What Happens To MobileMe Web Hosting Now?



Apple’s new vision for MobileMe is a whole new service, iCloud. During the keynote yesterday, Steve Jobs and team made it clear that many of the existing paid-for MobileMe services will live on, for free, in iCloud.

Many, but not all.

No mention was made of iWeb, and MobileMe hosting of iWeb-produced websites.

The fact that you could have your website hosted by Apple for zero additional cost (on top of your MobileMe subscription), and that it was all super-easy to do inside iWeb, was one of the things that made iWeb attractive to some people. It was a simple way to get stuff online.

So far, there’s nothing official from Apple to say what will happen to the hosting service under iCloud. There’s this support doc, but it doesn’t mention web hosting at all.

The MobileMe pages at Apple Support Communities are being deluged with comments right now, many of them from concerned iWeb users.

Seems there are two likely outcomes here:

  1. Apple will no longer host websites under iCloud, but will give users of the service a whole year to find alternative places to host their websites (which in itself, sounds like an opportunity for any enterprising Mac App Store developers out there); or
  2. Apple will continue to host websites in iCloud, but hasn’t yet finalised the specifics and will announce them at a later date. In the meantime, your websites will continue to work. Although the majority of iCloud features are free, that hosting service might cost money.

We’ve sent a request for clarification to Apple’s press people, and we’ll update this post if and when we hear anything.

Do you use iWeb and MobileMe to edit and host your website? What do you make of the announcements, and what plans are you going to make to ensure your website stays online?

  • John Le Brun

    What about KeyChain syncing, bookmarks,galleries and iDisk? Yes that hey iDocs but iDisk did a lot more that iDocuments? Apple needs to stand up and tell us MobileMe users what services are/arent being transferred so we can look elsewhere.

    And then we come onto the topic of Me AppleID and iTunes AppleID for us MobileMe users we need a way to be able to merge them into one appleID for iCloud

  • RB

    This worries me but in the end I can send my iWeb files directly to  my domain name host if needed. Since I have no real HTML skills I use iWeb with MobileMe’s hosting as it is easy for me but all in all the redirect can be a pain and the names long. 

  • minimalist1969

    I havevn’t updated my iWeb based site in years.   The real questions for me is what will happen to mobile me galleries and idisk?.  Dropbox does a better job than iDisk and I have already started transitioning to that service, but I don’t know of any good looking photo sharing sites that allow me to upload full size photos for family members and friends to download (easily).  The deep hooks that MM Gallery has into Mac OSX and iOS programs is going to be hard to match.

  • Mauricio Pérez Rivas

    One of the things I was more anxiously waiting fro was an announcement iDisk was finally going to start working properly. I didn’t expect it to be free, but at least to work more like DropBox. As many other users have stated, there already existed a plethora of free alternatives to the rest of the services, but iDisk was quite unique, given the security concerns with DropBox.

  • tiresius

      The only reason I renewed my MobileMe subscription at the end of May, 2011 (or a week ago) was that I mistakenly assumed that Apple would apply this as a credit towards iCloud when it became fully functional.
       Boy was I wrong.  And very disappointed with Apple’s announced stance, which is to continue my account until 2012, when MobileMe will be pushed out on an Internet iceberg to die.

  • RilesPro

    Agreed, I’m concerned to see what happens w/ keychain sync, iDisk, iWeb, and Galleries.

    One not so mentioned loss might be *email aliases* you can have up to five email addresses route to your primary mobileme email account. Please save this and the keychain sync apple!!!

  • bioadam

    Count me as another iWeb and MobileMe hosting customer. I don’t use my own domain name, and I’d rather not change my domain from web.me.com to icloud.com. Also, what about my MobileMe galleries and the MobileMe galleries widget in iWeb?

  • onlybestgame, Best online game

    Never try before, but since now is free, then would like to try it out!

  • Cris Cusack

    OK, so the websites I’ve slaved over are a question mark, as is the Gallery. What about Find my iPhone/Pod/Pad? Any word on those?

  • Rhonda

    I hope iCloud continues iWeb website hosting.  I post monthly password protected photo/video albums and would hate to have to redo all of that work.  I will be VERY disappointed if it is discontinued.

  • HelveticaNeue

    I’m more worried about the lack of mention for iDisk and BTMM.

  • Boater73

    I use iWeb and MobileMe to host the website for my schools video production class. Apple has made it so easy to upload photos via the iLife suite, and to host our podcasts that it has become an excellent vehicle for promoting everything that is great about our school. I also use it to post all the sports videos and photos I take for the local high school. Recently we just won the State Baseball Championship and I put a short 2 min 40 video that all the kids at the high school have looked at. The reason I like iWeb and the MobileMe is that it works. I would pay extra to have this service. Parents, students and Teachers love it.

  • Mashup Media

    Apple is rumoured to be upgrading iWeb in July when the final version of OSX Lion is released and according to customer support icloud will possess hosting capabilities for iweb sites just as mobileme did ! So I guess we have nothing to worry about ?

  • Jean Luc Michel

    Ok with you. Il created 4 websites with iWeb and I never ask for free !! 
    I am ready to pay Apple or any else one if it’s a good  and easy solution.
    Jean-Luc Michel 

  • Mashup Media

    I host around a dozen iweb sites on mobileme and 17gb of images related to photography work. The sites all use web forwarding to point to www domains such as http://www.cavalosnaareia.com – my question is how will icloud cater for me when mobileme is gone and is iweb going to be upgraded ?

  • Mashup Media

    I host around a dozen iweb sites on mobileme and 17gb of images related to photography work. The sites all use web forwarding to point to www domains such as http://www.cavalosnaareia.com – my question is how will icloud cater for me when mobileme is gone and is iweb going to be upgraded ?

  • icrizzo

    I hope they don’t do away with it.. I have a little gaming podcast that I do and it is so easy with iWeb… It does everything for me.

  • Eric

    I use MobileMe for iDisk, storing backups, and for hosting a small website. Not knowing which direction Apple are going to take is fueling a lot of concern & anger. Do Apple even know what they are going to do? 

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    I use iWeb and Apple hosts my sites. However, I have been lazy about updating them lately (they are blogs about my kids, nothing major), so I may welcome the excuse not to have to deal with them if web hosting will not continue. If I could just get my Dad on Facebook, I wouldn’t even need a web site.

  • Ictus75

    This was my first question after yesterday’s announcements. I use iWeb and mobile me to host my web site that I update all the time for my band. I like iWeb, it’s easy to use and works well for what I want to do. I fear that iWeb will be abandoned by Apple and I’ll have to figure something else out.

  • Emmert

    I use iWeb and Mobile Me. iWeb seems to be the one thing that Apple has not updated in years. Mobile Me is OK and I am sure if I have to I can find someplace to host my site.

  • Rrbuy

    I use iWeb and MobileMe for my web presence. I would really like it if iCloud allowed me to continue using iWeb.

  • Alan dudman UK

    The service looks good but there seems to be more unanswered questions as the previous comments have set out i.e 5gb storeage is not 20gb etc etc.    What will happen to the pre paid subscriptions that we have made.  Mine goes to the middle of January   I must say the last thing I am interested in is the itunes element.   Please tackle apple on all the points that have been raised as I have certainly been left as a very confused mobile me customer

  • jpcguy89

    Use Picasa from Google. It’s amazing, and exactly what you are looking for in a photo sharing service.

  • Friedom

    The last sentence is the most important.  “The deep hooks that MM Gallery has into Mac OSX and iOS….”  When you take a photo you can publish to MM immediately from within many apps or in iPhoto for example.  Also the AppleTV has native support for viewing MM galleries.  Picasa isn’t an option for either instance.  I like Picasa,Flickr, and Dropbox but the tight integration that MM offered is hard to beat.  A lot of apps seem to offer more support for Flickr but you have to upgrade to a Pro account at $25/yr to equal what you can do with MM Gallery.  Dropbox gives away 2GB free but the minimum to upgrade is 50GB at $9.99/month which is $120/yr.  Those two things right there justified my MobileMe subscription.  That’s not even considering the web hosting and automatic syncing of keychains, bookmarks, email, iBooks, etc….

    Everyone points out how you can do similar things for free with other services.  This is true but for me I consider it a pain to setup and manage.  I am looking forward to news updates from Apple regarding the unmentioned MobileMe services at WWDC and hope that Apple doesn’t drop support completely

  • David Hall

    I use the Galleries and web hosting of MobileMe, as I preferred “baked” sites anyway – presently with TextMate (and Textastic to make it truly mobile), but previously with Blogofile – so it offered a good deal for me. However, changing host is easy from the blogging side, it’s just the Gallery that concerns me, I suppose it may just mean installing Galleria somewhere.

  • Wolfpaws

    This is the comment I just received in the Express Lane on the Apple Website: 

    When MobileMe transitions over to iCloud, at this time it looks as if it will not be accepting any web hosting at this time. I highly apologize about this, especially with what you went through previously. I can understand how frustrating this can be, and would suggest commenting on the MobileMe feedback link. You never know, they may start working on that! http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • Jennifer Adams

    I do use MobileMe to host my pages.  I’ll assume for now that Apple will come up with something, and I will not worry about it for now.

  • Commerceguild

    “And then we come onto the topic of Me AppleID and iTunes AppleID for us MobileMe users we need a way to be able to merge them into one appleID for iCloud”

    I thought that’s what the developers description means (step 1 + 3): http://www.9to5mac.com/70980/t

  • minimalist1969

    Frierdom has it right jpcguy.   I’ve used Picasa at work on my windows machine and it gets the job done but its nowhere near the seamless experience you get with a mobile me gallery shared amongst a extended family members accessing it through a variety of Apple devices.  The fact that Apple is downgrading such a useful service to dumb stream of the last 1000 photos you’ve taken, with no apparent way to even share those photos, is a real bummer.   Flickr has some integration with a few iOS apps but its just not the same.  And I couldn’t agree more with Fierdom that managing all these disparate services to do what a single mobile me account could do is a real hassle…. which is not at all what living in the cloud is supposed to be about.

  • honjk

    it would be a huge loss not to have “gallery for iPhoto”  and iWeb sites,  and iDisk…

    I hope someone puts some pressure on apple,   why not let it be part of the 5GBs that they already announced?   then charge more for 20gbs….

  • Frank Lowney

    This is critical for me and lots of people I know.  It’s not just about iWeb either.  I actually use RapidWeaver for the more sophisticated sites I have built.  The iWeb folks may not be able to (legally) move their sites elsewhere.  Look at the source and see Apple statements to the effect that the code, not the content, is theirs and copyrighted to boot.  

  • lxagency

    OK folks its time to bring out the big guns !http://www.facebook.com/keepiw

  • Roy

    Glad I am not alone in my concern about this.  I have three sites hosed with my family pac on mobileMe.  

  • Icyfog

    Also missing is web-based email, calendar and contacts. I need that to bridge the gap between my PC, Apple-hating work environment, and my personal computer and iOS devices.
    What I need the ability to do, and can do with MobileMe now, is transpose some of my work content from my work Outlook account to my iPhone. I can’t do it directly, my employer won’t let me. So MobileMe acts as a go between. I can log onto MobileMe from my work browser and copy and paste from Outlook to MobileMe, which then syncs to my iPhone. 
    Without MobileMe the process described above wold be very tedious. I would need to retype everything. 
    How can I do this in iCloud? I don’t think there is a way right now. I hope there’s a web version of iCloud in the future so I can bridge the gap.

  • web hosting

    I strongly agree on you…..because one of my friends experienced this before.

  • Philwebservices

    The zero additional cost sure is tempting.

  • Taller-Sigma Matemáticas

    Facebook Group: “Keep iWeb & iDisk”

  • David Allen Cobb

    Apple isn’t going to ditch the several hundred thousand website they currently host thru MobileMe. That’s just a stupid business practice. I’m sure iCloud will offer hosting prob. when MobileMe expires. Or they may introduce something else for hosting. We’ll see. I don’t think MobileMe customers should be worried. But, if Apple cuts out hosting website it’s important to know that it is easy to switch to a diff. host and you can still use iWeb or whatever the software is called. Most of these guys are cheaper than MobileMe at under $80/yr. 

    NOONE needs to freak out. You all still have over a yr of hosting via Mobileme. peace.

  • Daryl Ruggiero

    I host my website through the mobileme service. I started with .mac. The move form the internet templates to creating it on the mac through iWeb software was a great update to the service. I hope that the additional information to follow will include something positive for iWeb hosting. Apple made it so easy!

  • G101

    They said 5GB to start for free so they will likely have paid options as well but for most users they won’t need to pay.

  • Reidoh

    Web hosting was the primary reason I keep my Mobile me account. Really need to know what is going to happen. Seems to me the easiest thing to do would be to let us pay, since we’ve been paying anyway, to keep our websites and iWeb working.

    Don’t hate me, but Apple was better before they tried to make it “friendly” to PC users. Less glitches, less headaches … anyway.

  • Reidoh

    Web hosting was the primary reason I keep my Mobile me account. Really need to know what is going to happen. Seems to me the easiest thing to do would be to let us pay, since we’ve been paying anyway, to keep our websites and iWeb working.

    Don’t hate me, but Apple was better before they tried to make it “friendly” to PC users. Less glitches, less headaches … anyway.

  • Sbc1

    Refunds are possible for recent MobileMe renewals…

    This article explains the process for MobileMe box refunds and subscription cancelations, including how you know if you are eligible, what documentation is required, and refund processing time.http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4445

  • Reverendray

    iWeb and MobileMe hosting was the major reason I went “back to Mac” after years of “doing Windows”. I’m hoping that the rumors I’m hearing about iCloud still doing some site hosting are true. I depend on my website for my living!

  • Dennis M

    If they have a separate chage that would be ok with me, to move to another provider will cost anyway and Iweb sites don’t move easily to other environments. If apple is smart (ok long stretch) they would continue and just charge for it. They could continue at $99 a year just for hosting and make money to pay for the free icloud services they are going to give everyone.

  • NOD848

    One of the top reasons I subscribed to Mobile Me was that i could post my iWeb pages. I used it for a non-profit sailing organization, and for some family sites. I really don’t know much about web hosting services, and Mobile Me was pretty seamless. Too bad. I guess I’ll have to find another way, but am disappointed.

  • Naina

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  • Matze

    I don’t wanna loose iWeb and MobileMe function working so good together and I wanna have my Gallery for sharing photos with friends. Nowhere else can people so easily up- and download pictures from an event. It is so cool. Everybody who was at the party gets the link to the gallery and they can all bring their pictures together. I want to have that in future as well. No matter if I had to pay for that. That is something I wanna pay for, if I can keep it.

  • Matze
  • Ty Ford

    I run a small business. I depend on iWeb and my iDisk (mobileme, etc.) to promote that business. $99 per year isn’t the cheapest annual fee for this service, so I’m told, but being a Mac user since 1988, I thought Apple’s advantage was obvious. Now they don’t want to do it. Why? To say I am displeased is an understatement. 

    Ty Ford 

  • adam.

    There are cheaper solutions for hosting than apple’s me.com and Apples switch over makes sense they are a PC (Personal Computer) manufacturer not hosting company. There are loads of hosting company’s out there and can give you a good deal too one for example out of Niagara region is http://www.niagarahost.com for as low as 20 bucks a month you also get a web storage disk as a bonus so you can share your files and documents online via a Cpanel interface. And if you live in Niagara it’s a bonus they operate their main HQ out of St. Catharines. Granted webdisk is not the same as idisk but it works almost the same and on all platforms including Linux.

  • Crissy

    I too am very worried when July 2012 comes around and the web hosting will just ‘shut down’ my business site (according to Apple phone support). I don’t know if I should be finding another web hosting service since I’m paid up until now, or wait with fingers crossed that Apple/Mac will offer some kind of web hosting service under iCloud! Apple hear us roar!

  • Gary Hall

    I’ve been searching too, mainly for a good web host, came across:-


    They say it’s coming out Spring 2012 – wish they were more specific about the date although I take it from that they mean BEFORE June. Looks interesting.

  • Gary Hall

    Looks like a good mobileme replacement:


  • johnglavey

    I moved my iWeb website from MobileMe to DV Host:


    It was easy and took 5 minutes changing my publishing settings in iWeb, and I now continue to click “Publish”. The difference is that it now publishes to DV Host instead of MobileMe. My visitors don’t notice the difference – my website still looks exactly the same. I was even able to keep my existing website address.