PowerSkin Ships a Bigger, Badder iPhone 4 Battery Case




Remember last year, when Energizer debuted its iPhone 4 backpack battery at CTIA? It was actually made by PowerSkin, and it was the less-powerful cousin to the dual (Verizon and AT&T) compatible PowerSkin case just released.

Compared with Energizer’s version, PowerSkin’s new case packs more muscle — at 2000 mAh, a whopping third more power than the 1500 mAh Energizer version, bringing it level with Mophie’s new monster Juice Pack Plus — but lacks the Energizer version’s quick-charge feature. Still, at $80 the case is $20 cheaper than the Mophie, and stacks up nicely on paper.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding; since we love pudding, we’re currently putting the two of them through the Cult of Mac’s grueling Test Gauntlet (along with XtremeMac’s InCharge Mobile for iPhone 4 thrown in for good measure). Reviews coming soon.

  • charlie edwards

    Black please!  You know, just in case you have a contest later.  Love this look. And the way Apple is going, I will actually purchase one of these since I will no longer “need” to hook up to my iMac.

  • cheesy11

    bigger and badder yes, im looking for abit more slimmer aswell