The Cult of Mac Super Guide To Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2011 [Feature]



As a follow-up to last week’s super guide of everything we expected at WWDC 2011, here’s everything Steve Jobs and Apple actually did announce at this year’s WWDC, from Lion’s exciting new features to the revolution of iOS 5 and iCloud.

OS X Lion

Release: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be released in July, exclusively on the Mac App Store. It will not be available as a DVD or USB Drive except, perhaps, with the purchase of a new Mac.

Price: $29.99 per user, available on every machine linked to that iTunes account.

Hardware Requirements: Lion requires an Intel-based Mac with a Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor and 2GB of RAM. (To check your processor, go to  > About This Mac)

Server Will Be Mac App Store download: Although Apple did not announce the price, Lion Server will be an App Store download. The discrepancy between Snow Leopard ($29) and Snow Leopard Server ($499) is quite high, but Lion Server will cost just $49.99.

Mac App Store will become more iOS-like: With Lion, the Mac App Store won’t just be fully integrated. It’s going to get in-app purchases, push notifications, sandboxing, and “Delta Updates”… or automatic, OTA updates pushed down to users.

New The new will have an improved search that will give you smart search suggestions (for example, it’ll recognize the difference between a person’s name and a search term). It’ll also have both two and three column views, a conversation view, and anew brushed steel icon.

iCloud Integration: Lion will sync, at the very least, your Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents with Apple’s new iCloud service, as well as your last thirty days worth of iPhotos.

iTunes WiFi Sync: iTunes will now sync over WiFi with your iOS device.

iTunes Match: iTunes will now scan your local library, match your tracks with the 18 million song available on iTunes and, if it finds matches, automatically mirror them in the cloud for streaming on any device for just $24.99 a year.

Just a drop in the bucket: For the full list of iTunes’ new features, see here.

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  • Tim Brooks

    As an addition to the iOS Dictionary function – there’s also a Personalised Dictionary, presumably meaning a way of getting the dictionary how you want it!

  • M0UL

    i think you mean Just a drop in the bucket: For the full list of lion’s new features, not itunes

  • prof_peabody

    The split keyboard for thumb-typing *doesn’t* actually “take a cue from (Windows 8).”  Split keyboards have been around for many many years, Windows 8 was far from the first one, and there is no way Apple could have built it in so soon after seeing the Windows 8 one anyway.  

    “*Both* Windows 8 and iOS now incllude split-keyboards for thumb-typing.” Would be the more accurate way to phrase it.

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    So, iTunes Match. If I pay the $24.99, I can stream my iTunes library to my iPhone, right? ‘Cause no way can I download my whole library to my 16 GB iPhone. Apple said “download”, not “stream”, from what I’ve read, but you said “streaming on any device for just $24.99”. In the iCloud section of the article, it says iTunes Match does NOT stream. Is that because streaming is a paid feature, but iTunes Match syncing is free? *confused*

  • tree

    Finally I don’t need to backup all the songs to an external harddrive. But what about movies and tv shows. Can I download them any moment like the apps? I have seen the presentation but didn’t understand it.

  • Matthew T.

    Has streaming been confirmed? I thought you could only download the music again to another Mac/PC or iDevice?

  • sayam_aggarwal

    I believe there’s no streaming feature available

  • Calion

    So if this is replacing MobileMe…what happens to our webspace?

  • Frankdood

    I really dont want to burn 4 gb of my 25gb of bandwith on Lion…why couldnt they just put it on a disc?

  • Sean Liu

    With Wifi sync to iTunes, can I sync everything on my phone just like with a cable? Even app data, movies, music, etc?

  • Support 18inc

    YES! Now I can actually have all my music on my iPad 2 without the worry of all the space audio and video files eat up. They should push the split keyboard in a small software update. That’s what I’m waiting for most…hen pecking can bite me.

  • Support 18inc

    I’m planning on buying the MBA when it refreshes, hopefully Lion will be on the USB stick included.

  • Boris

    Thank you. Fix this: “Create a document on a Mac desktop app and it’ll be available on your Mac as well.”

  • Joel Engel

    If there’s no DVD (or USB), how do you do a disk repair, for instance?

  • pegibson

    Uh, what about Time Machine?

  • Parent_and_SPED_Teacher

    I DON’T WANT that much organization in my life!!!!  Call me old, but . . . I don’t have an iPhone or iPad and don’t particularly want them (but that’s a different rant).  I am quite happy with my close to 5 year old MacBookPro running Snow Leopard.  I have absolutely no interest in ‘my stuff’ getting sucked up to the Apple iCloud in order to be pushed down to devices I don’t have or want. The last 30 days of my photos doesn’t belong anywhere except on my Mac (same goes for mail, contacts, calendar, docs).  I use Time Machine fairly regularly and it does what I need.

    Please tell me there is a way to opt out of this iCloud nonsense. (and yes, I will finally have to give up my dotmac email for gmail). 

  • DoomsdayInc

    Very well said.

  • Brian0505

    I like how the Keynote today reminded me that I can use ‘Reader’ to read this page in Safari, instead of needing to click ‘next page’ twice.  :)  This feature will be great in iOS 5.

  • Brandon

    Apple almost got it right. Like how they are heading towards PC-freedom with wireless sync but they failed to provide a way to delete music from the iPhone without syncing to iTunes. Tsk tsk Apple!

  • Big10todd

    iCloud is optional and is can be turned on or off in preferences.

  • Big10Todd

    Yes, iCloud is replacing MobileMe. When iCloud is released to the public Apple will provide instructions on how to migrate from MobileMe to iCloud.

  • Big10Todd

    Where do you think OS is stored when you insert the CD? Answer… on your hard drive. So there is no lost space due to upgrading. 

  • Srf4490

    Frankdood meant his monthly data cap from his ISP I think. So yea that is a lot to use out of 25 gigs a month

  • Jazzepat

    So… no widgets in IOS then??? 

  • Ranglin Dragon

    This is incorrect: “iTunes Match and iTunes In The Cloud will be a separate service, and it’ll cost $29.99 per year for unlimited storage space”.

    iTunes in the Cloud is part of iCloud, which Steve Jobs said will be free (listen to the keynote, he clearly says that these 9 (including iTunes in the Cloud) are part of iCloud which is free). The only part that you pay for is the matching service (iTunes Match) which is $24.99 per year, not $29.99, and the storage space is not unlimited for that.

  • haineux

    “Delta updates” means that, for instance, when you download an update to an App Store app, it will download just the changed parts, rather than the entire app again, if possible. “Over The Air” updates is something else. “Automatic” updates refers to yet a third thing.

    “How will you do disk repair with no DVD?” Stay tuned for more details.

    If you don’t want iCloud — you can keep your “” email address, and turn off the rest.

  • Parent_and_SPED_Teacher

    The current sync to MobileMe calendar is ‘optional’. (the one the forced me to upgrade to a couple of months ago).  I can turn off sync in preferences, but it does nothing.  On the upgrade it eliminated my local calendars and moved them all to Mobile based, which now get updates pushed down to local.  Turning sync off (i believe) just stops the push.  It doesn’t get my local calendars back and doesn’t remove my data from the cloud.  Is this what they have in mind for my mail, docs, photos, music . . . ? Thanks, but no thanks. 

  • Parent_and_SPED_Teacher

    Not according to the email I received from Apple last night:
    When you sign up for iCloud, you’ll be able to keep your MobileMe email address and move your mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.Your MobileMe subscription will be automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After that date, MobileMe will no longer be available.

    Sounds to me like come 6/30/12 it’s either iCloud or nothing.

  • jefflyall94

    You can remove single songs from music app in ios5

  • Brian

    You need to just make a call to Applecare or stop in a store and have someone show you. There is an option to replace the calendar on the machine with the MobileMe one and then you can turn it back off. It’s not very intuitive really, I hate MobileMe and hated selling it when I worked in the Apple Store. Really though go have someone show you how, this isn’t the place for tech support.