Wall Street Agrees: Apple’s iMessage Will Kill Blackberry


Photo by rednuht - http://flic.kr/p/JmU2w
Photo by rednuht - http://flic.kr/p/JmU2w

Shares of Research in Motion fell to a four-year low Tuesday as observers weighed-in on the impact of Apple’s iMessage, the just-announced iOS 5 instant-messaging app that could steal (yet again) RIM’s thunder.

Yesterday, shares of the Canadian-based handset maker fell 3 percent, dropping below $37 for the first time since 2007 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Wall Street’s similar lack of confidence followed Apple’s Monday announcement of iMessage, a service included in the tech giant’s upcoming iOS update that does for iPhones, iPads and iPods what had been the sole preserve for BlackBerry Messenger.

One analyst Tuesday said iMessage is just the latest breach of RIM’s once-impenetrable armor. The new service “will become one more reason for users to defect from Blackberry in 2012,” Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair said.

BlackBerry Messaging is one of the key reasons you see high numbers of teens and college students using the smartphone, he noted. However, Apple has the numbers to reverse that trend.

What do you think? Does iMessage eliminate RIM’s one last advantage, or does Blackberry still have an ace up its sleeves? Let us know in the comments.

  • Barton Lynch

    blackberry is dead. long live iOS

  • TranceMist

    Good riddance RIM.

  • Guest

    I think we’ll see Blackberry become a very niche item, for corporate users that are slow to embrace change.  When it comes to security and infrastructure, many companies have made too heavy of an investment in Blackberry Enterprise Servers.  It also has unparalleled capabiliites of wiping devices of any sensitive information instantly, even if the user thinks they’ve removed it from the server.  I’m not sure how Exchange/Other Enterprise service works in that regard.  

    Also, great as the iPhone is, it’s difficult to send several, rapid responses to emails without having a tactile keyboard.  Blackberry is designed as a corporate device, and I believe with our much older and less tech savvy corporate demographics, it will remain steady or slowly decline for the next few years.   But it won’t die all together.  

  • Jordan Clay

    I still think it is BB Push email system.  Being able to get an email in 5 seconds vs 15 minutes w/ iPhone is their last remaining advantage.  I loved the email on my BB.  (BTW, notice the past tense of “loved”..i loved the email, but I LOVE (present tense) all the features on my iPhone more)

  • Realist

    I see Blackberry as a business only phone. While I am 100% pro-Apple I do not see the business world buying into iPhones. Companies want there employees working not listening to iTunes and playing with apps. So I don’t see RIM much like Microsoft going anywhere anytime soon in the hard core business world. Again I love Apple but in business MS and RIM still rule the roost

  • You Tube

    “RIM is DCW (‘Dead Company Walking.’)” – MacDailyNews.com, August 5, 2010

  • kingv84

    I could see iMessage eating away at Blackberry messenger. RIM is dying a slow and painful death.

  • Son1ze

    RIM’s last stand is basically the physical keyboard preference, but the irony is that the BB physical keyboard in its current beloved incarnation that is a key proponent to why BB is spinning their wheels and why the UI & browser experience is so mediocre.

    Doesn’t help that there visually is very little innovation with each new round of hardware releases and even less so with software. Also didn’t help that they designed a whole commercial campaign solely touting the BBM aspect of what is supposed to be a SMART-phone, while Apple & Android were simultaneously advertising their phones as having countless features. So now Apple has one little event, and has yet to even advertise iMessage, and the BBM cache is blown out of the water. Talk about having little to stand on.

    Right now I hate to say it but RIM is its own double-edged sword because they taught their users to adore the things that would cause them to get left behind instead of dictating to their users towards a new direction. I’m not sure what QNX will mean for them but no matter how good it is I’m afraid that by the time it reaches market RIM will be hanging on by a thread like Palm was with WebOS. By even the enterprise/corporate side will be starting the migration with the worst part being that there are no signs of the vice versa happening with their competitors.

  • Honey Badger

    Funny, I get my mail nearly instantly on my iPhone. I can send an e-mail from my work computer to my iPhone 4 connected via 3G and it’s nearly always on my phone in under ten seconds. Maybe it’s a carrier issue. (I’m with Rogers in Canada)

  • hmhoffman

    I work for a big-four professional services firm (170,000 employees) and we are 90 percent iphone – most all of us prefer the enterprise services over rim.

  • Bigdaddy

    I have both an iphone and BB that I use for work. My email always arrives on my iphone faster than my blackberry either through exchange or gmail. I’m on ATT. I use my iphone almost exclusively now and my BB sits on my nightstand permanently connected to its charger. Which reminds me I really need to get rid of it…

  • Carlos Rincon Eckardt

    Well there’s always a way around the issue concerning the content and features you can actually have and use on your iPhone, within the confines of a corporate environment and in any case the same applies to BB’s although I do find it rather cumbersome as a multimedia device I do see a sizable number of users listen to music and even watch video on them.

    Bottom line not even Jesus himself could save RIM now, the die has been cast, they’ll be lucky if they get pickup by a large corporation such as HP or IBM.

  • John779428

    Do a search on large US companies currently testing the iphone.  This will include BofA & others…..

  • Alexander530

    My goodness, where have you been? Lol. Even Washington is switching to iphones and some android phones.

  • Scott MoMo Waite ?

    I love this… Long live iOS and BlackBerry is dead etc.

    BlackBerry might not do well in the US after iMessage comes out, but in the UK you can pick up a BlackBerry for around £130 on pay as you go, pay £5 a month and have unlimited BIS.

    MINIMUM cost for an iPhone (from what I’ve seen) is around £300. And then you have to pay like £10 a month minimum or something (correct me if I’m wrong… this is what I’ve seen).

    Don’t think the iPhone appeals to people that can’t get a contract (like teenagers or people with bad credit).

  • ctt1wbw

    I’ve never understood the difference between BBM and a regular chat program and something like Twitter.

  • Genyus

    As the other responses to this comment have already pointed out, the iPhone is fully capable of instant push email. I own both and my iPhone is generally a shade quicker or on a par with the BB at worst. Google “iPhone IMAP” and you’ll find what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

  • Ictus75

    Maybe RIM and Nokia can get together and develop something no one will buy…

  • Dasd

    Mail is not instant messaging and is allowed to be delayed for days. SMTP RFC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S

  • pickme2

    Regrettably, RIM was myopic about the market. Young professionals see the benefits other smart phones have and have made the move….”this ain’t my grandfather’s smartphone…”

    The discussion seems to have avoided the cost of Blackberry server software and support. Many companies are finally developing a healthy skeptacism about being held hostage by IT specialists and realizing their needs are better served by less expensive, wider market products.

  • djrobsd

    Stick a fork in it, they’re done…. Such a shame that they just stood by and let Google and Apple crush them rather then trying to innovate and one up them both.. when is the last time we saw anything innovative from RIM?

  • Mischka_k

    Time forward 2015 – Dear Children there where once 3 major companies who ruled the world Microsoft, Nokia and blackberry  this 3 stood buy when a little robot and a bitten apple over rolled them ….

  • cheesy11

    blackberry was long dead anyway

  • YoungGold

    Blackberry will die, i have said it since people first started buying them because of BBM, now Imessages is going to be released it only makes the death quicker.

    The only advantage BBM have is that there user base is large at the moment and there handsets are cheaper.