The Aviiq Portable Quick Stand is a Fabtastic, Stupid-Simple Laptop Upgrade [Review, Road Warrior Week]



I’m not exactly sure why this thing works so damn well. The idea is pretty simple: Use Aviiq’s Portable Quick Stand ($40) to prop your laptop up (in this case, Aviiq has settled on a 12-degree angle) and suddenly the screen is closer to eye level, and the keyboard is tilted. And man, does it make a huge difference.

That my neck felt a little better from not having to crane so much is good; but the massive improvement in my ability to type comfortably was completely unexpected. Aviiq also says this should help lessen overheating (which generally not a problem when tapping away on a Word doc, but there you go.

The PQS is made of Hylite, the new wunder-material we saw popping up all over the place at CES earlier this year (the Core77 post here about it actually features Aviiq’s other stand, the $60 Portable Laptop Stand). Which is sorta odd, considering the material’s big feature — the ability to incorporate joints that fold into all kinds of shapes — wasn’t used here; instead, the four separate slats are kept together via rubberized ends. Not that we really care — Hylte is also super-light and supposedly pretty tough, which helps make the PQS great for shoving into a laptop bag or back pack on the go.

You’ll notice in the image above that we used our stand in a way that Aviiq doesn’t seem to have intended, with the PQS actually supporting our 13″  MacBook Pro’s screen instead of its base. We found that if we did this, it kept the MBP from sliding down (which it did when used the other way). Works great, but we don’t know what the long-term effect it’ll eventually have on the stand. Aviiq backs the PQS with a three-year warranty though, so we’re not too concerned.

One other thing: We tested this with a 13″ MBP. While there was only an occasional bit of movement from the stand, it wasn’t close to being a bother; but that might change with a larger laptop. So even though Aviiq says the PQS works with MBPs all the way up to the 17″, if you’ve got something larger, we recommend a try-before-you-buy approach.

[xrr rating=80%]

Arm yourself, Road Warrior: We’re reviewing frequent-flyer worthy gear this week, as a salute to the throng of brave Appleites on their pilgrimage to the annual WWDC this week.

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38 responses to “The Aviiq Portable Quick Stand is a Fabtastic, Stupid-Simple Laptop Upgrade [Review, Road Warrior Week]”

  1. Sean Liu says:

    Looks like something you can build yourself for 10 bucks

  2. knightracer says:

    effect not affect

  3. Alexander530 says:

    $40? Forget it.

  4. Ara Rubyan says:

    A 2″ 3-ring binder does the same thing … and you probably have one laying around somewhere right now.

  5. Asdf says:

    A Toblerone chocolate bar will do

  6. John Doe says:

    it seems to be covering the fans

  7. Zeteboy says:

    Wouldn’t this contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome as it forces your wrists to bend upward at an unnatural angle?

  8. originalbloog says:

    Thanks for Information originalbloog

  9. Mystakill says:

    For less than this, I have a Targus laptop cooler, which has dual USB-powered fans and is great for getting my MBP’s i7 CPU off of my thighs.  That thing gets *HOT*!

  10. Mike Perry says:

    The circular foam used around water pipes should work as well for a fraction the price. Choose a size to give you the elevation you need. Then cut it in half and put the flat end on the table. Mine has enough friction, it doesn’t slip. Keep it in the bottom of your laptop bag and it’ll also provide additional cushioning.

  11. elimilchman says:

    I hadn’t thought of using a Toblerone bar. Not sure I’d want to cart one around in my bag not have the risk associated with melty foodstuff day after day. Also not sure it would work as well — the stand has rubber and a groove. Have you tried it?

  12. elimilchman says:

    It’d take up way more space.

  13. elimilchman says:

    Thanks for the catch.

  14. elimilchman says:

    Possibly…if you come up with something that works, let us know, we’ll post it up.

  15. elimilchman says:

    Actually seems like a brilliant idea.

  16. elimilchman says:

    Apparently not; I thought that would happen too, but my hands are perfectly in line with my arms when I use it.

  17. Boris says:


  18. Finbarr Townsend says:

    Genius… That should win Tip Of The Year. Thanks for sharing!

    What size tube should I buy to get that nice 12-degree angle? 

  19. Raja Sen says:

    Saw, read, folded up my red Apple Smartcover and hey presto! :-)

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