App Store’s New ‘Purchased’ Feature Allows You to Download Apps No Longer Available


  • Pitta

    Does anyone know/tried if the OS5+iCloud combo retains saved app data when re-downloading an app? (It’s not so now on OS4.3, it’s just an historic list)
    IE: Can I delete a game with saved games…then after a while re-download it from iCloud to my OS5 iPhone…and found there all the settings and saved games I had? Or I have to start just anew (as it is now).

  • Les_vlad-90

    did you know that all the app’s you’ve downloaded with inst0lous will be on that list. so all pirate app’s are legal now..

  • Beware


  • Kev

    I can re-download Tris I deleted by mistake! It was pulled thanks to EA’s rights to Tetris.

    Strangely though I cannot re-download VLC for iOS again via App Store which I also lost.. looks like it is subjective.

  • tK

    Here’s a question, I share my account with other family members with iPads, how can I make them not see some questionable apps that I’ve downloaded? How is this also safe for the privacy of the user, especially if kids can easily see purchase history in any iPad by simply clicking the AppStore?

  • Joe Streno

    I was able to download Tweetie and launch it on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3. Or course I couldn’t use it because it doesn’t incorporate Twitter Oauth to add an account.

    Now I wish there were a way to permanently delete (or hide) those apps from the list. Though nostalgic, they don’t serve much if any purpose, especially if they won’t work under newer iOS versions. 

  • Asdflkjhasdflkjasdf

    wtf? Wind? as Wind mobile in Canada?