iOS 5 Gets Jailbroken Less Than 24 Hours After Release



Wow! That was fast. The first beta release of Apple’s iOS 5 firmware hasn’t even been available for 24 hours yet, and it has already been successfully jailbroken.

In a message posted to his Twitter account, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team confirmed:

iOS5 jailbroken on [iPod touch 4G]… via limera1n + tethered boot..not too many surprises :)

He later added, according to 9to5 Mac, that the hack will be successful with the final release of iOS 5 when it goes public this Fall.

This is currently a tethered jailbreak, which means until the Dev-Team develops a successful untethered jailbreak, you’ll need to have your device hooked up to your Mac or PC via USB in order to boot it up. But with the impressive turnaround on the tethered jailbreak, it’s possible an untethered one will be ready by the time iOS 5 goes live.

Surely Apple will patch this before its final release?

  • Howie Isaacks

    Really?  This is all you have to say about iOS 5?  It’s been jailbroken?  Big deal!  Why is it that the Mac sites have become press agents for iPhone hackers?

  • ausar

     Have you been reading the site?  There’s been a lot more said about iOS than it’s been jailbroken.

  • Hampus

    Why do sites keep posting this?!
    It’s not news, the limera1n exploit used for all current devices except the iPad 2 is a bootrom exploit, it can’t be fixed and will work on all iOS version ever to be released on the devices effected by the exploit…

  • Matthew Proctor

    nice! wonder if the cloud is going to complicate things slightly…

  • randall

    Somewhat surprising, as @i0nic:twitter was tweeting that the time of jailbreaking is over come iOS 5.  However, it’s good to see that I won’t loose my tethering/My3G when this comes out :]

  • Cultofmac


    I’m relatively new to Jailbreaking…

    I have to ask….. (I maybe am missing out here)

    Should I jailobreak my iPhone?  Why do I need to Jailbreak my phone ?  – At what point do I jailbreak my I phone? – What’s the disdavantages ?

  • KillianBell

    If you look at the rest of the site, you’ll see we have plenty more info on iOS 5.

  • onlybestgame, Best online game

    See? There is always has jailbreak version of OS


    Don’t be an idiot. Anyone who prefers a non-jailbroken phone is clearly a moron. All the Mac sites are interested in jailbreaking because it allows us to make the phone do things it SHOULD ALREADY DO. Get with it.