Cupertino Says Yes To Apple Spaceship HQ: ‘The Mothership Has Landed’


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Let’s say Steve Jobs came to your little town and said he wanted to build an awesome frickin’ spaceship HQ there that would not only prettify the town and serve as a tourism draw, but also could provide an intergalactic life boat for the local populace in case worlds collide… what would you say?

“Hell [expletive] yes!” would be most people’s answer, and that’s just what Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong said in a press conference yesterday: there’s just no way we’re going to pass this opportunity up.

The importance of the project is quickly evident: not only did CEO Steve Jobs make a personal plea for the 150+ acre campus, but akin to you following your favorite Hollywood star, the City of Cupertino has a website with the sole purpose of tracking the progress of the new Apple headquarters. Jobs even posted his presentation ( a 2.3MB PDF) to the city leaders for download.

Wednesday, Wong put to rest any doubts the city would not approve the project, expected to break ground in early 2012. “Cupertino is ready for this, there is no chance we are saying no.” In an enthusiastic flourish, the mayor added: “The mothership really has landed here in Cupertino.”

Details of the project are slowly emerging. Although Apple paid $300 million for a 98-acre property adjoining its current headquarters in 2010, the plan quickly mushroomed, dwarfing even the Pentagon’s dimensions. Despite the size, Apple seems determined to keep much of the structure hidden, somewhat fitting for its usually tight-lipped manner. Although the four-story structure will house 12,000 employees, 90 percent of it will be underground, according to reports.

Additionally, apt to prompt applause from the environmental community, the new Apple headquarters reportedly will primarily use a natural gas-powered electrical generator with public electricity left as backup.

Although it appears approval is a shoe-in, the official okay from City of Cupertino leaders won’t happen until this fall. Until that time, you can keep up-to-date at the city’s website.

  • Scott Bodenheimer

    It’s just ridiculous that there’s been no mention of an architect or planner for this project.  It’s frankly insulting to creative people, that a client can’t even bring himself to mention the people that create beauty. That kind of disrespect makes me think that Americans deserve the ugly built environment that they live in.

  • cheesy11

    the designers of this building really should be given all the credit, not Steve Job, i guess he is the one thats funding the payroll, but its being hyped up under his name too much

  • Griff

    Next thing you know, foreigners will be saying all Americans should be slain.

    Oh wait…

  • schist

    That looks like an infinite loop to me…

  • schist

    The great thing about this is that if it’s raining, you know that you have to walk half pi times as far to get to a department on the other side of the hoop.  Best remember to pick up your ipad or you could be as much as pi and a half……

  • Marcio Morgado

    Wow want to relax bud. He doesn’t have to mention who designed it. Hell up unitl fairly recently creative people weren’t credited at all. Even now companies will pay extra for you not to say you created it. I’m a graphic designer not an architect but I’m fairly sure it applies. Do you know the architect that built your house, neighbors house, your local mall?

  • Scott Bodenheimer

    It’s been reported at the Chicago Tribune that Norman Foster will be the architect. Houses and mall? no, but museums, skyscrapers, concert halls – yes I know the architects, and I know a few graphic designers and typographers as well. And artists and musicians and dancers. And Jonathan Ive.  What the hell do artists and creative people get except recognition?  Money?  Hardly, very few do.  If you take recognition from creative professionals you’ll be rewarded with crap.  The crap that we live with on signs and websites and neighborhoods.  

  • StubbleSpark

    I can just see the smug faces of all those Steve Jobs tools as they Segway to their cubilces.