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26 Cool New Features You’ll Find in Lion



Mac OS X Lion has more than 250 new features, and Apple has thoughtfully put together a list of all of them.

Here are some interesting nuggets plucked from that list…


  • Has Search Tokens like the ones we saw in the Mail demo at WWDC
  • Will finally offer to merge two folders of the same name when you try to combine them
  • Has a new All My Files feature, which “gathers all your files no matter where they’re located”. Will it work a bit like Launchpad?


  • Shows new Day and Year views
  • Has a “Heat map” which shows your availability at a glance


  • Can now cope with rich text
  • Can convert workflows from one type to another (i.e., convert a system Service to a print plug-in)
  • Comes with a bunch of new actions

System stuff

  • Lion includes “a built-in restore partition”
  • Recovery mode lets you use Safari to look stuff up online
  • Every virtual desktop can have its own wallpaper image
  • New “Low-power wake” mode allows the computer to wake up for stuff like file sharing and backups, without activating the monitor or USB devices
  • New Privacy pane in System Preferences
  • “Clean start” avoids Resume, so you can start from a fresh desktop
  • When using Screen Sharing, you can log in with your Apple ID. You don’t need to have a user account on the target computer
  • You can drag items out of the Spotlight results list
  • Auto Saved documents can be manually locked to prevent further changes; all documents are automatically locked two weeks after they were last edited
  • Use gestures inside Quick Look
  • You can copy-and-paste between different Versions of the same document
  • Resize windows from any edge, not just the bottom-right corner

QuickTime Player

  • Lets you merge clips together
  • And rotate clips
  • Shows clicks while recording a screencast

Text stuff

  • iOS-style auto-correction comes to the Mac
  • Hold down a letter on your keyboard for quick access to accented characters
  • New formatting bar and inline search in TextEdit

Spotted anything else in the list you like the look of? Let us know in the comments.