D

  • cheesy11

    brilliant timing will be getting a maccysoon

  • davidk

    Apple patents lots of things, doesn’t mean they’ll ever be products.

  • Ngawang Jugney

    Call me obsessive, but I paid careful attention to that part of the talk. He didn’t say they wouldn’t make touchscreen Macs. He said that touch screens don’t want to be vertical. They’ve already patented an iMac design where the display slides in such a way to become horizontal and closer to you, and they could do something similar with their notebooks.