Microsoft VP “Flattered” iOS 5 Stole All Its Ideas From Windows Phone 7 [Doofus]



In a bout of self-congratulation as laughably misguided as that of the toothless hobo hanging outside of Albert Einstein’s office claiming that whole Theory of Relativity thing was his idea, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone is now “feeling flattered” that Apple copied so many great iOS 5 ideas from Windows Phone 7. As if.

Citing numerous features that Microsoft has announced as coming to Windows Phone 7 in 2011, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore tweeted yesterday:

Feeling flattered today. Lots of great WP ideas headed to iOS. (Camera button/above lock, auto-upoad of pics, better notifications … )

Feeling flattered today part 2 … wi-fi sync, built-in twitter, background downlad service, short-messaging chats (though we do Facebook!)

Note that he said WP “ideas” not “features.” That’s because Microsoft has yet to get to market almost any of these “ideas,” even as iOS developers are already playing with the functionality in the first iOS 5 Beta.

Even if Microsoft is capable of realizing these ideas and turning them into features, though, many WP7 handset owners may never get them because of Microsoft’s convoluted relationship with carriers, which has caused WP7’s first patch (featuring copy-paste) to be endlessly delayed for many domestic WP7 handset owners.

So don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back there, Belfiore. Even if you do manage to get some of these features to market before Apple — and we seriously doubt it — you’ll have an even bigger problem actually getting the update in the hands of the poor sods of your customer base. Windows Phone 7 is three years behind iOS’s feature set, and the gap is just growing.

Update: Woops! Mea culpa! As some commenters have noted, I guess many of these features are already live for the half a dozen people who own Windows Phone 7. It’s too bad that merely having an idea doesn’t matter for jack compared to capitalizing on it, don’t you think? If so, we’d all still be using Windows Mobile 6 handsets instead of iPhones.

  • markm49uk

    Microsoft the kings of copy and vapourware……

  • Patrick Escudero

    Umm, research?  Almost every feature he mentioned is already implemented in Windows Phone right now. (I edited this post because I failed to see he did mention Twitter, which is a “Mango” feature.) WiFi sync is one of my favorite features of WP7, glad it’s coming to iOS.

  • DavidK

    Except for Twitter and chat the other items are in the current version of the Windows Phone OS and have been since it first shipped.

  • CharliK

    I wonder how many of these ideas are things we’ve seen leaked in Apple Patent applications over the past few months. And how many of them Microsoft sourced from those leaks. 

  • Imp

    The only feature in iOS 5 that I’m aware of that that idiot of a VP might be able to claim that Apple copied from Windows, is the Split-Keyboard feature which was first displayed in the Windows 8 Video released last month.

    Of course, might have even been vice-versa and Apple thought of it first and the Windows guys just got the idea later through corporate espionage or whatever.

    Or the distantly possible chance that both companies thought up of the same thing within a few month period….. Yeah not really.

  • Mailjunky65

    Hey, I’ve got an iPhone 4 and enjoy it – but Apple is not the ‘God’ of things electronic. Windows 7 phone and several of Windows products are just great devices. Nothing comes close to the MS Office suite – give credit where credit is due. Objectivity is the key to good decision making. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually Apple is the king of copy — they just usually manage to do it better than anyone else.  They certainly weren’t the first in the MP3 player market, but they were the best.  Same for smartphones, etc.

    And it is incredibly coincidental that Win8 debuted a splitscreen keyboard and iOS 5 includes it a week later.  I’m not saying MS came up with most of these ideas (button for camera? WTF?), but neither is Apple immune from the “me too” phenomenon, and that’s especially true when you look at all the features they “borrowed” from the jailbreak community.

  • Patrick Escudero

    Just to clarify with detail, because I’m a bit miffed by this blurb: WP7 shipped in November 2010 in the USA.  Every WP device has a button dedicated to the camera that can be used while the phone is locked.  WiFi syncing to the Zune desktop software has been there from day one.  Pictures can be set to auto-upload to the “cloud” – in Microsoft’s case a SkyDrive account or to Facebook.  The notifications do not pause games or videos, they simply appear at the top of the screen and can be swiped right to clear (rather than waiting for the few second delay).

    Full disclosure, I love my iPad and own a mid-2010 MacBook Pro, use them/love them both, love reading about Mac/iOS rumors and news on this site, but these kinds of articles really drops my respect for this website.

  • prof_peabody

    Split-keyboards, like virtual keyboards of various other types, have been around for ages.  They were shown on portable devices in the 90’s even.  

  • Hampus

    So, better notifications and a button for the camera are features MS invented and no one ever used before wp7? Right :p

    Also, is that image up there made by MS? Sure hope not, would be a bit embarrassing, you know, going “lock how the take inspiration from us, it’s flattering, look at this screenshot of iOS from before WP7 was around clearly inspired by us” :p

  • Hampus

    Well they weren’t first in posting it, but yea, why post it even :p

  • TheDigitalPimp

    The opening paragraph is a masterpiece of snark. Well done!

  • Lozenp

    Umm, “Microsoft has yet to get to market almost any of these ‘ideas,'”? Let’s see:

    Camera button/above lock – Already outAuto-upoad of pics – Already outBetter notifications – Already out (home screen, live tiles, and the same top-screen notification that iOS 5 now has)wi-fi sync – Alread outBuilt-in twitter, Background download service, short-messaging chats – These 3 are coming, though WP7 has integrated Facebook already. 

    So it seems that 4 of the 7 are already out. That leads to “almost any” of these ideas not being out? 

  • Patrick Escudero

    Well everyone steals from everyone and I have no problem with iOS adding these things.  To be fair, the iOS5 notification implementation is 100 times better overall than Windows Phone.  I just want a little half hearted research before taking a dig at any company.  This sentence kind of set me off:  “Even if you do manage to get some of these features to market before Apple — and we seriously doubt it”  Well yeah, they did get these features to market before Apple.  Whether they stole them or not isn’t the question.  Windows Phone was a mis-managed mess for the first 6 months+.  If you want to take shots at MS for THAT, go ahead, because there is evidence and data to back that up.

  • Kev Robinson

    I’ve no idea of what Windows Phone device you’ve been using but mine has each and every single one of those listed features other an messaging and Twitter and they were bo announced months before iOS5 was.

    Another ridiculous, factually incorrect, arrogant post from a site going rapidly down the pan.

  • Alexander530

    What the readers need to realize is, unlike the others, Apple does not brag or layout what features or ideas they have in store ahead of time for their future devices or software upgrades. So there is a good chance that ideas from MS, Google, RIM, Apple, etc., could be similar. What the rest are doing is, they make public way ahead of time what their devices and OS’s are going to be like, and here’s Apple having similar ideas from a long time ago, but is just quiet about it until it’s about to get released, and when they do finally expose it to the public, it would seem like they just copied it from someone else. But think about it, if Apple just copied it, how come they’re either the first one to implement/integrate that feature, or, they’re implementation is more advanced and better thoughtout than the others?

  • Bill Gates

    sure they are flattered, like Apple was flattered when Windows copied the Mac (quite badly by the way).

  • gafstr

    Fuck off “Micro ‘no-class’ soft”.

    You never see jobs going oh we’re flattered MS copied our store design/layout or one of the other couple hundred thing MS copied. auto upload pics, android has, better notifications android has, wifi sync etc.. truth is most of these new feature will have been in development for a while, and if there copied from anyone it’s not from MS, you unfortunate fool.

  • theguycalledtom

    Yeah iPad fans having been requesting a split keyboard almost since the iPad came out:

  • Phil

    Payback is a btich[sic] isn’t Microsoft? WE GOT THERE FIRST!!

  • smack

    I’ve been rocking all those features for the last 8 months on my new Windows Phone. Nice to see you guys catch up.

  • Bob

    “Update: Woops! Mea culpa! “

    More bullshit Brownlee linkbait from a bullshit web site.

  • theguycalledtom

    Yeah, Apple just “whipped up” a slit keyboard to demo at their major Dev conference which has been planned years in advance after seeing a scrappy video of some Windows 8 concepts a week before.

    Apple didn’t build iOS5 the day before the keynote and they don’t talk about their products before they are ready for a solid developer release.

    Microsoft wasn’t event the first to demo a split keyboard on a tablet, I know of at least one other example that has been shown on the Viewsonic G Tablet:…

    And iPad fans have been requesting a split-keyboard since before it was released:

  • DoomsdayInc

    Apple FanBoy’s on the loose……

    Too funny.

  • Andrew21742

    I wish this was true….  if for no other reason than knowing Microsoft would know how it feels to have someone else profit from you ideas with out your permission…  

  • Murani Lewis

    I wonder if you realize that Microsoft has Live Mesh which does even more than what iCloud does and its being used by millions of people today and for a couple years.  Its hilarious that this article is updated with a correction and instead of simply saying “my bad i was mistaken” the author changes the argument to phone sales.

  • WP7

    Chill out fanbois or you’ll burst a blood vessel. Better get used to the fact that Apple does copy Microsoft. It appears that your “igod” isn’t as innovative as it used to be. :)

  • WP7

    Chill out fanbois or you’ll burst a blood vessel. Better get used to the fact that Apple does copy Microsoft. It appears that your “igod” isn’t as innovative as it used to be. :)

  • Guest

    In this article John Brownlee discovers it is hard to write an article without having two brain cells to rub together. Typical Apple response- defend vehemently, worry about the facts never.

  • gafstr

    WP7 as your username & i’m the fanboy? Nuff said

  • Sake

    I thought Apple would have copied the WP7 UI. Best thing they could have done. My wife was patient but she will not be using the old, so 2007, background sliding icon interface anymore after having seen and used the WP7 Metro UI. WP7 Metro works so much nicer and better. And she will be now too. Just like I do.

    Apple should have updated/change the UI. I wonder too why call it iOS 5. It better be called 4.3. Microsoft will love the fact that Apple kept the old UI!

  • Denis Jelec

    Bad journalism.

  • Hopmedic


  • bk212

    Your “Mea Culpa!” should be for being a news editor. Being ignorant of everything outside Apple is typical for a Mac user. That’s why Apple users think they invented everything.  

  • astroXP

    <sup>Well this is hilarious. Cult of [Apple] … a very fitting title.</sup>

  • Jdsonice

    MS VP’s need some work. After all with no innovation, no originality and old stale and stolen ideas they have to spend their time doing something.

  • Hopmedic

    so the SkyDrive that’s been there for years, Jobs has been working on since before then?  I gotcha!

  • gafstr

    Well done on that.

  • Jeff Cassens

    Just like Xerox was flattered when the first Mac OS copied it…

  • Guest

    Interesting statement made by the MS vice.

    Lets be honest here, technology had gone to a point where theres inventing something and than someone copying after…Tablet is a good example…

    I was speaking to a mate about mobile OS a couple of days ago, hes an Android fan and I am an Apple fan… We both agree that copying is common in technology but making it better to provide a competitive advantage is the key to success. Apple may have copied a few things in the past and they have also made it better….. As for windows, dont you just feel that there is always a but afterwards, ‘ the OS is nice but…’ Vista is a good example…..

    I simply think that MS are just trying to do some free advertising for their new Mango OS, from what I heard, a major overhaul of OS after the current version been out for less than a year? ..deja vu…

  • Hopmedic

    100 times better…  What is the quantitative measure used to come up with this number?  iDiots.

  • MatthewStone

    Sad seeing Apple cribbing all of it’s ideas from Microsoft now. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Watching iPhone go down the same failed path against Android that Mac went down against Windows has to be incredibly painful for Jobs right now. If insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome then Apple must be run by a bunch of screwballs.

  • TheDigitalPimp

    Geez people. Grow up. The article was funny. Not like it’s a frackin’ holy war.

  • Hopmedic

    Now THIS is an iPhone user I can respect.  A person who has what he has, likes what he has, but respects the fact that it is not the only good device out there, and that different people like different things.  Thank you.

  • Shaun Sommer

    you are seriously an iDiot LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Neerav Patel

    Microsoft demoed split keyboard years ago with their niche UMPC project. Google it.

    Just shows that Microsoft just lack the execution not the innovation.

  • WP7

    Exactly – the fanbois (iSheep) really haven’t got a clue.

  • WP7

    Yup, I’m a fanbois just like you. Like I said – chill out else you’ll burst a blood vessel. Breath in, hold it… hold it… hold it… and breath out. Easy does it fanbois.

  • gnomehole

    First the battle is “the most” and Fandroids everywhere declare victory.   Now its “first” where people are all jizzed out about who did what first.    

    Neither of these really matter do they?   Geeks will get all crazy but 99.9% of the population just want something that works.   

    In addition, who really knows who “invented” something first… APple seems to work on things for years… the WP7 wasn’t even out when Apple started working on some of these is my bet. Ignore the idea Windows had to completely re-invent itself and play catch up to Apple as a whole… so mini little battles are all lost because the big fail was Microsoft losing its edge and becoming irrelevant.

    Ok Windows phone owners, pat yourselves on the back.. but what a laughable hollow victory.  My victory?  I don’t have to own a POS like WM7 or Android.

  • diegoponciano

    I’ve seen more that 1 presentation where S. Jobs point fingers on competitors accusing them of copying Apple.
    Now that Apple is the copy-cat, it’s well fair that competitors point fingers at them =)

  • gafstr

    But I’m not, I clearly gave credit to Android for some of these features, so how am i being a fanboy? I think you just like to argue with people why don’t you go stick your dick in the zunes headphone jack?

  • bartw78

    It’ll be the story of the future…..

  • davidvkimball

    Good man. I’m on your side.

  • Mike Rathjen

    “I guess many of these features are already live for the half a dozen people who own Windows Phone 7.”

    First you were wrong, which is actually okay, but now you’re just being snarky. There are at LEAST a FULL dozen people who own Windows Phone 7.

  • davidvkimball

    Good point.

  • chimpthedestroyer

    I own several apple products but have an old windows phone and use a pc.
    It’s fun to see the usual idiotic comments by apple fanboys, that verge on being religious fanatics.
    I love my iPad, I love my iPod but apple love claiming that they are the first to do this and the first to do that. They are masters of PR and they are very good at it. There hardware is excellent and works brilliantly but it works well because of the control they have over the content that goes on it.
    They wernt the first people to make a computer, o/s, tablet, phone or mp3 player but the ones they have made have been great.
    Every computing company has brilliant ideas (well nearly) and some of the small fry have their ideas bought along with them to be passed off as apples / microsofts own. Apples triumph is the app store, that’s where the magic comes from, but apple ride on the wave of sucsess these small developers create.
    So love your devices and celebrate what they do, but have the dignity to admit that sometimes it wasnt the first or the best and that they might have ripped it off someone else.
    Popularising something dosent make it your idea, iv been auto syncing my photos and messages to the “cloud” for the past year, I’ve been taking high quality photos on my phone for years, and I’ve been playing music and movies of any format without the need for an app, where were apple then?
    There are no bad guys in technology, just make sure you celebrate the people who create it, not the
    company that employs them or the hype that surrounds them.
    And on a side note the windows based o/s didn’t originate from apple, they got the idea from xerox. It was on a computer hiding in a corner at xerox park way back in the day that no one payed much attention to.
    Do you hear them bitching about that :)

  • Beware

    Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard springs to mind :)

  • davidvkimball

    I am in full agreement. 

  • WP7

    Easy dude – honestly take it real easy. If I had a zune then I might give your suggestion a go, but I don’t. Although I’m curious where you got this idea from! :) Remember, breath slooooowly… and all will be ok.

  • davidvkimball
  • sab0tage

    Didn’t they say video chat was the best thing they’d ever invented, ignoring the fact that it’s had been on 3G mobile phones in the UK and rest of Europe for the best part of a decade… Copy and paste was another of their other great inventions as well.

  • sab0tage

    You call it a user interface, I call it icon vomit. :)

  • Patrick Escudero

    Um, 100x better would be my opinion upon seeing video and comparing to the HTC HD7 that I use (and love) every day.  Also in my opinion the Android notification system is 100x better than WP7’s system overall.  I simply like how they are done compared to what I’m using.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been defending WP7 in my posts, so I’m not sure how I’m an “iDiot”…  I’ve also been trying not to flame, just state what I believe without the rage and name calling that these kinds of threads end in.

  • gafstr

    I never said Apple hasn’t copied, just saying that its not from MS.
    But seen as though phones looked like this circa 2006 –
    and now they look like this –
    I think no one can argue that everyone as copied apple, question is why does everyone else think Apple is the only ones who should play fair?

  • Hopmedic

    I was at the doctor today, and put my next appt in my WP7.  I got home, and looked in Outlook, and the appointment was already there.  I didn’t even realize I already had iCloud!

  • mlewis

    Wow is this i-Naive-is-im at it’s finest.

    John Brownlee you are pitiful. You think your ios is so awesome, 3 years ahead???!!! Well it’s not.
    You might be one year ahead right now but when your ios5 is relased and when mango is released we will be pretty much even if not ahead in some categories. I believe I detect a little envy in this article….
    Don’t worry iNaive’s, it will only get worse!

  • jasongw

    John Brownlee, you’re a fanboy and you’re “journalism” is a joke. I was an Apple iPhone faithful for YEARS, and last November swapped my iPhone for a Windows Phone 7 device. Though yes, it hasn’t as many apps (expected given it’s new), and yes, it was missing a few items at launch, it is HANDS DOWN a superior experience to the iPhone.

    Apple dropped the ball–deal with it, fanboy.

  • jasongw

    Well said. John Brownlee is an ignoramus fanboy.

  • AlecmMoore

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but during the whole keynote speech, none of the apple reps said anything about being better than Android or WP7. All Android, Wp7 and iOS users should be happy that there are similar features in all the phones because then that makes each of the companies have incentive to make something better. Each phone is going to better features than others and by screaming that your phone is better than other peoples phone and saying “We were first!” isn’t going to get you anywhere. People choose phones based on personal preference and some like WP7 and some like iPhones and others like Androids. Don’t say yours is better, be happy with what you have. I will shut up now.

  • I?o? Morillo

    Read your history before making silly commentaries without foundation:

    “By 1979, Apple was already one of the hottest tech firms in the country.
    So Jobs proposed a deal: he would allow Xerox to buy a hundred thousand
    shares of his company for a million dollars—its highly anticipated
    I.P.O. was just a year away—if PARC would “open its kimono.”

    …a deal is a deal!

  • AlecmMoore

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but during the whole keynote speech, none of the apple reps said anything about being better than Android or WP7. All Android, Wp7 and iOS users should be happy that there are similar features in all the phones because then that makes each of the companies have incentive to make something better. Each phone is going to better features than others and by screaming that your phone is better than other peoples phone and saying “We were first!” isn’t going to get you anywhere. People choose phones based on personal preference and some like WP7 and some like iPhones and others like Androids. 

  • AlecmMoore

    Apple 1 = 1977

  • AlecmMoore

    Lol. “…Mac went down against Windows…” 

  • gafstr

    Yeah i get it breath slowly, you’ve said it on every comment, it wasn’t funny or clever the first time and by the 3rd, assured me you were in fact a retard. 

    I realise that when you talk to people they probably sit there hyperventilating with frustration because they can’t get you to preform the most menial task, but i seem to have got use to speaking to simple brainless fan boys like  yourself. But thanks for your concern. 


    typical mac fanboy.

  • Fcoign

    Yeah dude! You are right, these Apple thieves used again their time machine and ripped off everything from M$, the good thing is we all realized. Joe Belfiore did us a favor pointing out this fact. Apple has always done the same to M$ from the very begining.

  • mlewis

    aka iNaives

  • mlewis

    markm49uk the king of ignoramus.
    Dude you haven’t got a clue.

  • “fanbois”

    Oh, the irony of a user named “WP7” calling others “fanbois” and telling them to chill out.

  • mlewis

    gafstr – Why don’t you get off your knees for Steve??? You’e been way down there far too long!!!

  • mlewis

    Why don’t you get your dick out of another mans a s s  and for that matter stop receiving another man’s dick in you your a s s.  That’s very unnatural.

  • gafstr

    Are you not reading what I’ve typed to the other fanboy? or did your mommy only read you my first comment? I like android, I like iOS, I don’t like WP7. If I were a fanboy id be devoted to just Apple but I’m not, so i don’t get where you’re getting this idea that I love Jobs and all things Apple?

    Also you just posted another comment to me going on about taking and receiving cock, in quite a graphic way! the kind of way that makes me think your actually a full blown queen and you’re actually using psychological projection to ease the anxious and ever more apparent realisation that you desire sex with dick’s (plural).

  • Alexander530

    Apple never said they invented video chat. You’re lying or you’re deaf.

  • Alexander530

    He already talked about cloud services 15 years ago. It’s on YouTube.

  • iRandom

    I accept that Apple is not the ‘God’ of electronics, but it is ridiculous to say that nothing come close to MS Office.

    Why isn’t it letting me log in to my Disqus account? That’s odd.

  • iRandom

    iOS 4.3 is already out. I think you mean iOS 4.4

  • iRandom

    Are you saying that in a bit more than 20 years iOS is going to start growing like crazy and Android is going to slowly die?

  • iRandom

    It has actually been shown that Apple fanboys respond the same way to images of Apple products as very religious people to religious images…

    So you should remove the word “verge”

  • iRandom

    According to the Apple execs. they still have more installed base than Android.

  • travisgamedev

    This guy says because they thought of improving notifications first, Apple must be copying them. I don’t think you can patent “better”. This VP is just like everyone else who is that high up. They are a joke. Also, wifi-sync? Hello, it’s called Cloud sync and it isn’t on WP7. Also, auto-upload of pics to the Cloud? I think not. And just so you know, if only a handful of people can get something, it’s not considered mass market. And stay off of John’s back. He’s on our side against the corporate scum trying to take credit for everything they see.

  • Reedr Tya

    he’s not using a windows phone..nobody is.

  • MatthewStone

    91% desktop market share is dying? If that’s your definition I think Google would be happy to “die.”

    Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS in history with 350 million copies sold in only 18-months. Not indicative of dying at all.

  • Ronteras

    Nope. Wrong.
    Xerox tried to bitch about it  but lost the case in the court. And by the way, Apple “didn’t get the idea” from xerox. They bought it, legally, with 10 mln $ pre-IPO Apple shares. But what they did later is that they’ve built it from the scratch and put their original ideas in it, unlike douchebags from Redmond.  Try and compare Xerox STAR GUI and Mac GUI and their functionality. They are different things.
    And by the way, someone  should tell to Delfiore that he is a douchebag too, but from the new generation. His words about stealing ideas about “twitter integration”, “photo syncing” etc is something like if some nation would have started bitching about the other on stealing their original ideas of roasting meat on the sticks. 

  • Kate

    More like Apple took what Jailbreak tools were popular (and have been for a long time), Windows took a look and copied, then Apple *finally* decided to include them in the delivered OS. Come on, half of these things were available by jailbreak before WP7 even came out.

  • DGF

    You call yourself WP7, but *they’re* the sheep and fanbois. Brilliant.

  • Alistair H.

    ( … )

  • Alistair H.

    It doesn’t matter if Microsoft, Google and even Amazon offered cloud years ago. Apple joined them and it is magical, new and revolutionary. 

    Now just you wait – you’ll see a statement that Apple invented and revolutionized instant messaging with the introduction of iMessage. They already “reinvented and revolutionized” the camera by adding the shutter key…

    Seriously, this site is becoming more and more silly.

  • Alistair H.

    “Windows Phone 7 is three years behind iOS’s feature set”

    Can your iPhone sync via Wi-Fi ? My WP7 can.
    Can your iPhone read out your caller ID or read the text for you ? My WP7 can.
    Can your iPhone show you reminders/lockscreen info ? My WP7 can.

    Oh wait. You’ll get all those features this fall. But i’ve been using them for half a year now. How is this “three years behind iOS” ? Is the time flowing in another direction for Apple fanboys ?

  • AlecmMoore

    You have a point. Some of the WP7 users don’t even know what Jail breaking is, so they should do some research before yacking away how their phone was first.

  • AlecmMoore

    You have a point. Some of the WP7 users don’t even know what Jail breaking is, so they should do some research before yacking away how their phone was first.

  • Bob Forsberg

    I see a few of the 37 Windows Phone 7 users have chimed in. How many iPhone users do you think frequent a Windows Phone site?

  • Alistair H.

    “What the readers need to realize is, unlike the others, Apple does not brag or layout what features or ideas they have in store ahead of time for their future”

    Umm…iOS5 will go live this fall. So yes, they did brag about features they stored for the future. Are you sure you know what you wanted to say ?

  • Alistair H.

    How could he ? Apple doesn’t brag about their plans for future features and upgrades…you said so.

  • markm49uk

    Ouch that hurt.

    Having been involved in the IT industry for over 24 years and using computers at home for the past 31 years I would say I have quite extensive knowledge of the ways that Microsoft operate and manoeuvre.

    Still you know best….

  • ColPanic

    So wait, you are saying Apple went back in time, waiting until after WP7 launched and then announced their new os version with similar features?  What was the time machine for in the first place?

  • ColPanic

    Any suggestions as to what comes close to the full office suite?

  • ColPanic

    Because Microsoft hasn’t undergone some radical changes lately, so everything will always be as it always was.

  • Indifferent

    Each company has had it’s moments in the spotlight.  It just happens to be that this is Apple’s time to shine just as before it was Windows.  They have had some great marketing, products, and technological advancements. This, however, does not mean they invented the computer.  I could care less either way.  So for all the Windows honks on this comment trail it’s not like your OS hasn’t been mired in crap for the last 8 years or so (*note Vista & W7).  Regardless, it’s not like either one of these companies didn’t steal their ideas from some poor guy in a garage someone who didn’t know how to patent an idea fast enough.  So…..take a breath….and…relax!

  • Denis Jelec


  • obamapacman

    WiMP7 = bulky button phone for the MicroSenile

  • imajoebob

    This is the way I see it, and it’s still not good for Windows:
    IF, and it’s a big if (hece the big letters), Apple actually did “steal” these features from Microsoft, this means they were able to add them to their build and get a working, stable OS programmed in just over 6 months.  SIX MONTHS!!  Microsoft can’t write a ptrint driver in 6 months, never mind  update an OS.

    So Joe, which is the real truth here?  That Apple just happened to have access to similar consumer research as MS, or that Apple’s coders can run rings around, over, under, and through the crap your sausage makers have been grinding out for years.

    Your choice.

  • jrtorrents

    Didnt expect any less garbage from cultofmac.. some of those features he talked about are already available on wp7. 

  • markm49uk

    I must have missed the radical changes – please explain?

  • LavaLight


    The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player. So what’s your point? Did anyone create a digital music player like the iPod before Apple? Click wheel? iTunes sync? iTunes Music Store? And lo and behold, 10 years later, iPod still has 70% of the music player market.

    BTW, where’s the following in Android?

    * Game Center
    * A store where you can buy and rent movies TV shows, not just songs
    * The ability to back up your music, movies, TV shows, photos, podcasts and restore it all with with one click (not just email, contacts, and apps)
    * Full Exchange support
    * AirPlay for wireless video/audio streaming
    * Accessibility support so even blind people can use it (or does Google not care about blind people?)

    I could go on, but it’s probably wasted effort. 

    So maybe it’s helpful to remind you that Android owes its ENTIRE existence to iPhone, cause this is the POS it looked like before iPhone.

    That’s right, a lame imitation of a Blackberry. Thank iPhone your Android doesn’t look like that today. Stop pretending you care about Apple “copying” Google when you didn’t have a problem with Google ripping off the iPhone wholesale from Day 1.

  • Jason Burns

    Microsoft makes a Windows Phone?!?!   Oh, wait, they only make software, they don’t make any phones! 

    They better buy Nokia!

  • Samil Shah

    So what do you call auto-upload of pictures to skydrive then? Which can be done over 3G, upto 25GB worth you can upload, and there’s no time limit, they can stay there forever. So not only was WP7 first, its service is STILL better than what was announced in iOS5. WP7 has WiFi sync so you don’t need to plug a cable into your PC.
    Everyone can get it if they choose to buy it so it is mass market. The phones are cheaper than your overpriced iPhones.
    He’s on your side against “corporate scum”? Why is MS “corporate scum” and Apple is what? “Against the MAN”?
    You lot are all just fulfilling the stereotype of Apple product owners being douches.

  • Jason Burns

    It’s true. 

  • God

    It would be hilarious if he said “open office”.  :-)

  • God

    “the IT industry for over 24 years”

    That means nothing at all.  Michael Behe has been involved in biology and molecular biology for decades and he’s an idiot creationist.

    Having been “in the industry” is quite meaningless.
    And arguments from authority are fallacies.

    Try to construct a logical argument instead of acting like a douche.

  • God

    At least they wrote their own kernel.  lol

  • markm49uk

    It means I have I experienced the various tactics Microsoft have used over the years to illegally grow their market share, to embrace and then kill competitive technologies and to resist open technologies to the detriment of the customer base.

    I have run IT teams in £500m businesses, in various locations throughout the world with IT teams of over 150 people and before that was a developer of robotic control systems in the mobile phone sector.

    Microsoft were seen as a force for good in the early days – they made technology simpler, easy to use and dare I say it, even reduced costs. Over time though they got greedy and instead of pushing the boundaries of technology they used the fact that companies had invested hundreds of thousands/millions in their technologies and would find it difficult to change, to increase licensing costs, enforce upgrade schedules on the hardware side in collusion with the PC manufacturers and numerous other underhand methods.

    I consult now on how businesses can reduce the dependancy on Microsoft technologies and increasingly I am seeing more and more businesses wanting to break the link.

    I could go on but I suspect you are not really that interested.

  • Joel Angert

    I definitely prefer iWork to office suite on my mac..

  • Todd Allcock

    The issue in this particular post isn’t “who came first,” but rather the fact that Mr. Brownlee has so little knowledge of what the competition offers that he shouldn’t be discussing the competiton at all, let alone making snarky comments about them.  Worse, when called out on the carpet, his “mea culpa” was completely disingenuous.  When you have enough egg on your face to make a large Denver omlette, at least have the good sense to apologize, then STFU.  Or, at the very least, move the word “Doofus” from the post title to the author’s name where it belongs.

    30 seconds searching on Google, or *gasp* 30 seconds actually playing with a Windows Phone 7 device at his local cell phone store would’ve told Mr. Brownlee everything Mr. Belfiore said was dead-on.

    No wonder the folks like Mr. Brownlee think Apple invented everything tangentally related to computing.  They’ve never used a non-Apple product long enough to know what they offer.


  • Samuel Herrera

    I’m a straight up Windows fan, there is no doubt about that but the new iOS 5 looks nothing like WP7. Whom ever is saying that iOS5 looks like WP7 or Android Gingerbread is obviously blind! It has some similar features but it is no WP7; WP7 is ahead of it’s time and will forever change the way we use our cell phones.

  • jasongw

    Actually, I am. I dumped my iPhone for it on the day I went to buy iPhone 4. Using the iPhone 4 and WP7 side by side in the store, the choice was clear: WP7. iOS is antiquated junk by comparison.

    A couple of days ago my GF, also on a WP7, dunked her Focus in water. DOH! While waiting for it to dry out she’s been using her old iPhone 3G. Luckily, the Focus has now dried and returned to form (a fact which, frankly, shocks me, but hey–I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth). Today when she got home from work and I informed her that her Focus was now workable again, she joyfully grabbed it from my hands and declared, “Thank God! I forgot what a piece of shit the iPhone really was!”

    Sorry guys, but the WP7 UI is superior to iOS. It’s faster, cleaner, easier and far, FAR more intuitive. Once the app store catches up, all is golden. As it is, I already have back every app I ever used on iPhone, so I’m utterly unworried, and there is ZERO chance I would go back to iPhone now.

  • jasongw

    You have GOT to be kidding me. I have iWork on my Macbook pro and it’s a JOKE. iWork is a kiddie toy, for REAL work, MS Office is the only way to go. There are good alternatives for basic use–Open Office, Libre Office, and a couple of others–but nothing beats MS Office at what it does–NOTHING.

  • jasongw

    Apple fanboys should really take note: there were more Windows 7 licenses sold in the last 2 years than there are Macs ON EARTH.

    Mac is a marginal device, for marginal people with marginal knowledge about how a computer works.

  • theguycalledtom

    Haha a physical split keyboard?

    If you are going to play that game, then let’s go back to the Apple Adjustable keyboard introduced back in 1993:

    Which of course Microsoft copied in 1994:

  • theguycalledtom

    Glad to see you are keeping comparisons fair by comparing an iPhone from mid-2008 with a WP7 phone from late 2010.

  • Jonas

    He clearly stated: “Using the iPhone 4 and WP7 side by side in the store, the choice was clear: WP7. iOS is antiquated junk by comparison.”

  • gencodeinc

    I think the writer is trying to flatter himself, as a developer with an app on all THREE (iPhone/iPad, Android and WP7) and unbiased about the whole thing I must say this article and the writer has a real lack of understanding of WTF he is writing about.  And his poor reaction to a completely bogus article;  you know before you start bashing WP7 about stuff you say they don’t have, but actually does have, maybe you should write an article about how Android is quickly taking over the iPhone market as the biggest player and how the new iOS 5 features are playing catchup to even the underdog WP7.  That being said I love all 3 including Apple and glad that we have competition but this article should be pulled as totally bogus.

  • jasongw

    I compared it side by side with the Samsung Focus to make my choice. My GF was using her iphone 3G, which in case you missed it, runs the exact same OS as does every other iPhone from 3G to 4, as well as iPad.

    I’ll be more clear: iOS is antiquated junk. Its interface is tragically dated and its ability to integrate data across apps *pales* in comparison to Windows Phone 7.

    Sorry James, but Microsoft made a better mobile OS, in spite of some items they left on the table (all of which will appear before iOS 5 launches, incidentally, alongside even more goodies and deeper integration with Xbox/Live, Windows, to say nothing of laying the groundwork for integrating with Windows 8).

  • theguycalledtom

    @jasongw:disqus iPhone 3G supports very few of iOS4’s features:

    @Jonas:disqus So his choice was based in the store. His girlfriend’s was not and he was clearly using that to back up his argument.

    He spent minutes in the store making up his mind while professional reviewers the world over who spent days to a week using windows 7 devices consistently failed to recommend it over the iPhone.

    Maybe one day WP7 will be better value than an iPhone, but that day is not today.

  • jasongw

    Actually I spent well over an hour in the store. Additionally, as an IT Systems Engineer consulting with numerous clients on various projects, I work with iPhone models from 3G to 4 on a daily basis. I’ve had EXTENSIVE experience with iPhone 4. I also own an iPad, which I use daily for a handful of great apps from third parties.

    I’m sorry, but you’re simply mistaken. WP7 is a superior user experience to iOS. In the past 7 months of having the device, I’ve had literally DOZENS of people ask to try it out, and about half of them have dumped their own iPhones–both 3GS and 4’s–to get a WP7 device.

    There’s no question that MS left a number of important features on the table at launch, but when it comes down to simple usability and UI design–they’ve thoroughly trounced Apple.

  • theguycalledtom

    Microsoft can skin Windows CE all they like but the reality is the world has moved on.  The world’s most talented developers have moved to iOS and Android and they do that by choice without being paid (Like Microsoft has to do to attract devs to Windows Phone 7).

    The way you talk about WP7 has me strongly suspecting that you are sponsored by Microsoft.  A paid commenter?

    I have only heard horror stories from the few people I know who have got a WP7 device, half of whom were scammed into it by a salesman who said it was “just like the iphone”.

    The other half who bought into the platform had got one because they were addicted to Xbox Live but they kept them for less than a month before switching back to their old “slow” iPhones.

  • jasongw

    First, you demonstrate your ignorance very clearly: Windows Phone 7 is NOT a skin over WinCE, it is an entirely new OS. 

    Second, way to put up a straw man: paid commenter? Hardly. Third, “Horror stories”? I’m sorry, James, but your commentary smacks of a fanboy and a liar. No one has “horror stories” of WP7.

    Third, if you’ve paid attention at all you’ll note that MS isn’t paying developers to join the bandwagon, they’re joining on their own (they did pay costs for some developers prior to the device’s launch in order to ensure a strong app lineup, but that ended long ago). More importantly, the WP7 marketplace is growing faster than iOS’s did at the same point in its life, and things are looking nothing but rosy on that front.As a systems engineer I’ve seen MANY people make the switch, and none of them–NOT ONE–has made the switch back to iPhone, nor has a single one reported any “horror stories.” Frankly, James, I’m beginning to believe that you’re just another dishonest hack, pretending that Apple remains ahead of the pack while they’re CLEARLY doing anything they can to catch up in terms of features.

  • schultzycom


    You should hardly be called a news editor with the crap you wrote.  It was factually misleading, you are blogger and should state so.

  • theguycalledtom

    If you’re not a paid commentator than you’re clearly a bigger fan boy of Microsoft than I am of Apple.

    At least I could walk away from the iPhone if I found a better solution from any number of companies.  The reason you jumped ship is because suddenly Windows CE had a new coat of paint.  So superficial.Sorry: WP7 is based on Windows CE.http:// is a highly cluttered interface that was introduced purely as a response to the iPhone.iOS has the best app eco-system in the world, the simplest interface combined with powerful features under the hood and comes with the best support.Microsoft will continue to lose prominence as Chrome OS eat’s its Windows/Office business and Android makes it all but impossible for WP7 to break into the business.iOS will maintain its nice niche and continue to lead the market.

  • jasongw

    I realize that like all Apple fanboys you don’t actually understand any argument that isn’t a straw man or an outright lie (I blame Apple, which is one of the most dishonest corporations working today), but you seem to have missed the point that WP7 is based on the still very new Windows Compact Embedded 7, not the “same old” CE of the past. It is NOT simply a skin, and you are wrong to claim so.
    Furthermore, there is NOTHING cluttered about the OS. You’re confusing it with iOS, which is a cluttered, disorganized mess. There’s no question that iOS has a larger app base–it’s over 3 years old compared to the 8 months of WP7. Meanwhile Android has actually PASSED iOS and will continue to accelerate beyond it for many reasons, including the fact that it’s a more open, capable OS that can run on a far, FAR broader range of hardware.

    But seriously, Chrome OS? Are you smoking crack? Nobody but a few college students are going to adopt Chrome OS. It’ll wither and die on the vine. Windows 8, which sports the single most innovative UI design change since the 1990’s, will do what Windows always does: sell billions of copies on billions of devices, and Apple will continue to be the third tier PC platform it is. For the foreseeable future, Android will remain the king of mobile platforms. Whether the Nokia partnership with WP7 makes a large impact remains to be seen, but analysts are optimistic–nobody makes better mobile handsets than Nokia, so that partnership may well be just what both products need to really thrive. Time will tell.

    Nevertheless, the bottom line here is this: you are a fanboy and a liar, incapable of any argument that doesn’t include straw men and logical fallacies in abundance.

    This is exactly why I regret having ever bought my Macbook pro or iPhone–it’s a disgrace to be associated with such a community of ignoramus children.

  • guest

    fact over fan….err, fiction….here we go again fanboys.  Make up what you want and the rest of your fanboys accept it as fact.

  • Hawthorner

    Brownlee dude,
    You’re doing iOS a huge disservice by being a moronic fanboy (no offence).  iOS is a kickass platform that can stand on its own, you dont have to insult all users of a competing device.  That’s what turns people off Apple.

  • Hawthorner

    When you’re done giving Steve Jobs a blowjob, get up from your knees and go do some research.  “Cloud sync” has been on WP7 since day one, as is auto-upload of pics. 

  • travisgamedev

    It’s true Microsoft got part way there, but the limitations make it excruciation. Someone had to come along and do it right. I don’t consider SkyDrive a real cloud sync solution.

    And if Microsoft was serious about it, they would have build it directly into the OS of WP7 and Win7. They don’t expect many people to use this. They are such elitists. What matters is who gets it to the masses in a way that is seamless. Instead of making the cloud an option to a few of us tech heads, it will now be what Apple does and is known for.

  • travisgamedev

    So no limitations to uploading pictures. Sounds more like Flickr than a true cloud sync solution.

  • Smithy

    Shocking grammar i must say!

    You have made some terrible points as well i must say, having owned an iPhone 3GS i decided to give the WP7 a chance and took it over the iPhone 4, I couldn’t have made a worse decision.

    Hardware alone doesn’t come close to the iPhone in terms of performance and after ditching the WP7 after a disastrous 3 months and adopting the iPhone 4 i realised i will never change from Apple again, the Retina Display alone is enough reason alone. 

    John Brownlee…poor reporting, giving Apple supporters a bad name but JasonGW you sound like a paid MS commentator to be brutally honest! You act like Apple is the big bad wolf of the technology world and ‘little’ old Microsoft is the underdog just trying to make the users experience better…give yourself a slap and remember the way Microsoft ripped off Sun Microsystems with Windows OS then got owned by the European Commission in 2004  and also ripped off Apple’s original OS idea to make Windows.

    Microsoft has been shocking since Bill Gates took a backseat.

  • theguycalledtom

    You’re hilarious. You seriously think Windows CE 7 isn’t based on Windows CE 6?

    All you seem to do is push Microsoft’s PR line. There is no rationality to what you are saying.

    It doesn’t matter how many apps are on Android or WP7 because the best apps are always going to be on iOS. Just like the Mac, which has a much smaller share of the market overall but probably has a 90% market share amongst the most creative and intelligent people in the world. The best desktop apps are on the Mac because that’s where all the best developers want to be. Not only is it a great platform but it’s users actually appreciate software and PAY for it.

    No corporation is going to swap to Windows 8 when they can get Chrome OS for all their employes with less training, less down time and much lower IT management costs.

    Face it, Windows is dead. The future is Android, Chrome OS, Web OS and iOS.

    If you’re a systems engineer you really need to get your head around this if you expect to keep your job. Who is going to hire you when you clearly have no idea about the future of computing. Be careful, I’m just trying to look out for you mate. I hope your employers don’t come across this comment thread and see you speak with so little foresight. You’ll be fired on the spot if you’re not careful.

  • jasongw

    Shocking grammar? I’m sorry, my grammar is perfectly fine. You demonstrate, however, the ignorance of the Apple fanboy. For starters, Microsoft didn’t steal the idea of the graphical OS from Apple or Sun–both Apple AND Microsoft stole the idea from Xerox, who developed the first graphical OS in the early 1970’s, called PARC.

    In terms of performance, the Samsung Focus actually performs BETTER than the iPhone 4. Iphone 4 runs an 800Mhz processor; Focus runs a 1Ghz. Additionally, Windows Phone 7 as an OS simply runs faster than iOS–MUCH faster. It’s fair to say Samsung’s hardware isn’t as solidly built in terms of the frame, but unlike the iPhone 4, the Focus wasn’t stupidly designed with an easily shattered glass back and a broken antenna that drops calls when held wrong. I’ve seen no less than 20 broken backed iPhone 4’s in the last year.

    And please, Retina Display is nothing more than a high pixel density display, driven in part by the fact that it’s so small at only 3.5″. The Focus’ Super AMOLED screen at 4″ is brighter and has far, FAR richer color saturation (not all WP7 devices have this high quality screen, however).You’re clearly just another Crapple Fanboy who can’t see beyond Steve Jobs’ ass. I spent nearly 3 years touting Apple’s iPhone, and in the end APPLE blew it by ruining my iPhone with a shitty iOS 4 version that wasn’t properly tested or coded. Microsoft turned around and dumped their shitty Windows Mobile 6 line and built a new line–Windows Phone 7–that is faster, leaner and more intuitive than any other mobile OS on the market–and I work with them all on a daily basis. The only OS I’d even consider switching to is Android, which is so SUPERIOR to iOS that we just witnessed Apple flat out ripping off Android features from 2+ years ago and calling it their “new” OS.

    Try to LEARN a little something before you go running off about products you clearly don’t understand.

  • Danny

    I had an Iphone for 3 years, an Android for 1 and now have Windows Phone 7. WP7 really makes IOS dated and Android look chaotic and clunky. Most people seem to have been wrapped up in the Microsoft hate stigma to give WP7 a fair shake. The only arguement I hear rehashed when someone sees my phone is about the app store being smaller. All the main apps the average person use are already there though. WP7’s big thing they really have to fight is the Microsoft stigma and getting better with getting more selection on all carriers in the US. Aside from those, the product is great.

  • theguycalledtom

    You are simply hilarious to read.  You know so little about the tech world.

    PARC was the name of the research centre where the GUI for the Xerox Star was developed.

    Apple did not steal the idea, Xerox was given Apple Stock in return for borrowing some of the ideas (It’s probably worth billions today if they have kept it).  The only things that Mac OS borrowed were simple things like selecting text and pop up menus.  The entire concept of a drag and drop file system was invented by the Mac team.

    Stop trolling this site with your poor knowledge.

  • jasongw

    Yeah that’s right, 15 year Systems Engineer implementing solutions at some of the world’s largest businesses, spanning continents, and I “know so little about the tech world.”

    Take a hike, fanboy. Bottom line is this: Neither Apple nor Microsoft came up with the GUI OS–Xerox did. End of list.

  • jasongw

    Andy Hertzfield, who was one of the Mac’s original designers, says it very clearly and unambiguously:

    “Well, we had no formal relationship with PARC while we were developing the Mac. We got a single demo before the Mac project got off the ground, when the LISA project, that sort of cousin or bigger brother of the Mac, was in development. And so from that one demo we were already pointed in that direction but I would say that Xerox PARC demo galvanized and reinforced our strong opinion that the graphic user-interface was the way to go. And then the influence of PARC was strong in the project, but not through a formal relationship with PARC; more through PARC people getting wind of what we were doing and coming to work at Apple.”

    So here it is for you: Apple saw the idea and aped it, and to aid in their efforts they later aped some of PARC’s employees, to boot.
    Stop sitting around pretending Apple is some brilliant force without equal–they’re idea thieves who did a decent job at building a GUI and a terrible job at putting it on the market in a meaningful way. And today, even OSX is STILL behind Windows 7 on many features.

    Like it or not, Apple’s prominent “vision” began with idea theft, just like Microsoft’s. 

  • Suwatchai Mobizt

    WP7.1 Mango is better than iOS5 in anyway

  • Suwatchai Mobizt

    What you did is what you get, John

  • theguycalledtom

    “Apple bought access to the PARC by means of a stock deal that seemed lucrative to the Xerox managers on the East Coast: They might buy 100,000 Apple stocks for one million dollars. Holding this admission ticket in the hand, Steve Jobs, Apple’s president Mike Scott, Bill Atkinson, and a number of members of the developing team marched up.”

    Apple bought the Idea, Microsoft stole it.

    Windows continues to lag behind. While Mac users will be upgrading to Lion and continue to have the most modern operating system around for $30 for all their personal computers, the majority of windows users will still be scratching their heads wondering whether to access their files from the C Drive or the D drive.

    It’s game over for Windows I’m afraid. Chrome OS is about to eat its lunch.

  • Joe_HTH

    This stupid bastard has never even seen a Windows Phone device in person, much less used one. Let’s also not forget that Apple copied the entire camera functionality from WP7 for iOS5. These are patented features, and Microsoft should sue the shit out of them.

  • Doug Roberts

    Nearly all first generation windows phones are now running Mango and it is clear that Microsoft was first and Apple has copied many of its “New” features.  Sorry you were wrong.