iOS 5 Beta Hints At Dual-Mode iPad 3



With every new iOS beta, we get our first glimpse into the future of Apple’s iOS devices, and iOS 5 Beta 1 is no exception.

TUAW notes that in USB config giles found in the iOS 5 beta, there are clear references to iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2. The iPad 2 is indicated in the same files as iPad 2,1 (WiFi), iPad 2,2 (GSM) and iPad 2,3 (CDMA), so the existence of only two iPad 3’s seems to suggest that GSM and CDMA flavors will be united into one device when it debuts next year.

Strangely, the USB device files don’t seem to reference any new iPod Touches, which is strange, since we’re expecting them in September. TUAW suggests that Apple could add them later this summer, but why would the iPad 3 (expected early 2012) have its config files included and the iPod Touch left out?