Have Your Say: What Do You Make of Today’s Announcement Fest? [Open Comments]



OK folks, this page is for you. You’ve heard about iCloud and iMessage and iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud and Lion and iOS5 and OMG, there’s so much stuff.

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Has Apple outdone itself? Or did you expect more? Were you hoping for some shiny new hardware?

The comments box is wide open for you to share the love or vent the spleen. Tell us what made you laugh, what made you cry, what made you giggle and what made you boggle.

Don’t be shy. Tell us what you really think.

  • Alistair H.

    Not excited at all…

    What i like is Lion itself. But what i hate is that it’s going to be download only…seriously Apple, now i can’t even install OS without your revolutionary app store ? This is starting to get silly.

    And since i switched to WP7, i don’t really care about iOS anymore – though iCloud looks like a really nice feature.

  • Sjbrooks86

    Android FTW!!!!!! Apple needs to grow a pair!! All these apps have been on Android for yrs!! Notifications, OTA updates, Tabbed Browsing… old school!!!!

  • Wes

    Finally a revamp of the notifications!!! BUT…I am a bit disappointed that, unlike BiteSMS, I can’t reply to texts from my lock screen. It is a bit tedious having to lock and unlock my phone every time, but I am looking forward to it. Can’t believe we have to wail till the fall tho.

  • Mfrey

    What happens to my mobile me email account?

  • Jeff

    I think it all looks pretty good. I’ll be ditching my Droid X and going back to iOS this fall when the iPhone 4S/5/whatever comes out.

  • Aj Tk427

    yah but you can swipe the notification from the lockscreen and be taken directly to the app

  • Mrjoe969

    obviously no one cares to respond to your colloquial post, 

  • Vihang Godbole

    Well I didn’t for once expect OTA updates..that came as a pleasant surprise!! And the One More Thing got me off my chair…but it disappointed me. I thought that they would talk about something new..for example a new hardware or something..after all the hype about the covered banners n all..but overall it was an awesome keynote with all the amazing new products..Luved reading the live updates at http://www.macrumors.com
    Cheers to Apple :)

  • Jakob Grinvoll

    Yawn.. Everything they showed were as predicted. I was especially hoping for spotify, which I use daily, to get an opponent today. The cloud has got it advantages, which will probably result in some epic apps! And where was spaces for the iOS? I am a fanboy, but the multitasking on the iOS devices needs to be redone. But, I am still true believer, and will download Lion, and iOS 5 at the moment they hit the shelfs (in the sky). I was only expecting more…

  • Adam Kozlowski

    I think that the Lion is built not for the Magic Trackpad or the trackpads in MacBooks. It’s built for a Macbook Touch. Coming this fall, i betcha.

  • Anthony

    Only concern is that what happens if you lose your restore CDs/flash drive and need to reinstall a fresh osx lion on your mac. How exactly would that work since you can’t just buy another copy off the shelf. 

  • Ajking1

    All totally amazing and really looking forward to using this stuff BUT WHAT ABOUT IWORK! No one seems ot be bother that we have not had a major update – When will it be here!!

  • Snazzymax

    Of course I think we were all disappointed about the lack of new hardware, but all three of these new things are exciting, although I was expecting them to release at least one of them today, iOS 5 for example would’ve been great. iCloud seems amazing, although I’m not sure if I’m prepared to pay $25 just yet to get all my music on the cloud. Yes, it’s amazing and practical, but I would have loved for the iTunes cloud to be completely free, even if it is asking for a lot.
    Lion is great, can’t wait, and the price, well, I really can’t complain. iOS 5, once again is useless since I only own an iPod Touch 2G, I thought they’d at least integrate SOME of the features for us vintage users but alas, the time has come for me to move on and buy a new one.
    Overall, I’d say successful.

  • Mary

    I wanted the new macbook air!!!
    And yes android already has all this features.

  • Jeff

    The @me.com addresses will carry over.

  • Happy fan

    Well of COURSE I would have loved even MORE stuff but that’s just our human nature. As a 3GS owner I was hoping for some new hardware BUT what they did give us is awesome! And I am so happy they are including 3Gs in all of it. Over all i’m pleased, sure I want a new phone cause im waiting till the next one, but all in good time…

    Way to go Apple

  • Brandon Dillon

    Apple does it right the first time. Android still hasn’t got it right after all these “yrs!!”.

  • Son1ze

    Unless I’m not understanding correctly the new Notifications feature will support all the apps you have on your phone like LockInfo or Intelliscreen…

    What’s stopping you from updating to iOS 5 but continuing to support a 3rd-party developer & make use of BiteSMS’s quickreply feature (should the app support iOS 5) since you like it better?

    I’m sure BiteSMS’s developers will evolve their app too trump Apple’s offering as they’d be foolish not to. iOS 5 is a ‘fall’ release after all…

  • jdog25

    With the Nexus phones and every new 3.0 tablet they have.

  • zach

    Im sure there is some Android site you could be wasting your time on instead of attempting to belittle iOS users.  On top of that you should just go download some malware from the android marketplace and make your phone even more unstable than it was the day you set it up. 

  • daniel12345

    I wanted new iWork and more info on Final Cut Pro X!!!! Also what happened with the covered up banner?

  • Stephen Vivian

    I feel that any advantage other OS’s had over Apple’s IOS will be eliminated when IOS 5 is finally available for download. I am more than pleased with what Apple delivered today. I feel like they gave us all the things we’ve been asking for…and maybe even more. 

  • Anonymous


    No new hardware, obviously.
    A collection of good features, though many that should have been implemented a long time ago, and none that stand out as OMG-worthy.


    This should diminish demand for WWDC tickets in the future, hopefully leading to lower prices for those of us who actually want to be there for what it is (programming workshops) instead of what it turned into (a major media event).

  • Son1ze

    No doubt, as I don’t see why I’d ever choose to use iWork on iPhone or iPad for document creation over the iWork on my MBP.

    I reckon the next iWork for OSX Lion is stalled due to fine tuning of an OSX iCloud implementation that seamlessly integrates into iOS iCloud…

  • Gordon_Keenan

    So… people store their images for up to 30 days online and then they are deleted as you are expected to have them on your devices by then… until the day where the end user deletes their kiddy pics, thinking they are all up there in the cloud….. or am I missing something here?

  • gilest

    There’s some info about that here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT

  • Brad Ward

    I want the answers for this as well. I have 8 months left on an account that is now free!

  • prof_peabody

    If you are within AppleCare, they will probably just give you a new Flash drive, if not, you have to buy it.  It’s not rocket science.

  • Holiday

    I am going on a world tour next year, and these upgrades will be perfect for me.  It is going to be easy to do everything where I happen to be, and it all hooks up to my home base!  It’s great!  I don’t care at all if Adroid has some of these features.  I am not an Android user, I am a Mac user. Apple has done it right for me.  I have already used a CD of music I own to see what iTunes does with it.  iTunes matches the track right away, giving you a choice to select from as a hit, a match. Terrific!  I’m in!

  • Thetobster67

    yeah i’m wondering that as well. the WSJ mentioned it but never said what was behind it. maybe it was just a suspended curtain?

  • Schtev

    As a brand new Mac user, it’s hard for me to know exactly how impactful Lion and iCloud will be. Some of the features look awfully slick, but will I use any of them with any regularity? Maybe, but I guess that will be revealed in time.

    iOS 5 looks like a pretty nifty upgrade. I agree with those folks who admonish the upgrade for merely matching features currently included in Android, except for one thing: iOS has from the start done everything it does far more smoothly and attractively than Android has. As an Android-to-iOS convert I have seen both sides of the fence, and iOS is simply beautiful. I’m glad to see that I will have no reason at all to miss Android come fall.

  • Wes

    Well I’m going to upgrade to iOS 5 regardless because of how awesome it is. But I do like BiteSMS just so I can compose, send, and reply to texts from the lockscreen. But by no means will it stop me from upgrading. 

  • sebzar

    I agree. I don’t mind to download, but I hope we are at least able to make a Lion bootable install DVD/USB of it as well. Or is my time-machine backup going to be bootable and restore or repair my system from a hard-disk crash?

  • Anthony

    I thought I read that it was available solely as a MAS download. My mistake.

  • Son1ze

    I think Lion is built with iPads & iMacs, and Apple TV in mind. With the advent of the tablet and it’s successes I’m not sure if MacBooks are even in Apple’s plans for beyond 5 years. Lol.

    Imagine…you can kick back in front of your OSX Lion iMac or 50″ LED TV thumb-typing out a document on your iOS 5 device then use it’s accelerometer and gyroscope features to click and surf the web and/or channel surf.

    But what do I know. Lol.

  • danajc

    it will be in your purchased apps on the App Store

  • brownlee


  • Meg

    As the chief tech support of the family and our small business, I’m thrilled with these updates. And you know, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy ;-)

  • Lake Elkhorm

    Want the new camera features, notifications, backups to the cloud.  Not as likely to use Twitter for photos, hear they assume ownership of posted images.  Interested in music match, especially if it has higher quality rips of cds that I’ve previously burned, will be great to get them upgraded.

  • Lake Elkhorm

    Newsstand sounds good, alway want to know what happens with iTunes in the cloud for podcasts?  With sharing, the podcasts play but do not get marked as played so that they autodelete.  Also, shared music does not seem to currently send back play statistics or ratings.  Would be nice if iCloud could send back info on played and updated tracks, especially podcasts.

  • Geof Abruzzi

    S/MIME= Yay! My favorite feature mentioned.
    Notifications: We’ll see.  I hate android notifications because I never notice them.  People seem to hate the “interruption” of the current system, but that’s what I love.  When I had a Droid, I missed meetings all the time because notifications weren’t modal.
    iTunes Match: I wonder if they’ll have limitations on how much music I upload that is not on their system?  About 40% of my music (about 40gb) is nowhere to be found on iTunes Store.

  • josh1314

    Please respond – I’m concerned about iCloud pushing all data to devices. I share an account with my brother, and does that mean if I take a picture, it’s synced to his iPhone, as it’s the same account? And if he buys an app, does it show up on my iPod? And if I delete the app or the photo, does it stay in the cloud? Does it delete from his device? I’m confused.

  • Dan

    Definitely not. The reason for multitouch trackpad is that apple say it isn’t natural to have a touch sensitive laptop/iMac screen due to position of your hand. Change the screen to flat and you have an iPad so yes how much would you like to bet? :)

  • me

    No Macbook Air announcement:( That was all I really cared about:(

  • Dustin Moskowitz

    For the auto save feature, what if I’m working on a file on a server that Windows apps also use? Is that feature only in Apple apps like Pages & Keynote?

  • Dustin Moskowitz

    What if you want to do a fresh install of Lion? There’s no CD to boot from… do I have to do a clean install of Snow Leopard first and then upgrade?

  • randall

    Not at all shocked, but extremely pleased, about the implementation of popular jailbreak tweaks into iOS 5.  >iOS 5 notifications were shit.

  • gilest


  • Stuart

    So what happens to my iDisk and all the Word and Excel files on it. Don’t say go to Pages – I need 100% Word compatibility for some work.

  • Andrew

    Will e-mail from Mail.app still have pseudo-random butchered formatting when received in Microsoft & RIM products?

  • Andrew

    Will e-mail from Mail.app still have pseudo-random butchered formatting when received in Microsoft & RIM products?

  • randall

    Also, was there ANYTHING said about Nuance? Or are we still expecting this for the iPhone 5?

  • dude

    I guess you didn’t watch the keynote…. You can flick between apps…

  • dude

    HA! what an aggie knows what the internet is! SHOCKING!!!

  • dude

    you wont need a recovery disc… It is built into the OS

  • MarcoC

    In addition to being in your purchases in the App store, Lion will create it’s own recovery partition it can reinstall itself from if needed.

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    I care less about iOS 5, though that Forstall ( see Wikipedia ) guy is indeed creative.

    Lion is what i want.
    Hope to buy my 3rd Mac this month, will not wait until july!
    30 bucks!

  • Matt Palmer

    I’m sure there are iCloud settings you can use to limit what gets synced to the cloud. If you want the full feature set of iCloud without giving your brother your files, you’re probably SOL. Apple IDs aren’t intended to be shared.

  • Matt Palmer

    I’m sure there are iCloud settings you can use to limit what gets synced to the cloud. If you want the full feature set of iCloud without giving your brother your files, you’re probably SOL. Apple IDs aren’t intended to be shared.

  • clercgr4

    iOS 5 and Lion will be fantastic! Can’t wait! ?

  • C++

    If you move them to a folder, then they stick around indefinitely.

  • C++

    Well, after all the rumors floating around, it was a bit of a let down (let’s be honest here).

    And I can hardly wait until the music business’ lawyers subpoena Apple to get the lists of accounts with pirated music so they can go after those people. I’d make *damn* sure I still have all my CDs laying around (or iTunes purchases) before allowing Apple to upload copies of my music onto their servers!

    Hopefully, calendar and contact synching between my MBP and my iPhone will finally work right (use MM, they never have, I’ve never understood why).  Hopefully, every feature in MM will be present in iCloud or I’m going to have some problems.

    Just re-upped with MM in April. However, I’m not at all sad about this; I’ve been relatively happy with MM and as long as the web support is included in iCloud, I welcome the new iCloud overlords…

    Too bad movies weren’t part of the sync package. Getting movies onto different devices around the house off my Mac mini media server is a pain in the butt.

    Don’t like the “restore partition” if it’s on my hard drive. I have an older MBP with limited disk space and don’t won’t to give up 4GB+. OTOH, if this can be put on a USB stick I’d be fine with that. Still, I’d feel a lot more comfortable with a CD.

    Too bad none of the sync’ing stuff will work with my quad G5 that I still use at home. It’s been a great machine (still need to run lots of older software on it) and I don’t feel like shelling out $3,000-$4,000 just so I can run a $30 OS.

    Hopefully, iOS 5 won’t produce the same hit on battery life that I went through going from iOS3 to iOS4 on my 3GS.  Then again, the iPhone 4S (or whatever) ought to be out about the same time as iOS5 (or shortly thereafter) so this probably won’t matter much to me.

  • Guest

    You can probably just burn a backup disk or something for Lion, once installed.

    The BEST things I saw today were the awesome features to save and remember everything you are working on.  FINALLY !   No more shutting down everything, no more starting up anything.  This will save me loads of time every single day.  That, by itself, is worth the cost of upgrading.

    I also love the idea of taking a picture, and having that picture show up on my other devices and computer before I can even get back home.  This is a legitimate ‘good use’ of the cloud.  My only concern with iCloud is the level of security.  Imagine how bad it would be if it were ever breached (as Sony was recently).

  • gameguy523

    What OS? I just had a Hard Drive crash and put in a new one. So I think the question is, how do I boot Lion?

  • Fearless_fred

    I agree. I’ve had the Hard Drive die on both my MacBook and my iMac. Without the install DVD of Leopard (for the MacBook) and Snow Leopard(in the case of the iMac) I would not have been able to recover either machine after replacing the HDD. Hell, even the current model (Early 2011) MacBooks have instructions on how to replace the HDD in the manual. If you haven’t got the Install DVD, how the hell are you supposed to be able to re-install the OS to the point where you can use Time Machine to get your data back? There *has* to be a method to create an install DVD or USB stick, otherwise we’ll see rafts of complaints from users when their HDDs die (which they will over time, all HDDs do).

  • iphonolog

    OK, they have introduced a “flag” notification for emails, but since they have the new Reminders app built into the system now, why not allow emails (or iMessages) to be flagged into the Reminders app? So much more useful since we have tons of regular reminder apps out there now.

  • Jake

    Not trying to be mean, but is it really that hard to get your own Apple ID?  The iCloud service is free, so there is not even a purchase involved unless you want to buy apps, songs, books, magazines, movies, or anything else that Apple plans to sale.

  • Guest

    you need snow leo , to be exact the 10.6.6 because the appstore is not included in older versions… to purchase and install lion, so yes first snow. makes sense : lion is sold as upgrade, like snow was an upgrade for leo users. Once Lion is set up it needs no fresh install anymore, it makes a backup of itself to reload without a drive.

  • Guest

    yes.only local installed apps support that.

  • Guest

    mac users cannot afford to skip OSX upgrades. All the software that comes out past Lion will sooner or later require it as a minimum. Look at Apples ilife 11 package – it needs Snow Leo 10.6, and that was at a time when 10.5 was still supported.. Lion goes fully the 64bit route and naturally Apple will stop making 32bit software in time. Adobe did the same with their letest CS5.5 apps. , So the impact is there.

  • Guest

    on a blank hard disk you must first install Snow Leo of course and then purchase/install Lion from within Snow.  It is a upgrade after all so it makes perfect sense. It will also eleminate piracy and hackintoshs as all purchases from Appstore have your Apple-ID in them.

  • Guest

    You know Microsoft did the very same one time.. When they debuted their “store” users could pay and download Vista Upgrades, but that was no burnable iso, only some big files with a setup.exe. It turned out that you could use it only one time only and that was to run the setup.exe from within a Windows XP.. sounds pretty similar to what Apple now does.

  • Sjbrooks86

    They may do it right the first time, but they sure don’t think of it the “fiirst” time.

  • MichaelKBurns

    Some day we will be telling our grandkids: Really! We used to have to “save” our docs and remember what device it was on, and hook up cables to sync with our computers.  And they will roll their eyes in unbelief.   This is not a paradigm shift in concept, but it seems like it is really implemented and will “just work”.   It’s a huge step in usability that we will someday wonder how we lived without it.   I love it and can’t wait to get it on my iDevices! 

  • TheDigitalPimp

    I think we have come to expect way too much from every product announcement. We’ve become jaded, to a certain extent. Either we read too much info before hand, then get underwhelmed when the news breaks, or we just pray in vein for the “next big thing” to fill some gap in our digital cupboards.

    Apple is doing such a remarkable job across so many product lines, it’s scary. Here, they take a blow-torch to their most reviled product and improved it far beyond what anyone could imagine. I think there is something to be said for that kind of discipline.

    We may not like it. We may have wanted to see a new Air/Pro/iWhatever announced, but what for? An offering to the geek gods (me included) seems to be required for it to be a “good show.”

    But ask the average person, and they just can’t imagine how the products they own now could get any better.

    Yet Apple seems to always find a way. Everything we saw yesterday proves that.