iCloud Coming In September, iTunes In Cloud Available Today [WWDC 2011]



Now Steve Jobs is spelling out the details of how you get iCloud and what it’ll cost.

Buy a new iOS Device and you get 5GB of storage free, with apps and books not counting. That’s just for documents and mail.

iCloud will be turned on by default.

iCloud will debut in iOS 5 proper, with a Dev Preview released today, but iTunes in the Cloud will show up in iOS 4.3 today as a beta.

But wait! Steve Jobs has one more thing to announce… and it’s cloud storage! Hooray!

  • hausoftrinity

    So what happens if you already have an iOS device. Or (like me) two?

  • Aristocat

    What does that mean for MobileMe Subscribers?

  • Matthew Russell

    i have tried to download the beta it doesn’t seem to work in the uk? any ideas

  • Don Pope

    Or five?

  • Mike Rana

    MobileMe will be no more in 2012.  I don’t have a source for it, but you can Google up “MobileMe” and find out more.

    They’ve extended everyone’s paid MobileMe service complimentarily for an additional year.  If you bought a MobileMe from Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, or another retailer, they ask you to return the product to the respective retailer for a full refund.

    I would refer to Apple for any other details.