Apple Updates Find My iPhone Improves Offline Device Support



Apple has updated Find My iPhone today to improve support for devices that are offline.

One problem I’ve had with Find My iPhone was how it handled devices that are offline. Apple has addressed this problem with the release of Find My iPhone version 1.2. The new version of Apple’s popular location app offers these two important fixes:

• When you are unable to locate a device because it is offline, you will receive an email if the device comes online and is located.
• Ability to remove an offline device from the list using the app.

Get a free copy of this app in iTunes or grab the update from iTunes on your Mac or the App Store on your iOS devices.

  • bart_smith

    For what it’s worth, Find My Phone now seems to work with the iPhone 3GS without having to do any fancy workarounds.

  • Walt Bakes

    I trust that people realize that you don’t need this app to use Find my iPhone — that’s a feature built into iOS which can be accessed from any web browser. The app itself is only useful to put onto another iOS device to track your first lost device.