iOS 5’s New Camera App Will Delight You. Here’s Our In-Depth Preview of the New Features



Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone with a beefed up camera on Monday, but they did inform us that they are making some big improvements to their camera app. With the ability to take pictures from the lockscreen, volume shutter buttons, basic photo editing and much more, Apple’s done a great job of making sure the iPhone will continue to be one of the most popular cameras on the web. Here is our run down of the new features in iOS 5’s camera app.

One of the best things Apple added to iOS 5 is the ability to take pictures straight from the lockscreen. Rather than forcing users to unlock their iPhone and thumb through their apps till they find their camera, you can now just click the home button twice to bring up a camera icon on the lockscreen. Hitting the camera icon will take users straight into the camera app where they can start shooting away.

Apple has taken a hint from the popular app Camera+ and made it so users can now take pictures using their volume buttons on the side of the camera. With an option of using a physical button, taking pictures feels more natural now than tapping the shutter button on the touchscreen.

The biggest addition though that Apple has made in iOS 5’s Camera app though is the ability to edit photos straight from the Camera Roll. When viewing pictures you will now see an “Edit” button in the right hand corner. The Edit Screen has four icons at the bottom: Rotate, Enhance, Red-Eye, and Crop.



While Rotate is pretty self-explanatory as all it does is rotate the orientation of the photograph, here is an example of what Enhance can do. The first picture is with the Enhance turned off, while the second picture is with the Enhance turned on. Notice the difference in colors between the two pictures.


  • Jokokhok

    The iPad 2 is probably not getting this, correct? Wouldn’t mind it.

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  • [Deleted User]

    iPad 2 is getting it and it works the exact same way

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  • Craig List

    its actually pretty cool on the ipad2

  • Jokokhok

    Sweet, thanks guys.  Looking forward to it.

  • Hurk

    What I’m wondering is, is there an option to remove the geotag before sharing to twitter? Or does it do that automatically? I guess it doesn’t, and I don’t find that too appealing. I would share my location automatically.

  • matrix07

    It’s funny when people review the new camera app and fail to talk about its best addition: AE lock. With this, now you can expose your picture anyway you want. Your picture is not just a by-product of what the sensor sees, but you.
    And I think double-clicking home button for camera icon is confusing. Why don’t Apple *just* add it there?

  • Felfac

    You said ehanced was turned off in both

  • prof_peabody

    When you save the edited picture to the camera roll … does it overwrite the old one or create a new edited pic?

  • Bob Whipple

    I assume they didn’t because of the fear that users would often touch the button inadvertently… opening the camera app instead of the home screen. 

  • cheesy11

    i love it love it love it, it looks brilliant, no seriosuly it does

  • appledrunk

    This is pretty slick and the way it should have been for awhile. A few apps already made use of the volume button as the shutter and Apple made the developers change it! Guess they saw the error in their ways.. Lots of UDIDs available at appledrunk dot com for those interested in trying out the iOS 5 beta.

  • [Deleted User]

    whoops. typo

  • [Deleted User]

    it overwrites the original

  • kc! Bradshaw

    Is it possible to use camera+ as the default camera instead of apple’s app? (ie: from the homescreen lock, can I have it automatically jump into camera+ instead?)

  • [Deleted User]

    no. That’d be really nice too

  • huyett

    They have a print option? I’m i missing something?? That hasn’t been part of iOS has it???

  • Sean Liu

    There will probably be a jailbreak app to do that

  • Wes

    yes…for a while now actually. It’s called AirPrint. Send the photo wirelessly to select printers and it prints. Haven’t done it yet but it’s pretty awesome